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Sanlak waiting for swaragini just then they saw them entering they were fully mesmerized to.see them

Swaragini:hi guys
Sanlak:(came to sense) hi
Raglak and swasan sat together
Lucky:rags give me kiss na
Lucky:(pout face) wat lucky plz give me kiss plz
Rag:k baba (gave a peck to his cheeks)
Lucky:i ask here(pointing to lips)
Rag:u asked me kiss u dnt said where to give k now shut up
Swara:sanky how am i looking see u said me not to ware top.and skirt na so ware thz how is it say na
(She was dressed in loose pink top.and 3/4 jeans)
Sanky:swara now i think u should wear burkha becuz u look damn gorgeous in every dresses if u look like thz then boys will stare u na
Swara:(pulled his cheeks) ohh my cuteii
Sanky:shona stop tat ha or else …..
Swara:or else wat ha ..u r cuteii, cuteiii,cuteii
Sanky:i will not leave u( & start tickling her)
Swara :(laughs) hahahaha sanky hahaha stop plz hahaha
Swara:hahaha ladu see na hahahaha
Rags:sanky y u tickling her ha
Sanky:becuz ur sis calling me cuteii
Lucky:(laughs) hahahahaha(pulled his cheeks) cuteiii
Sanky:(stared angryly) lucky!!!!!

Just then kavitha came
Kavi:wat going guys
Swara:kavi plz help see thz sanky his tickling me yar hahahahahaha
Kavi:sanky leave(made her realizes)
swara:thank u kav and hi(hugged)
Kavi:(smiles)(hugged) hi sanky and lucky
rags:(murmring) aagayi chipkali oh god no one r there in my team now thz 3 r her friend. bihu bhai and thapki also left if they were here they would help me to keep thz chipkali far from our group i don’t like her at all
Kavi:hi rags
Rag:hi (fake smile) by the way call me ragini becuz only my friends can call rags
lucky:(wisphere) rags so sad of her i always observe tat u, bihaan,thapki talk to her rudely y she’s soo kind na ..
rags:becuz we don’t like her k we think she is not good for our group
Lucky:but see swara also talk her na
Rags:i don’t know but i think she is not good tat’s it k

Kavi:oh god yar after a week i saw u both
Swara:opps sorry kavi we forget to tell u about vipdhan and thaan marriage. Actually…
Kavi: its k swara waise u and sanky….
Sanky:(smiles) yes kavi i love her …
Swara: no.. we love eachother k(smiles)
Kavi:oh..so..nice.. k….bye
Swasan:(smiles) bye

Days passed ,week passed
Swasan and raglak.r in very deep love they r enjoying with there love,life everthing was going good they were happy with each other and wanted to live with eachother but destiny has its own plan which cannot be changed by anyone

One day

Sanky’s p.o.v
This is the worst day of my life i lost my everthing, i was totally shattered i was broken into pieces becuz she betrayed me
When i was in my music room playing gitar kavith came there she was very tensed i.asked
Sanky:kavi wat happen y r tensed
Kavi:sanky i want to tell u an important thing infact i.want to show u i know after seeing tat u will broken but as a friend i want to show u tat
(While saying thz tears was rolling from her eyes)
Sanky:wat u want show kavi
Kavi:(tears) sanky see,
she showed me a vedio seeing tat i was totally heart broken the video shows tat swara saying:i dnt love sanky it was just a prank i played yar u know na i love to play pranks i want to show sanky tat he should not flirt,take advantage of girls i just wanted him to teach a lesson tats it i don’t love him he think i love him (laughs) hahahaha he is mad
Tears roll down from my eyes seeing tat swara was clearly visible in tat video my heart was saying she can’t do tat but my mind was telling can’t u see the video her face her saying i was totally broken
I said kavi tat.
Sanky:kavi my heart is saying she can’t do tat
Kavi:sorry sanky but yesterday she told me thiz even i was shocked i wanted to.say u but i know u will not believe so i recoreded wat all she said i heared sanky all.wat she said i just want….
sanky:(hugged) how can she do tat kavi how can she i love her sooo much(tears)
I know kavi she won’t lie becuz she was a good friend.still my heart didn’t want to believe there was a conflict b/w my heart and mind finally my mind win my mind was continusly saying tat her face was clearing show in tat video and her saying tat she played a prank now i got very much angry i wanted to.talk her just then she came and said
Sanky:(holded her shoulder tightly) wat u think of urself ha
Swara:(gave a tight slap) u cheater,flirt, just leave me
I.remmber the video she was saying the same now i completely belived tat she betrayed me . Now my anger went to top.level i immedetly pushed her she falled on the ground i.dnt saw her and left from there

Swara p.o.v
I was sitting in class waiting for sanky just then kavitha came she was tensed she came and hugged me i.asked her
Swara:wat happen kavi y r tensed
Kavi:if i say to u u won’t believe me. I don’t want to broke u u r my friend
Swara:no kavi have complete faith on.u plz tell me
Kavi:swara sanky doesn’t love u
Kavi:haan swara i.saw he was flirting to a girl then the girl asked him tat he loves u r not then.wat he answerd u know he said.tat he is not born for love he is just want to.flirt he is also firting with.u and will leave u.some day
Swara:(tears) no kavi he will not do.tat ..
Kavi:swara i heared from my ears . If u still don’t then see she is the girl u.can ask.her(to.girl) say.na I’m right
Girl:yes swara kavitha is saying truth he said me…
Kavi:swara u r my friend so i told u if u…
Swara:(hugged)(tears) kavi i believe u.i know u will not lie u know how much i.love him (crying )
I composed my self and decided to meet him when i.saw him he was looking.very angry before i could say something he came to.me and said
Sanky:wat u think urself ha(holding shoulder)i was confused by his question
But i remmber kavi saying tat he said he will.leave me some day then .i.got tat he want to.leave me now betray me so my heart was crying before he could say me anything i.gave a tight slap to.him and said.swara:u cheater,flirt
seeing my.thz.action he pushed me and i.falled on the ground and he left without looking at me
My heart was broken i.cried i loved her soo much i was like lefless body now how can.he betrayed me tat day it was my horrible day in my life

Ragini p.o.v
I was going to my classes just then i saw all student staring me and gossiping something about and i went to.them and asked
Rags:y r u staring me ha and wat u all talking about me say i.said
Just then a student came forward and showed some photo’s on her mobile i was shocked to see tat it was my photo’s with dirty dresses i was crying inside i.asked them
Rags:wat is thz who did thz thz is fake (anger)
A girl:ragini thz is send to.our moblie by ur bf lucky see he also.wrote a message in bottom of pic see na
I saw tat and was hell shocked it was written tat – thz is my gf she is hot and s*xy na hey guys enjoy i will.send more
Rags:(tears) no no i can’t do.tat i know
Girl:see thz is his number only he send thz photo’s from thz
Now i was broken seeing tat number it was lucky’s number only he did thz how can he that day i lost my feeling.i lost everthing he played with my dignity how can.he just then he came as if he dnt did anything.he came to me and said
Lucky:hi.my beautiful gf i know u r waiting for me only na come lets go(smiles)
rag:(gave a tight slap and pushed) stay away from me don’t dare to touch me mr laksh and its over there is no.relation b/w us u got it not even friendship
Saying thz i left to my home
Thz day is the blo*dy day of my life

Lucky p.o.v
I was happy to.meet my love i.saw her standing i went to her
Lucky:hi my beautiful gf i.kown u r waiting for me only na come let’s go(hold her hand)
I was happy to meet her but i don’t know wat happen to her she slaped me hard and pushed me and said
Rag:don’t dare to touch me mr laksh and its over there no relation b/w us not even friendship
She left from their saying thz i was shattered y she slapped me,pushed me,called me laksh instead of lucky,and the word broked me was its over how can.she leave but y she did thz y was the question of mine tat day i she left me it was most drakest day of my life

Main taaj ya naamara,haay ve dasu main ki kara
dil jude bina hi tut gaye,hath mie bina hi chut gaye khel khale kismat ne
Baar baar roote ankhiyan tainu jo na vek sakhiyan kudarat ne

Chan se ju tute koi sapna, (jag soona soona laage)2
Koi rahe na jab apna jag soona soona laag
Jag soon soona hai.toh yeh kyun hota hai jab yeh dil roota hai,roye sisak sisak ke hawaayee, jag soona laage re

Roothi roothi saari raatien, phike phike saare din
Viraani si viraani hai.,tanhaayi si tanhaayi.hai
Aur ik hum pyaar ke bin har pal
chan se ju tute koi sapna jag soona soona laage
Koi.rahe na jab apna, jag soona soona laage

Pathron ki iss nagari mein, patha.chehra, pattar dil
Phirta hai maara maara kyun raahon mein tu.awaara
Yahaan na hoga.kuch.haasil.,mera dil
chan se jo tute koi.sapna jag soona soona laage
Koi.rahe na apna, jag.soona soona laage
sooona laaage re mohe

Rags went her room.and fall on her bed and was crying mesibly
rags: god he made me emotionless god now i dont have any.feeling i.cant.develop feeling becuz of him
Swara was taking the support of a wall.and was sitting like a lifeless body
Swara:y u did.thz to me sanskar i loved u soo much.see even now i.cant stop loving u
Sanky went his room and started broking and throwing all.the things
Sanky:i just hate her she was the 1st girl i loved in my life how can she betray me i just hate her
Lucky was stting in the road in rain was crying
Lucky:rags wat i did u know na i love u more than anything y u left me wat is my fault

That day the love birds was spearated there was no more happiness but two person was very happy who spearated them


Lucky: (drop of tear fall from his eye saying all thz) thz happened guys 2years before
Rag:since then we haven’t meet with eachother. 2years passed.Swaru was fully broken she used to cry whole day and night so i froget my pain and standed for my sis i! wanted to meet sanky but i was not able to meet him
Lucky:we were missing soo much finally u.all came now thank u guys thank u very much for planning thoz things to unite me and rags my love(to rags) rags believe i dnt…
Rag:(interpreat) i belive u lucky sorry lucky I must believed u tat day itself but..
Lucky:sshh no sorry k (hugged)
Vipdhan:ahem ahem guys
Raglak (came to.sense!)
Rag:wat happen bihu bhai
bihaan:rags all thz misunderstanding b/w swaru and sanku and u and lucky is created by tat kavitha (anger)
Thapki:yes rags as u told us tat kavitha went to swara and said about sanky bhai and
dhani:as lucky told tat kavitha went to.sanky and show tat video then..
Rag:in both the case kavitha is there then the misunderstanding is created by her na(anger) i told u na lucky tat i don’t like thz girl see i said she was not good for our group
lucky:yes rags now i will not spare her(anger)
Vipluv:but guys in swasan case kavitha created misunderstanding tat we can clearly know after listening to lucky and rags but who created misunderstanding in raglak
Rag:ofcourse she only but she appiled another methode in our case she dnt came and told me anything becuz she very well knew tat i will not believe her
Dhani:but y she did thz
Thapki:tat we should ask her only na
Lucky:i will not leave her for spearating us
Bihan:now leave tat we wil talk about kavitha later before tat we should unite swasan na
Vipluv:guys i have a plan
Vipluv:see 2mro it will.be holi party in maheswari and gadodia family house in (plan is muted)
Raglak:is nice but who we convince swara and sanky u know after tat incident we never went to our family house
Bihaan:rags tat u leave on me i will convice swara
Thapki:& i will convice sanky bhai
All:so.done see u in party guys(smiles)
All had a group.hug

Precap:swasan drank bhang and kissed eachother

So guys how was thz episode plz plz do comments guys if it is boring say i will stop writing

Credit to: tanu

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