swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 19) (part-1)


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Recap:swasan and raglak realises there love


Sangeet of vipdhan and thaan

Swara was dressed in baby pink.lehenga and cream duppata
Rag was dressed in blue lehenga and green duppata both were looking stunning,beautiful,gorgeous yar

Sanky was dressed in brown kurta and lucky in meron kurta both were looking dashing,handsome etc

Both sanky and lucky were waiting for swaragini just then they them coming
They saw eachother and mismerized there heart beat stop for a while

Swara:(shy) hi sanky
Sanky:(lost in her)(smiles)
Swara:wat happen sanky(shakes)
Sanky:(came to.sense) vo vo.. nothing hi(smiles)
Sanky: hi rags (no responses both raglak r lost in eachother)
Rag: (came to.sense) haha hi sanky and lucky
Sanlak: (smiles)hi
Swara:ladu come na ma is calling us
Rag:ha swara k guys catch u later

sanlak:k(thinking) today i will propose swara/rags
Sanky:ha lucky i have some work bye
Lucky:ha k bhai go
Sanky: (thinking) wat happen to him let me so easily watever i should propose swara(smiles)
Lucky:thank god bhai went i can do.arrangement easily now


Rag was keeping sweet boxs in that she found a paper
Rag:wat is thiz hmmm let me open(she opened and read)
In paper
Dear rags plz come to the pool side i have a important work with u plz plz plz come
Rag:lucky but y he is calling me yar(confused) anyway i should go and see

Rag went to.the pool side and saw lucky who was facing his back to her

Lucky:(truned and came forward)
Rag:lucky y u…
Lucky:(placed finger in her lips) sshh.
Ragini gadodia aka rags myself laksh maheswari aka lucky want to say something to u i want to say tat when i see u i feel something something 1st i tought nothing but yesterday i realized that it is something something(smiles)
Rag:offo lucky wat u r saying i can’t understand
Lucky:(serious and closed his eyes and kneel down and holded a rose) rags I LOVE U very much i don’t know u will accept or not but i just want to propose u. I want to be with in my life,i want to listen u calling me joker every day, i want u to become thz joker’s wife joker. I want..
Rag:stop it enough is enough and get up
Lucky:(opened his eyes and got up)(sad) i know rag..
Rag: u will be saying or will u give me the rose also ha..
lucky:ya take….wait wait wat u said u want rose then u..
Rag :yes my joker I LOVE U TOO (hugged)

Lucky: (pulled back) u really love me
Rag:yes i love u and ready to be miss joker
Lucky: (happy)oh god i love u(hugged)
Lucky:u know rag i realized my love when yesterday in was feeling to kiss u i love u very much
Rag:then kiss me now

Lucky holded her by waist and came close to her she kept his hands around his neck and both the lips meet eachother it was a soft and love wala kiss yar

Screen shift to swara

Swara was doing some work just she got a message on her mobile it was sanky’s message
(She opened and saw)
Message: swara come to xyz park it is urgent mai bhout badi museebat mai hu plz come and don’t inform anyone at home k plz come ..

Swara:(worry) wat happen to him in which he is oh god save him. Wait i will him(she calls but it is switch off)
Swara:offo mobile is switched off yar i will tell to bihu bhai he will help me hmmm no i think i should only go if i say they will get tensed

(She left from their to xyz park)

In park

It was drak no one was there
Swara: sanky(no response)(lil scared)
Swara:sanky(no reaponse)(scared)
Swara :(sweating and scared full)(tears ) sanskarrrr..
Sanky:(smiles) swara
Swara:(truned) sankar u r alright nothing happen to u na and y called me …
Sanky:ssshh swara let me also speak
Sanky:swara i have flirted with many, i spoke many girls, i have hugged many girls ,i have see many girls smiles and laugh,but when i saw ur laugh and smile it is like i just want to see u like thz in my whole life,ur touch is like curren passing through,i don’t know wat was happening to me i doesn’t wanted to see u with othet boy, i was not like when u was talking about ur and lucky’s parnk to me, i wanted u to talk about me i myself was not understanding then i realized i was jealous for the 1st time in my life i was jealous oh god (kneel down in his knees ) swara i don’t know when i see u laughing and smiling ,or when u touch me or play pranks on me etc etc my heart wanted to.call u SHONA. So coming to the point… Hmm Haaa (Tensed and closed his eyes) I LOVE U SHONA

He dnt got any response but heared a laughing sound so he opened his eyes and saw tat swara was juming and laughing

Swara:(jumping and laughing) o my god o my god i can’t believe
Sanky:(confused) swara..
Swara:pinch me
sanky:(confused) wat!

Swara:pinch me pinch me
(Sanky pinched her)
Swara :ouch .. (jumping and excited) ya it is not dream it not ya
Sanky:swara plz say na u know wat i dnt kneel for a girl in my life u r the girl whom front i kneeled down yar plz my leg is painig
Swara: (also kneeled and hugged sanky in excitement so both fell on grass. Swara was top of sanky and wisphere in his ears) I LOVE U TOO MY IDIOT
Sanky:(immedeatly sat) wat say say again
Swara: (loud voice) i love u too
Sanky:say full u like u said before na
Swara: (confused) wat!
Sanky: u said idiot also na say tat
Swara:(kept hand around his neck) ohhh i love u my idiot
Sanky:i love u veryyyyy much my shona
Swara:y kept my name shona
Sanky:becuz my said to.keep

It started raning they were still laying upon the grass

Sanky:oh rain come lets go(he got up to go)
Swara:(pulled him) no come here
Sanky:but shona ..
They clothes were full weted
Swara:sshs(came close to.him)

Sanky:(sweating) shona wat r u doing
Swara:(she went more closer to him and cupped his face and placed her lips on his)
Sanky:(shocked)(it was current passing through his body)(both kiss and kissed 1st it was soft and passionate kiss but turned to hungry and wild wala kiss)(becoz of lack of oxygen they patted back)
(& had a romantic eye lock)


Swasan and raglak told vipdhaan and thaan about there 1st there were shock but were very much happy to there friends or sis or bro

Next day vipdhaan and thaan marriage rituals complete they become official husband and wife

After 2days
Vipdhan and thaan were ready to go U.S.A

In airport

Swara:thapki don’t be giving baashan to my bihu bhai k
Bihaan:see baash queen my sis listen to her k
Rags:oh bhai shut up k thapki I’m with u don’t worry thz swara will.always take bhai side only
thapki:(smiles) we will miss u guys
Vipluv:ha sanky and lucky don’t marry now itself wait for us k
Lucky:noway still 2years we should wait no
Rag:oh hello but i wil wait for my friends without them no marriage and all
sanky:ya rag is right
Swara:wat sanky u want to marry after 2long years ha
Dhani:oh oh someone is in very hurry ha

Sanky :smiles
All firends were having good and heared the annoucment of flight

All friend had tears in there eyes they had a group hugg
vipdhan and thaan left to U.S.A

After 5 day

Swasan and raglak were sitting in a cafe chit chating
Swara went to the counter and came back
When she was about to sit sanky ask
Sanky:(holded her wrist).shona come sit on my lap
Swara:sanky wat r u doing how can i sit
Sanky:y u can’t sit on ur bf lap ha
Swara:infront of everyone ha
Sanky:y not see thier( a girl and boy kissing) if they can do kiss then y can’t u sit ha
Swara:no( & sat on her chair)
Rag: wat swara so sad sanky yar he is just asking u sit only na
Lucky:so rags then can i kiss u ha
rag:ha y not u should me only na if i won’t allow u other girl will kiss u na(gives a plan.to sanky indrectly and signal him)
Sanky:(understood a naugty smile came to his face) k guys excuse me i want to make a call
Swara:but sanky….(he left)

Lucky:(kissed on rags cheeks)
Rag:(blushes) lucky(plays with his fingers)
Swara is busy in moblie
Lucky:rags don’t do tat
Lucky:i mean don’t blush i can’t control myself
Rag:i love u my baby(pull his cheeks)
lucky:oh i love u too my sweetheart(smiles)

sanky came and sat in his chair just then a girl came(it is sanky’s plan)

Girl:hi handsome how r u ha
sanky:woo priya u here (both hugged) wat a suprise
Lucky:oh priya forget me na
Priya:oh oh laksh how can i forget u yaar(nick name like lucky and sanky is only for there group member)
Both hugged

Sanky: oh priya thz is ragini and swara our friends and thz is priya guys
Swara:(got anger becuz he dnt introduce her as his gf )
Priya:hi guys
swara:(fake smile) hi

Lucky:guys excuse me i will come i have some work
Rag:but lucky..
Lucky:nothing rags papa’s call he want to talk to me
Rag:k come soon
Lucky:mai bas u gya or un aya k bye guys
lucky left

Priya:oh sanky i still love u man(beat his shoupder)
Swara:(now jealous) y can’t he answer tat he loves me and chipkali how can she say thoz word ha
priya:my dashing boy u will not ask me to sit ha
Swara: (jealous murmring) he is my boy
Sanky:oh sorry come sit na
Priya:oh handsome not their i wil sit on ur lap like i usually sit k
swara:(more jealous) wat how can she …
Sanky:k baba sit
Swara: (more and more jealous) no she can’t sit on his lap kuch soch swara

She was about to sit but swara pushed her and sat on sanky’s lap

Sanky and rags smiles
Priya:hey u y u pushed me ha and get up i want to sit on my friends lap k
Swara:hey how dare u to say me get up from my husband lap
Sanky and rag(shocked)
Priya:(shocked) wat husband . I don’t believe ha
swara:(anger) u should believe see here(a photo of child in her moblie) thz child is our love symbol k
Sanky and rag (more shocked)
Priya:wat….(smiles) but thz chid look like 4year old then when u married ha
Swara:vo …..vo.. ha we married after 12th classes
Sanky and rag(control laugh)
Priya:wat k i will ask ap aunty

Swara:wat.. u can’t ask
Swara:becuz we have not informed our parents about our marriage and child still now we r acting like a good friends
Priya:oh so sanky in young age only marriage and baby and all ha
Sanky:i only don’t when it happen

Just then they heard a cryinh sound they turned and saw lucky.was standing and crying
Rag:lucky wat happen y r crying yar
Sanky:did dad said anything to.u
Lucky:bhai and swara how can u do.tat ha(crying)
Swasan:wat we did
Lucky:(crying) bhai u dnt said tat u.married swara in 12th class only ha ….
Lucky:no bhai not today swara i thought u as my best friend and bhai i thought u 2 will share every thing to me but ittni badi baat u 2 hided from us. Bhai u have a child also then I’m chachu aur app ne chachu aur bathijye ko ek dusre se door rakha (wipes his tears) i understood u both problem but u have said atleast to me na but don’t worry bhai i will convince dad and mom then u and swara and ur child can stay together with us i will do it at any cost don’t worry when lucky is here
Waise swara show my bhateja’s photo

Swara: (who was controlling her anger.now brust) u joker (&started throwing things on him) u stupid
Lucky:hey wat i.did yar i was just helping u both na ahaa don’t throw plz
swara:i will kil u today offo .. rags take ur bf from here thz joker i will kill u man
Rag and sanky who was controlling laugh finally burst into laugh and priya also joined them
Lucky:hey guys she’s beating me and u r all laugh ha but y she’s beating me
Rag:becoz my joker(she says everthing sanky plan to make swara jealous and everything tat swara said was out of jealous)
lucky:oooh k
Swara:rag take him from here orelse i will kill him
Lucky:no no rag i dont want to die in thz young age come let’s go from here. And priya even u leave from here
Priya:k bye

All 3 left from their

Swara was still standing in anger sanky holded her hand but she jerked

Sanky:oh so my wife will talk to me ha
Swara:I’m nothing for u. U dnt even told tat chipkali tat I’m ur gf ha
sanky:oh (to every one standing on the chair) hellow guys i want to introduced to.u all my life my love my gf swara gadodia would to be swara maheswari i love her sooo much
All:hi she beautiful ha
Sanky:ya tat she is
(Saw towards swara who had tears in her eyes)
Swara:get down my idiot
(Both hugged and all claps for them)

Sanky:k come shona sit ( chair)
Swara:i will sit on.ur lap my idiot
She sat on her lap.and they had a good time together

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