swaragini is this a love or hate episode-21

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maheswari were already came and waiting for gadodia’s
It was the 1st time after the past incident sanlak attained the holi party as laksh got his love ragini and all the misunderstanding cleared so he was very exicited for holi party after 2years where as it took long time to convince sanky as he don’t know the actual thruth but atlast he agreed same happened with.swara

Every one were enjoying appying colors to eachother where as sanky was studing quite in a side and no one dared to apply him colors

Laksh and others were playing and enjoying sanky was lil amused by laksh behaviour as he dint his bro playing and enjoying after the past incident but he ignored it as he was happy if his bro is happy

Just then gadodia’s entered sanlak were memirised to see swaragini
Swara was dressed in pink and white anarkali she was looking daam beautiful
And ragini.was dressed in green and white anarkali she was looking cute

All maheswari’s and gadodia’s were enjoying very much
Just then raglak dance
on anglagade piya mohe rang laagadena they dance romantically
Sanky:(shocked and suprised) how it is possible lucky and rag is they both patched up but lucky dnt told me anything hmmm i will only ask
Swara:(shocked and suprised) wat is thz i can’t believe my eyes ladu dance with lucky is both together again oh my god(happy) i will ask

Both swasan were about to go to ask them from there respective places to ask them but just then bihaan and team saw swasan moving towards raglak

Bihaan:arrey yaar see their swasan if they ask raglak about dance and all (worried)
Vipluv:thz raglak na pura plan destroy karne par thole hu a hain yaar cant they control themselve ….
Thapki:offo they know na tat swasan should not know about there patch up but phir bhi dance they did and now see how they r lost in each other eyes yaar
Dhani:leave tat yaar but see thier swasan r going towards raglak i think they will ask them about there dance ,they patch up and all now we should think how to rescue them from these questions yaar u know na if swasan came to know about raglak patch up then our plan will fail na
Bihaan:ya u r right hmmmm i have a plan
Bihaan:the plan issss…..
(Plan is muted)
All:wow bihaan wat a plan man by thz we can execute our main plan also yar
All give hi-fi and went to.execute the plan

Swasan were moving towards raglak just then bihaan stoped sanky and vipluv stoped swara

Bihaan: (hugged) happy holi sanky bhai
Sanky:how many times u will wish yaar happy holi (hug back)
Bihaan:but u dnt allowed to apply colors atleast once
Sanky:i already told to u all tat..
bihaan:haha we know tat u don’t like thz and all
Sanky:(smiles)k bihaan im really confused tat y raglak danced with eachother is they both r…
bihaan:arrey sanky bhai they drank bang so they danced yar don’t think tat they patched up.and all yeh sirf baang ka asar hai leave na atleast baang ke bahane mai hi sahi they both r together……
Sanky:(smiles)i think u r right i wish they both be together in whole life also
Just then thapki came
Thapki:finish ur both talks ha(to sanky) now drink thz thandai bhai it very hot na and from tat time u were standing only but atleast drink thz and ha ha there is no baang in thz bhai
sanky:k k my cute chotto.i wil drink
Thapki:wow bhai take thz
(He took the the thandai and drank.seeing thz thaan were haapy becuz there plan was successing)

Vipluv:stop swara
swara:vipluv wat haapen y r u saying me not to.go see there dont u saw raglak dance and all i want to ask them about whether they patched up and…
Vipluv:(laughs)swara they danced becoz of baang yar u know na tat wat happen 2years… k.leave tat btw y u dnt allowed us to.apply any colors for u ha today is holi.I’m really shocked tat swara who used,to play holi like mad dnt appiled a single color on ur self
Swara:everthing is changed luv now Im not tat swara yar now i dont like colors and..
Just then dhani came
Dhani :offo stop ur emotional talks and(to swara) swara u drink thz thandai u r looking tierd.
Swara :but i don’t want ti drink…
Dhani:shut up dont talk (& made her drink tat thandai)
Swara:k baba i will only drink give now
Dhani:tats like good girl
(Vipdhaan were happy tat finally she drinking the tat thandai and there plan also.successed na)
Screen freezes on vidhaab and thaan winnig face

Precap:swasan kiss and swara’s engagement

Sorry guys i have typed something and all and short also.but next episode will be long i know most of u will not like thz part but dnt miss next part guys im really sorry if u all dnt like my ff plz do.comments guys

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