swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 18) (part-1)


Hi guys thz is tanu thank u for ur lovly comments and support guys. So thz is episode 18 of my ff

Recap:all elders decided to do engagement of vipdhan and thaan


SO it is a day of engagement it was held.at.there family house i.e as maheswari and gadodia’s r very close eachother from long they together made a house where they used to celebrate all there functions so all enagement.and marriage functions r held in tat house only

It was night all guest have arrived

Bihaan was dressed in green and golden sherwani and thapki was dressed in green and golden gagra both the couples were looking sweet

Vipluv was dressed in orange.and cream sherwani and dhani in orange and cream gagara both the couples were looking cute

Sanskar was dressed in blue sherwani and he folded the slevess of that he was looking handsome, cute,sweet,dashing everything
lucky was dressed in cream sherwani and folded the sleeves of it he was handsome and dashing

Swara was dressing light pink gagra and ragini was.dressed in red and green gagra the blouse of.it was above the belly and it was covered with net dupatta they were looking gorgeous, awesome, beautiful etc

All assembeld in the hall for enagement waiting for swaragini as they dnt came still now

Just then swaragini came form the staiers

Sanlak was mesmirized to see them in traditional dress as they usually wear modern dresses respectivly

Sanky:oh god swara she’s looking soo beautiful i can’t take my eyes (realized wat he was speaking to himself) hey wat am i talking yar ya i know she’s beautiful but wat I’m thinking ha..

Lucky:thz rags is driving my crazy yar she’s looking gorgeous in tradition ware

Just then swaragini came to them

Swaragini:hi sanky and lucky
Sanlak:(came to sense) hi u 2 r looking beautiful ha
Swaragini:(smiles) even u both r looking handsome
Sanky:tat i always look since i born
Swara:oh oh enough see enagement is starting

Bihaan and thapki made to ware ring toeachother
And vipdhaan made to ware ring to eachother so the enagement is finished

Sanky :hey congratulation guys oh bihaan my chotto becone urs ha
Thapki:no bhai im always urs chotto
Lucky:so u forget me na I’m also ur bhai
Thapki:i miss u bhai’s(tears)
Sanlak:(wiping it) stop melo drama yar (laughs)
Lucky:oh luv after marriage in suhaagraat don’t sleep with book instead of ur wife
Vipluv:(embarass) lucky…
Rag:lucky is right wat dhani do one thing u burn all his books k otherwise instead of romancing with u he will romance with the books
Dhani:rags u na(blushes)
Swara:bihu bhai after going to U.S.A don’t think tat we will not irritiate u k i and rag will video call and wake u at morning 5 only k

Thaan and vipdhaan:now leave tat don’t make us cry by saying thz plz we have only one weak together let us enjoy yar

Swara:ha u r right lucky and ladu come let’s dance yar thz is enagement of swara gagdodia’s bro, sis and friends yar without dance mazza nahi aayega

Raglak:so let’s start

Swara,raglak dances on salam-e-ishq song

Where as sanky is standing and is lovingly staring only swara he himself don’t y he was staring her but when laksh held swara by her waist while dancing and both were laughing sanky was burning in jelous

Sanky:(jelous) thz lucky na can’t he leave swara (realized wat told) oh god wat is happening y im thinking about swara

Dance finished

Lucky and rags were standing together watching another dance just then a girl came

Girl :hi handsome wat is ur name
Lucky:oh baby I’m lucky waise u r looking s*xy ha(flirting) and wat is ur name
Rag:(murmring in jelous) wat baby and s*xy and all ha he dnt complement me once also he is complementing her ha
Girl:oh I’m kavya but u can call me kav
Lucky:oh is so sweet name kav
Rag:(murmring in jelous) wat sweet chi kav it is like a crow calling kav kav kav
Kavy:the today will meet in cafe and drink coffe together
Lucky:y kav u don’t have money to buy
Kavya:(anger) wat the hell I’m asking thz to talk to u but leave it (goes from their)
Lucky:now wat i did yaar all will ran from me if i ask any questions to them but they can ask anything to us thz is not fair(pout)

Rag:(gigeling and thinking) oh rags u know na lucky kisi ko bhi pata nahi saktha then y r u thing about it (realized wat she was thinking) wait wait.wat I’m thinking yar about lucky but y god y i was behaving like tat when lucky was flirting with her

Sanky:hi swara
Swara:hi sanky(thinking ) he is so cute yaar maan kartha hai ki jaake kis kardoon yaar(realized wat she was thinking and hit her head) hey swara wat u r thinking yar offo

To be continued

So guys how was it plz comments guys

Credit to: tanu

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