swaragini is this a love or hate episode-22


Hey thz is tanu guys I’m extremly sorrry for late update but wat to do i was busy these so please read thz part of my ff and please do comments guys

Precap:raglak, vipdhan,and thaan planned to mix bhang in thandai and gave it to swasan

sanky:yaar bihaan im feeling dizzy yaar
Bihaan:(smiles)(in mind) becuz i mixed bhang in ur thandai abb aayega asli mazaa now everthing will sought between u and swaru(smiles)
(To sanky) nothing like tat bhai u r looking.fit leave tat sanky bhai i dnt listen to ur song since 2years u said.u left singing long before but atleast today sing any song bhai
Sanky:noooooo bhiaan(drunk way) i will not becuz ur…
Thapki:(interpreted)bhai see there(pointing towards swara) isn’t she looking beautiful
Sanky:(smiles and lost in swara)yes she is beautiful still now
Thapki:isn’t u love her still now
Thapki:(smiles)but see bhai something is missing in her she is not old swara who used laugh and make laugh others,who can’t keep.quite for a moment,who.used enjoy everday and who love colors very much but see today she dnt allowed.apply a singel on her plz bhai sing a song for ur lady love plz and again fill her life with colors bhai(tear in her eyes)
Sanky:i will apply colors on her and also will sing.a song for her my chotto(kidish way)

Swara:vipluv wat is thz yaar y u r looking shaking.so much haa (chidish way) stand staright i said stand staright dont dance like monkey
Vipluv:(murmring)wat I’m dancing like monkey instead she’s like tat oh god i cant handle her for long time wat happen to thz bihaan can’t he execute the next plan fast
Swara:hey wat r u murmring haa(chidish anger)
vipluv:wo i….
Swara:wat wo i..haa
Vipluv:haa swara she there(pointing towards sanky who is coming towards
Swara by taking a hand full holi colors

Song plays:mohe rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal
Nand ke laal laal
Chedo nahi bas rangdo laal
Mohe rang do laal
(Sanky came toward swara and began to apply colors on her cheeks romantically and sensounly swara was standing like statue and was blinking her eyes she felt butterflies in her stomach when sanky’s rough hand touch her soft skin. There was a romantic eye lock between then while he was applying colors on her)

Dekhu dekhu tujhko main hoke nihaal
Dekhu dekhu tujhko main hoken nihaal
chhu lo kora mora kaanch sa taan
Nain bhar kya rahe nihaar

Mohe rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal
Nand ke laal laal
Chedo nahi bas rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal

(Sanky while colors on her was carresing her cheeks romantically and was busy staring her romantically she was also.doing the same he pulled her by her waist and applied colors more romantically to her belly and.she felt shy and ran from there to bedroom and sanky also followed.her)

Marodi kallaai mori(2)
Hain kalaai mori
Haan kalaai marodi kalaai mori
Churi chatakai ittarai
Tho chori se garwa lagai

Hari ye chanariya
Jo jhatka se cheeni(*2)

(He holded her wrist and made it turn back he holded her so tightly tat her bangles broked and he took green color and applied on her neck sensounly and was staring her eyes)

Main toh rang haai hari ke rang
Laag se gulaal gaal

Mohe rang do laal(2)
Nand ke laal laal
Chedo nahi bas rangdo laal
Mohe rang do laal

Mohee rang do laal…

(Now it was swara’s turn she came close to sanky’s face by placing her legs on his legs and began to rub her cheeks to her cheeks romantically fanally both were colored in there love and passion they were staring in eachother eyes by moving slowly to the floor now they were sitting on the floor ther was a inch gap between there lips soon both the lips touched and kissed each other in passion,love etc he bit her lower lips harder and hard and even she reciprocriated to.it atlast the kiss was broken due to lack of oxygen)

(Note:they r not in sense becuz of bhaang they had drank)

Here raglak,vipdhaan,and thaan was searching for swasan and they passed by the room were swasan are they saw
whole seceneri

Rag:(looked at lucky,vipluv,bihaan whose eyes and mouth were wide open)
Can u all shut ur mouth and eyes it is not any movie iditios
All:(back to sense) ok

Sanky:swara u know i want to kiss u every day,hour,minute,second. (Craessing her lips)
swara:then kiss me again(smiles)

All:wat again kiss
(Note: raglak, vipdhan,thaan r hiding and seeing all there activities)
Thapki:guys thz mr and mrs romantic will not stop there romance we should do something yaar
Bihaan:hey u y u r after there romance haa let they do wat they want if u r unromantic
every one can’t tat k
Thapki:u… bhudu..
Rag:(interpreated) stop stop stop and bhai thapki is right if they continue there romance when will they confront to eachother haa and waise bhi our plan was to reunite them by clearing there misunderstanding haa not for there romance haa and we should do something stop thz
Vipluv:but wat
Rag:hmmmmm(sees towards bihaan)
Bihaan:no no noooooo
Rag:yes yes yesssssss
Bihaan:ladu how can i stop them haa tat too alone no i can’t
Rag:bhai 1st listen to me na u r stoping them but not alone
rag:bhai u and thapki will stop.them k
thapki:(shocked) but rags how can iii..
Rag:no more arguments u 2 will stop means u will stop k
All control there laugh seeing there expression where as thaan give them a death glare
Thaan:k we will but if we fail then
Rag:if u fail then vipdhan is next to stop.them
Vipdhaan::gives we r gone look to eachother
Thaan:(smiles) then k

Here swasan was about to kiss but in mean time thaan come there and says
Swasan:(looked at them confusingly)

Both thaan sat on floor like bihaan hold swara hand sat beside her and thapki beside sanky

Swara:(in chlidish way) bhai y u said stop haa
Bihaan:becuz u were kissing sanky na
Swara:u dont’t want me to kiss him haa
Swara:(crying in childish way) wat u don’t want me to kiss my love haan then u r a villian of my love story
Bihaan:wat villian
Swara:(in childish way) u want to spreate me from my sanskar haa u want spreate us haa
Bihaan:wat swara see..

Before he could complete she began to beat him

Bihaan:aah wat r u doing swaru u r beating me aah to ur bro aaah
Swara:u r villian of my story na so I’m beating u dooshom doshom doshm
Bihaan:murmring) wat! Do i look like villan from any angel to her haan to my sweet and handsome face thz devil is calling villian

sanky:wat happen chotto y u said us stop.haa
Thapki:becuz….becuz..ha becuz i want to gift u a watch
Sanky:wat watch,. I know if everyone also forget to gift me but u.will not but 1min y ur gifting me watch haa today is not my b’day na(childish way)
Thapki:ya today is not ur b’day but today is holi na so i brought a gift for u
Sanky:ohh sooooooo sweet my chotto
(Pulling het cheeks)

Swara was continuesly beating bihaan and sanky was continuesly pulling thapki cheeks where as raglak,and vipdhaan who was watching thz was controling there laughs .thaan got full irritiated and shouted

Thaan:(shouted) stopppppppppp
(& ran from there)

Swara:y they said stop again(in childish way)
Sanky:i don’t know
Swara:sanky we were kissing na
Sanky:yes come lets continue

Here raglak and vipdhaan bursted into laugh
Raglak and vipdhaan:(laughs) hahahahahaha
Thaaan gave them death glare
Raglak and vipdhaan:k k k sorry guys sorry
Bihaan:thz devil beated me soo hard yaar
Thapki:and thz sanky bhai made cheeks reds by pulling it
All:(controling there laughs)
Rag:kk guys now vipdhaan turn
Vipdhaan:wat, !!!
Vipdhan:k(pout face)
Thaan:u 2 laughed at us na now wat will u both do haa lets see(smiles)


Swasan was about to kiss
Swasan:(shocked) wat happen
Dhani:actually swara see na thz vipluv
Vipluv:(shocked) wat i did haa
sanky:wat did he do
Dhani:he…he..he haa yes he don’t give time he will always stick to thoze boring books(fake crying)
Sanky:luv it is wrong yaar now also u r sticking to.book.only after ur marriage also
Swara:u stupid luv u made sis cry ha(childish cry) aaaaaaaaaa i thought u monkey book worm changed after u both confessed ur love but i was wrong u made cry aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Vipluv(shocked)(murmring) wat happening here haa (he looked towards dhani she gave him a pleading look)
Swara:but u don’t cry dhani we will file a divorce k thz monkey.dont deserve u
Dhani:but swara …
Swara:u don’t support him now i know he pressurising to do thz sanky call lawyer now itself and tell him to prepear divorce k
Sanky:yes u r right
Swara:haa call police also i will file a case againt him for making my sis cry
Sanky:k i know luv u r my bro but law is law tujhe se yeh ummid nahi thi mere bhai be in jail for some years then tu he apne ap sambhal jayega
Vipluv:(murmring) for thz devil swara i look like tat type of husband haa and thz my bro want to send me for jail. Wat he to be in jail for few years is jail is a park for him haa moreover they want to file divorce.noooooooooooo it can’t happen

Sanky was about to dail number but immedeatly vipdhan sanched the mobile form his hand and ran from there

Sanky:y they ran swara
Swara:i don’t know
Sanky:k leave tat come let’s kiss

Both the lips meet eachother they pressed there lips tightly the kiss was hungry and passitionate kiss with full of love soon they parted back due to lack of oxygen

Raglak and thaan(burst into laugh) hahahahahahaha
Vipdhaan:(kept a pout face)
Lucky:haaahaa luv they want send u to.jail haaa
Bihaan:they want to file a divorce also haaa

Screen freeze on there laughing face

Credit to: tanu

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