swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 19) (part-2)


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next day in collage

Swaragini as usual waiting for there friends just then lucky came

Lucky:hi sweetheart and hi swara devil
Swara:hi joker
Rags:hiiii lucky
Swara:(searching for sanky) where is sanky
Lucky:bhai is parking bike
Lucky:waise swara u dnt show the photo of bhai’s and ur son and my bhateja show na(teases)(smiles)
Swara:(anger) lucky today u r gone
Lucky:lucky bagh nahi tho iss duniya se bhagadegi yeh
(& started running and swara was chasing him and while running he came behind rags)
Lucky:rags plz save me yaar
Rags:(laughs) oh my sweetu(pulls his cheeks)
Lucky:rags I’m saying to save me but u…
(Again started running and swara was chasing while chasing swara’s leg slipped and she was about to fall but a strong hand held her by waist and they had passtionate eyelock,)
Swara:sanky(yes guys his our hero sanskar)

No responses again both had a cute romantic wala eyelock.the student was shocked to see thz secne becuz 1st time the handsome boy of collage is lost in a girl eventhough as sanky used to flirt with girls but he never used to stare them in such a way as he is staring swara )(all student were shocked and was staring to our love birds)

Swara: (saw everyone is staring them and said) sanky(shakes him he was still holding her in same position)
Sanky:(came to sense)
swara:(slowly) every one r stairing us leave me
Sanky:(left from his grip)
Sanky(to all) hey guys y u r all disturbing our romance ha wat is their in our face u to make all staring us ha!
A student:romance
Sanky:oh wait i will.introduce u know her right(pointing towards swara ) she is no more my friend she is my love
Rags:and ha don’t think tat after our 4friends left us to U.S.A u.will not.scare 8eagles and all.don’t dare to.think.tat k in.8eagless 4 r still here don’t dare k got it and now leave
all.student noded and was about to go but
Lucky:hey guys listen to me.also
See girls i know u all will bad.after listening to me some may cry also
Swasanrag:(confused) wat!!!
Lucky:if i hurt u with thz new tho I’m really sorry guys… wait wait wat all i said just now it is for only girls k see girls now I’m not single I’m mingled to my rinkcle(point towards rags) so don’t come back of me k
Sanky:(laughs) hahahaha lucky… i have a doubt
Lucky:ask bhai u know I’m very talented in clearing doubts and all(proud)
Sanky:my.doubt is when did girls came back of u ha!!
Lucky:bhai u want ruine my selfrespect ha
Sanky:(laughs) hahahahaha
Rags:waise lucky sanky is right only na (laugh)
Swasanrags : (laughs)
Lucky(got idea and smirks) waise bhai will u not say to our collage mates about ur.marriage with swara at 12classes and a child..(winks)
sanky:lucky stop thier i will not leave u man
Swara:sanky leave tat joker i want to talk to u cuteiii
lucky:ohoh cuteiiii(laughs) (sanky gave angry wala look) rags my sweetheart let’s from here na
Rag:k my lucky
They left
sanky:(to swara) hey shona wat is tat cuteiii ha
Swara:(keep hands around his neck) u r my cuteiii becuz u look soo cute (pulls his cheeks)
Sanky:swara am i looking cute to u ha(came forward)
swara:yes my cuteiii
Sanky:oh Im cute ha (& pulled her from waist)
Swara:sanky wat r u doing leave me
Sanky:no u said I’m cute na let me show cuteness
Swara:sanky plz leave me
Swara(tought something and gave a tight kiss to.his cheeks)(sanky was shocked and loosen his grip.taking thz benefit she ran from their and laughs)
Swara:(laughs) hahaha sanky hahaha my idiot i love u
Sanky:(smiles) i love u tooooo much jaan
A girl is hiding and seeing all thz is fuming in anger
Girl:(anger) no he is only mine i will get him at any cost means anycost

Days passed, weeks passed the love birds were enjoying there life with there loved ones
But one day a boy name prem he is new to collage he is a bad boy

Prem: (he saw ragini and was staring her)(she was standing lone dressed in white top.and skirt little.above the knee)

He was staring her from top to down

He came to her
Prem:waise u r very hot and s*xy
Swara:(anger) wat did u said
Prem:come let’s go tat corner not only i will tell wat i said but also show hot baby

And was about to touch his hand before she could react to him he got a tight slap from strong hands
Sanky:(yes guys he is sanky)how dare u(punch) to use abuse words to her ha(punch)
(He was puching and puching him swara tried to stop him but all in vain)
Just then raglak came their
Lucky:swara wat happen
Swara:(crying and said everything)
Rag:wat how dare he i will not leave him(anger)
And was about to kick him
Lucky:(pulled her) calm down rags
Rags:wat lucky how can he use such words to my sis I’m not gonna leave him(&was about go)

Lucky: shut up.go from.here i said go(shouts)
swara:ha ladu lucky is right don’t get tensed i know u can’t controll.urself plz leave for ur sis sake
Rag:(anger and tears)k (left)

Sanky was still punching him badly and madly again and again
Lucky:swara take bhai from here(serious)or else he will get hurt see his hands r bleeding he will not listen to me plz take him
swara:(saw blood and had tears and immidiately ran to.sanky) sankar leave him(holding his shoulder)
Sanky:no swara i will not leave him how can he (punches hardly due to thz he hand started bleeding more seeing thz)

Swara:shut up (anger and drag him)
(Went to a corner and pinned him to a wall)
Sanky:(anger) swara leave how can say tat to u tat blo*dy bustard im not goona leave him
Swara:sanskar clam down(cupped his face)
Before he could complete she place her lips to.his his lips and they was kissed eachother passionately soon patted back due to lack of oxygen
swara:see sankar plz clam down(hugged)
Sanky:(hugged back) shona plz don’t ware thz clothes from now onward.plz i trust u but i don’t trust thoz type of boys plz…
Swara:sshh k.from 2mro.i will not ware
Sanky:(happy) thank u to …
Swara:no thank u and all u have right on me got it

Screen shif to lucky
After swasan left prem was about to go but lucky stopped him and gave a puch
Lucky:where r u going ha (anger) how could u tried to abuse my friend ha (punch) how dare u ha
He punche and kicked and punched

After a while
Lucky:don’t. Dare to abuse any girls got it
And left

Prem:(anger)(all over wounds) i will.take revenge with both of u
Girl:so let’s join hand
Girl:(anger) ha let’s join and spoil there love life and destroy them
Prem:but y u want to destroy them
Girl:becuz i love sanky but tat swara she took my sanky how could she(anger)
Prem:k but wat we should do to ..
Girl :i have a plan
Prem:k say
(The girl says a plan.and both smiles evliy)
Girl:(devil smile) enjoy how much u want enjoy but soon u 4will be seprated forever

Screen shift to ragini

She was sitting alone just then lucky came and sat beside her
Lucky:rags plz im sorry for shouting on u(hold his ears)
Rag:(trun and had tears and hugged him) its k lucky don’t need to say sorry k
Lucky:(hugged back) i love u
rags:: i love u too
Lucky:so issi baat pe ek kiss to banta hai
Rag:(blushes and close eyes)
Lucky.smiles and lean towards her lips and placed his lips on her lips and kiss it it was a cute romantic wala kiss soon both patted back for lack of oxygen and stared eachothet lovingly

Screen freezes on there smile faces

Precap:past revealization’s last chap

So guys in next episode the past will be reveal and flash back will end.after tat present. Will continue
And guys who is new to my ff plz read from 1st then only u can understood and u all know na tat it is flash back.
And guys plz do comments plz

Credit to: tanu

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