swaragini is this a love or hate episode-24


Hey guys thz is tanu thank u all very much for ur lovable response guys




Swaragini return from office to the mansion

Swaragini:good evening baba,ma,astha ma,bihu bhai and dhani (smiles)
All:good evening(smiles)
Shekar:woo my princess came soon
Rag:becuz we completed our work na
Sumi:k beta both of go freshup & come k
Swara:k ma

Both left to there room to get freshup after some time both came to hall were all.elders r seated

Swara:ma were is bihu bhai and dhani
Sumi:they r in there room
Swara:k ladu come lets go to there I’m feeling bore
Shekar:beta 1min we want to talk something to u
Rags:ha baba say na
Shekar:beta u know aryan my friend’s son na
Rag:ya i know
Shekar:how he is i mean wat do u think about him
Rag:he is nice guy and a lovable friend
shekar:(smiles) see u and swara r of same age as u both r twins and r grown up also so i mean we think tat aryan is perfect match for u
Rag:baba i have already told to u all tat im not intrested in all thz stuf y can’t u all understand me yar i don’t want to marry means i don’t want ..tat’s it(& left from there)
Shekar:but beta listen to me na….
Sumi:shekar leave na
Shekar:how can i leave sumi every parents want to see there childrens happiness na but i think I’m not tat lucky dad to.see my 2daughters wedding also becuz both don’t want to marry na (fake tears)
Note:shekar,dp,ram,also involved in the plan it only known to vipdhan and thaan they have not said it to raglak

Swara was standing and watching all thz and was sad:(herself) swara how can u be so selfish see ur baba is crying becuz of u only y can’t u marry for ur baba’s happiness leave tat sanskar he cheated u don’t u remmber he is not urs (tears drop fell from her eyes but she composed herself and said)
swara:baba i will marry to aryan
Shekar:wat beta really u want to marry
Swara:yes baba y not he is nice guy na and nice friend also na
Shekar:I’m very happy for u beta. Aryan is coming form america 2mrow so the engagement will be 2mrow itself beta (smiles)
Swara:2mrow!!!….i mean y so.soon
Shekar:y any problem beta
Swara:hmm nothing baba k u all carry on i have some work k
Shekar:k(kisses het forehead)
(&swara left to her romm)

Rags,bihan,dhani were watching all by hiding was having smiles on there face
Dhani:wooo yar 1 step of our plan is successed yaar (give hi-fi to eachother)
Bihan:yes(smiles) & wat a acting ladu
Rag:thank u thank u(laughs)
(Rags left to her room)

Bihan and dhani comes downstair to hall were now only shekar is seated by smiling

Bihaan:woo handsome u r best actor yaar
Shekar:tat i know (smiles) i can do.anything for my daughter’s for there smiles
Dhani:and we can do anything for our sis and friends(smiles & hugs shekar)

Note:guys bihaan already said about the plan to dp,ram and shekar k

Next day


Sanky as usual got ready for office and came down to go somewhere
(As i already told u all in earlier episode tat it is his daily routine)
Today for the 1st time after 2 years lucky also got ready.soon without anyone waking him as he got back his love he was passing just then he saw sanky going somewhere
Lucky:(checked the watch) it is only 6:30am where is bhai going so early in the morning as our office wil start by 9am na
(Think for some time) i will follow him

Sanky took his car and left from there and lucky was following him

After sometime sanky stoped his car and parked and went to a place
Lucky did the same and followed sanky

Lucky was shocked to see the place
Lucky:it is the same park where bhai proposed swara but y bhai came here

Sanky:(went insed and sat in a bench and kept a rose in it) thz is a place where i proposed u and u accepted me(smiles) tat day i was soo happy u know (sad smiles) but y left me shona y i loved u very much u became my life but y u betrayed me(tear drop fell from his eyes) u know still now i can’t forget u becuz i love u i used to remind myself every day,hour,min,sec tat i hate u but how can i hate u when u r my life how can i hate my life u know tat sanky u used to flirt and enjoy everthing died before 2years now I’m not tat sanky but u know in thz 2years i never missed to come to thz place my lucky place i used to come every morning here to feel tat day when i proposed u

Lucky who saw and heard everthing was in tears:(himself)bhai since 2years my day never went without crying but i never saw u crying in all thz 2years i always used to think tat how can u be soo normal as we both went through the same pain being far from our love but today i came to know tat u used to ware a mask on ur face to hide ur pain but bhai don’t worry soon u will get back ur love i promise u (& left from there)



sanky and lucky in busy in there cabin just office phone rings and lucky takes it

At phone
Lucky:ha hello
Dp:ha laksh its me
Lucky:yes bade papa any problem
Dp:keep it on speaker i want to talk to sankar
Sanky:haa badepapa say na
Dp:sankar u know mehra company with whom we finalised our deal
Sanky:ha yes badepapa
Dp:i want u to go to mehra company to collect some files
Sanky:haa sure bade i will go
Dp:k bye beta

(The same shekar told to swara and both swara and sankar left from there respective office to the mehra company)

Both swasan entered the mehra office at the same time and both shared an eyelock soon both composed themsevles remmbering the holi incident after collecting the file both were left the office when they were climbing down the stairs swara heard some voice calling her

Voice:hi swara
Swara:aryan (shocked)(yes the vioce is of aryan from krishna dasi and about whom yesterday shekar was talking)
(Sanky also saw to the direction of voice and heared swara calling aryan and he got angry cum jelious as aryan is swaragini friend they used to talk about him to them)
Aryan:hi sweatheart
Swara saw towards sanky seeing swara staring him acted as if he don’t care and continued climbing down)
Swara:hi aryan y u here
aryan:y can’t i come to pick my would to be fiance ha
Swara:not like tat k come let’s go

Sanky who heard thz was very angry and immedeatly left from there

In sanlak cabin

Sanky was moving from here there in anger lucky was seeing all thz and was smiling as it was there plan only
Lucky:wat happen bhai y u look soo disturbted
Sanky:(in anger) how can she…(realized wat he was going to say ) nothing yaar just like tat

Just then dp enter there cabin
Dp:wat is going on my son’s
Lucky:badepapa u here
dp:haa i came to inform u both to get ready by night
Lucky:but y
Sanky(looked confused):haa y
dp:becuz today is swara’s engagement and shekar has invited us so we r going there
Lucky:(smiles) woo swara’s engagement i will surely go after all she is my friend na
Sanky:(shocked to hear thz and remmber aryan saying as fiance he got more angry)but badepapa I’m not going to come
Badepapa:enough still today listned to both of u but not today u r coming and tat’s final. Arrye shekar and his family is like our family and swara and u all r childhood friends then how can u mis her engagement haa
sanky:(smiply nodes as no one can argue with dp)(he look towards lucky angryly)
Dp:now plz excuse me(& left from there)
Lucky:(seeing sanky looking at him angryly he got tensed) haa bade papa even I’m coming(& even he left)

Sanky:(himself) how can she marry to other person how she haaa and thz lucky is saying tat he is very happy for her engagement how can i go there how can isee her engaged to other guy how can i
U know na swara tat i love u

Screen freezes at his angry face

Pecap:swara’s engagement

Credit to: tanu

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