swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 18) (part-2)


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Recap:engagement of vipdhan and thaan


Engagement was completed it was next day a haldi day


Sanlak were sitting near pool at backyard of house just then swaragini.came
Swaragini again dressed in indian attire in anarkali swara in blue and rag in orange anarkali

Seeing them again in traditional dress they were mismerized respectvly but soon.came to sense

Swaragini:hey guys wat r u doing
Sanlak:nothing yar. Did u see vipdhan and thaan
Swaragini:they may be busy in there romance yar leave na
Swara:lucky come let’s go to market mom said to buy some stuff yar like we always go if we used to.come this place
Lucky was busy in his own world staring ragini.
Swara:(shouted) lucky!!!!!
Lucky:(came to sense) wat y u shouting yar swara
swara:I’m calling for u from tat time but u lost in ur own world ha!(anger)
Lucky:kk baba say wat u want say
Swara:lucky.u dnt listen to.me ha! U joker anyway come let’s go to market
Lucky:no.swara im not intrested yar

Swara:lucky r u sure becoz u r the one who like to go market na
Lucky:swara plz i can’t come yar
Swara:but who will come with me thz ladu doestn’t like to go market and….
sanky:swara shal i come with u
Lucky:ha swara bhai will come

Im market

Sanky:so swara wat did ma ask.to buy ha
Swara:vegetables yar she strictly instructed me not to buy fruits becoz it is already there at home

Just then swara saw a fruit shop and went there

Swara:bhaiya how much is apple
Man:100 rupya madam
Sanky:but swara…
Swara:wat is banana cost bhaiya
man:50 rupya
Like thz she was asking the cost of each and every fruits. And was not allowing sanky to speak in b/w atlast she asked cost of every fruits and
Swara:sanky come let’s go
Man.:par madam u r not buying kya
Swara:who said i will buy ha
Man:(anger) then y u asked the cost of fruits ha
Swara:oh accha i was getting bore so.i asked(laughs)
Man:aaj kal bachai..

Swara:oh bhaiya were r aaj ke bachai kal ke nahi aur ha ye dailouge bhout old ohgaya hai yar dusara dailouge yad karna i will be back k

(Left from there)

Sanky:(laughs) swara seriously hahahaha.wat is thz yar hahaha
Swara: sanky u don’t. Know i and lucky used to play like thz pranks when evere we go market so.tat only we like to go market u know once(
( she was saying all pranks played by her and lucky but by hearing thz sankt is fuming from jelous more and more atlast he couldn’t control himself and said

Sanky:(holded swara shoulders with both hands and towards him)(jelous) swara when I’m here with then talk.about me k (realized wat he said and driverted topic) kk swara come let’s go
swara: (suprised by his behaviour) k come

They went back to.there family house where they were clebrating all mrriage function

Screen.shift to raglak

After swasan left to.market
They were sitting near pool puting there legs in water and enjoying but for the 1st time there was silent.but lucky breaked it and asked

Lucky:rag really u think I’m joker
Rag:(speechless) no lucky ….but u r…
Lucky:(came close to her) I’m ..
Rag:(nervous of his closness) u r…
Lucky:(came more close to.her) say na im..
Rag:(closed her eyes) u r
lucky pulled.her legs and.both fall in pool
Lucky:(laughs) hahahaha rags
Rag: (anger) u joker i.will not leave u (& started beating him)
Lucky:Ahahaha yar leave ahaha! (Finally holded her hands and pinned her to pool side wall)
They were lost in each other they had a romantic eyelock
There was a inch distant b/w there lips as they were lost lucky was leanig to kiss her lips but suddenly came to sense and.there was awkard silence
Finall rag breaked it
Rag:lucky see wat u did becuz of i got wet now mom will scold me I’m going to change k

At night

Haldi cermony

Swara was dressed in yellow gown and rags in yellow chudidaar both were looking like angles, beautiful etc

Sanlak.was dressed in yellow kurtha were looking handsome, dashing,cute,hot etc

Swaragini was memirized to.see sanlak and sanlak was totall flat on swaragini respectevly

Haldi cermony began all applied haldi to vipdhan and thaan and played with haldi applying eachother and enjoying
And again.seeing lucky and swara closeness sanky.was fuming in jelous
(I don’t want to drag thz)
Haldi cermony completed

In sanky room

Sanky was walking here and there
Sanky:(to himself) oh god wat is happening to.me yar y I’m thinking about swara, y lucky and swara.closeness is irritiating me when i know tat they r just friends yar,but y i want swara to talk about me rather than other people, oh god wat is happening to me yar ( sat on bed)

Just then he heared a voice
Sanky:(got up) haan chotto
Thapki:wat happen bhai u r hiding something
Thapki:don’t lie k u can’t lie me u know na
sanky:k mere ma but i will not say any.name k
sanky:see a boy is getting irritiate if his friend a girl speaks about her friend and the boy is only thinking about the girl. &….

Thapki:wait wait i will say the boy is in love he is not irritiate he is jelous
Sanky:wat love!!!!
thapki:haan bhai even i also went through this when i fall in love with bihaan. Then also i u don’t believe ask the boy to close his eyes and see whom he is seeing k. Bye
Sanky:was it jelous ( he closed his eyes he saw swara het face her smile,laugh,pranks etc a smile came to.his.face)

Rag also listen whole conversion b/w thapki and sanky and left to.her room

Rag:then even i was jelous when tat day lucky was complementing.tat girl(she also.closed.her and saw lucky.smile his laugh,jokes etc a smile came to her face)

In lucky

Sleeping on bed and

Lucky:(himself) wat is happening to me y I’m thinking about rags,y wanted to.kiss her in pool, y I’m lost in her toughts, watever it is but it is nice yar but wat happen to me (his inner voice LOVE)


Swara was standing infront of mirrior and smiling thinking about sanky, there masthi and all

Just then bihaan came and saw thz

Bihaan:ohoh my devil sis is in love ha
Swara:wat bhai u know na ha
Bihaan:oh my sis then wat u were doing infront of mirrior tat too smiling i never saw u like thz ha
Bihaan:my devil when i fall for thapki i used to do the same k don’t be late in knowing ur feeling k i will not ask who he is but u.ask urself. K leave tat take thz ma said to give u(a dress) now bye(smiles)
Swara:(smiles) k bye
Swara was thinking about bihaan words for not make late for knowing feeling.and was thinking about sanky and smiles

Swasa and raglak :(in there respective room) I’M IN LOVE

sanky:oh god i love swara im in love(happy)
Lucky:(happy) woooo i love rags i love her
Rag:(happy) wat i love lucky unbelivable watever it is a best feeling in my life woo
Swara: (happy and jumping on the bed) I’m in love I’m in love hahaha i love sanky i love u

All:smiles and sleeps.

Next day it was sangeet

Swasan and raglak were getting ready in there respective rooms

Kuch toh huwa hai kuch ho gaya hai(3)
do char din se lagta.hai jaise
Sab kuch alag hai sab kuch naya hai
(All were singing and r getting ready)

Swara:chije me rakh ke bhul jatee hu,bekhayalee me gungunata hu
(Searching something in whole room but it was there on the bed itself and hit his head seeing tat)
abb akele me muskuratee hu, badlee huyee see mere ada hai
(Seeing mirrior smiling and imagining sanky and truned but he was not there and smiles)

Sanky:pighla pighla hai dil mera jab se,achaha rehta hai mood bhee sab se
Haske milta hu aaj kak sab se, khush ho gaya hai jo bhee mila hai
(Came out of room smiling and saw a servant and danced with him after dancing crassed his hair and hit hid head)

Ragini:rang chamkiley sara lagte hai, rah me bhikre tare lagte hai
(Choosind dress standind infront of mirrior and whole room was scatter with dresses)
Phul abb jyada pyare lagtehai mehakee huyee see jaisee huwa hai
(Went balcony and took a rose and caressed it and smiles and round her self)

Lucky:dhyan abb apana jyada raktha hu, soctha hu mai kaise lagta hu
Aaina ho tho dekha leta hi,kaise yeh chaira aise khila hai
(Seeing in mirrior how he is looking and change ten clothes and smiling thinking about rags)

Yeh nasha jisme deno rehte hai, yeh lehar jiseme done behte hai
Ho naa ho isko pyaar khete hai, pyar mila tho dil.tho.gya.hai

(Al lost in there toughts while going down in hall and smiling)

Kuch toh huwa hai kuuh ho gaya hai

Screen freeze on there smiling faces


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