swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 17)


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RECAP:lucky’s b’day party



As i already told u that swasan r in same class and raglak r in same classs,and vipdhan r in same class,and thaan in same class

Days passed,weeks passed,months passed

Thaan were falling for each other in thier cat fights

As dhani already love vipluv now vipluv also started loving dhani

But no one proposed eachother

One day after class thaan were goinig togther for cantien were there friends usually have funtime

Just then thapki leg slipped and she fell down seeing thz bihaan immedealty sat down saw her.

Bihaan:(hold her feet) is it paining(concerned)
Thapki:ouch ha
Bihaan :can’t u see and walk r u blind see here now wat happen to ur leg(he keep on scolding to her)
Thapki:(was suprised seeing his concern but she was enjoying it she was feeling happy)(herself) y im feeling happy when he is scolding me y god (smiles)
Bihaan:hey wat happen I’m asking u.something from that time can’t u.answer ha
Thapki:(smiles)nothing. Wait get up (she was trying to stand but again fell down) ha! Ouch its painig
Bihaan:wait will take u to the dolly nurse she will give u spary and u can’t apply it
(He took her in his arms)
Thapki: (happy) (y I’m happy while he is taking in his arms oh god wats happening to me) but bihaaan….
Bihaan:(i don’t like to carry girls but y I’m so concerned to her y thz girl making me crazy yar) sssh don’t start ur baashan k
Both laughs
bihaan was mesmrized to.see her laugh they had a passionate eye lock
Still holding her in his arms

Screen shif to vipdhan

Dhani :luv u loved any girl
Vipluv:(saw her and was lost in it)
Dhani:answer na
vipluv:no actually I’m not intrested in that
Dhani:oh but if any girl who loves u very much propose u then
Vipluv:(again looks at her )(y i want.to say that i love her is it really i love her no no)
Dhani:say na luv
Vipluv:no i won’t love her back
(Saying thz he was about to leave and dhani become sad listening to his answer so.she dnt notice water on floor and was about to slip but vipluv immedeatly hold her and they were lost in each other eyes they had cute eye lock

Swasan and raglak who were passing saw thaan that bihaan holding thapki in his arms they were lost in eachother in same position were shocked and suprise

Rag:(shocked) guys wat im seeing is it true
Sanky:ya rags even i can’t belieave the two cat fighter r in thz position ……
Lucky:lost in each other
Swara:guys i think it is dream
Just then lucky pinches her
Swara:ha ouch u lucky y u pinched me ha
Lucky:becuz u said thz dream na so…..
Swara:i said u.to pinch me ha uuu…
Sanky:hey see there they r not moving at.all in same position they r standing…
Rag:guys wat I’m thinking u r also thinking…
Swasan and laksh:yes we think they r in love
rag:yes guys even i think the same
Swara:woo guys in our group also we have one love birds woo so nice im happy for bihu bhai(happy)
sanky:but swara in our group there r not only one love birds but 2 love birds
All 3:wattty!
Sanky:(pointing towards vipdhaan who were also lost in eachother) see their
lucky:wat luv and dhani
Swara:yes see na lucky they dnt even told us tat they r in love
Sanky:no i don’t think so they can’t hide anything with us u know na may be they themselve dnt realise there feelings
Rag:ya u r right sanky but we will make them realise there feelings for eachother I’m soo happy yar for bhai,thapki,dhani,luv see luv.how he is lost in dhani like how he used to lost in book
Lucky:finally the book worm become love worm also ha(all.laughs)
Rag:but guys we have realise them there feeling na wat todo.
Swara:oh ladu don’t worry when swara is here i have a plan see we have faiwell party in that….
Sanky:(interpreat) oh swara don’t tell ur silly plans..
Swara:sanky don’t talk in b/w when Im talking k u don’t know wat i will do if any one talks in b/w when im talking k
Sanky:(laughs)hahahaha swara its very funny yar see lucky wat she’s saying hahaha
Lucky:u don’t know about her bhai she will do wat she says ha…
Sanky was about to.come forward but falls down and saw his leg which was where laiys of shoes were tied to eachother
Swaragini& lucky:(laughs)
Swara:see sanky i said u but u dnt listen to me na so while u were talking to.lucky i tied u r laiys hahahahahaha(laughs)
Sanky:(immdeately untied it) wait swara ki bachi
(Swara runs and he chases swara and after few minutes he caught swara holding her hand in his hand)
Swara:kk sanky leave me
Sanky:k wil leave u but u shoudnt repeat thz k
Swara :kkk baba
Both saw each other and bruat into laugh

Lucky :bhai i told u but u dnt listen to me but from now don’t mess with thz.devil sisters k
Swaragini:wat we r devil for u ha
Swara:rags don’t leave him.im tierd of running k
Rag:k. Wait lucky i will not leave u
Lucky:oh rags saaf sida khedo that u wanna touch me becuz im handsome ,dasing etc etc
rag:wat i wanna touch u ha?
Lucky:see u only accepted
Rag:don’t fool me like how u fooled that lecturer k
Lucky:(murmring) now wat i should.she wil surely kill (and ran from.and rags was chasing him)

(He came behind sanky)
Lucky:bhai bachaooo
Rag:sanky move
Sanky:(laughs) k k guys let leave thz all now 1st we should focus on our love birds to.realise there love
Swara:yes u r right. So listen to my plan see guys we have fairwell party in that(plan.muted)
Rag:swara superb my sis
Sanky:ya i agree with ragini wat a plan swaraji(smiles)
Lucky:swara u r awesom.yar u dnt said that u r love guru also swara mata ki jai ho(laughs)
Swara:haha beta swara mata ko tumne dekha hi khaan (laughs)

All laughs give hi-fi toeachother

Next day it was fair well party. The party was going on thaan and vipdhan were lost in eachother
Swaragini and sanlak:let’s start our plan(smiles)

Swara:bihu bhai wat happen
Bihaan:(came to sense) ha ha nothing
Swara:k come lets dance
Bihaan:swara u know na i don’t …….
Swara:ha ha i know tat u don’t like to dance but bhai thz.is our last year na plz plz plz plz let’s dance na plz plz
Bihaan:k my sis only for u

Here rags goes to vipluv who is sitting

Rag:hi luv come lets dance na
Vipluv:rags i …
Rag:no no i won’t listen to u. U should dance with me thats it can’t u do thz to ur friend ha
Lucky:(smilea) k i will.dance

Here sanky:chotto come na let’s dance
Thapki: y bhai wat happen today no girl friend ha
Sanky: no I’m not intrested today yar i waana dance with my cute chotto will u dance with ur handsome bhai ha
Thapki:ofcourse bhai y not

Here lucky:hey dhani.come na let’s dance k now don’t ask me any questions like where is u r gf, i don’t want to.dance with u blah blah k I’m saying to dance with me so.u should dance k
Dhani:hey lucky listen when i said tat i will not dance .. ha u.r talking non-stop.not allowing me to speak. Ofcourse yat i will dance with u ha.

Swara dances with bihaan
Lucky dances with dhani
Rag dances with vipluv
Sanky dances with thapki
on disco diwaane song……

When ishq wala love plays they exchange there partner by rolling them

Now swasan ,raglak,vipdhaan,thaan r dancing together when they touched there partners it was like current passing through there body for them

They all were lost in eachother respectevly
Soon they came to.sense when the song ends

Swasan.and raglak went from there to execute there next plan

Here vipluv left dhani form his hold and was about to go but stopped hearing a voice

Boy: (to.dhani) hi beautiful may i dance with u
Dhani:(saw vipluv and wanted only said) ha y not (& gave her hand to his hand but before tat vipluv holded her hand and said)
vipluv:dhani ur not gonna dance with him
Dhani:but i want to dance so.leave my hand(jerk her hand from his hold)
Vipluv:(anger) no wil not leave u (holded her hand again)
Dhani:wat bothers u.if i.dance with him ha
Vipluv:(anger) it bothers me becuz i love u k i love u
Dhani:(tears of happiness) i love u too luv

They both hugged each other

Screen shift to thaan

Thapki:(was drinking juice just then she saw a girl talking to bihaan and she went their)

Girl:i love u bihaan u r soo handsome, dashing

Thapki was fuming in anger and jelous

Thapki:hey girl wat r u talking ha
bihaan:thapki u
Thapki:1min bihaan im talking to her (to girl) hey u don’t u have…
The girl hugged bihaan immedeatly thapki pulled her
Girl:hey wats ur problem ha y u r back of us u don’t have rights to tell me whom to.talk.and wat should talk ha got it
Thapki:ha i don’t rights no i have rights becuz i love him k now u got it
Bihaan:thapki.really u love me.
Thapki:ha bihaan i love u k &…
Before she could.complete he hugged her
Bihaan :i love u too thapki

Thz 4 Were lost in eachother respectevly and came to.sense when they heard.a clapping sound

Swaragini and sanlak:so guys finally our plan succed
vipdhan and thaan:(confused ).which plan wat plan guys

& they told them how they planned and wat they planned to make them realise there love to.eachother

Vipdhaan& thaan:thank u soo much guys thank u really u all r true friends yar
Swasan and raglak:u all breaking our group roles by saying thank u and all yai tho hamara farz tha guys
Vipluv and thaan:kkk.we won’t say thank u ab khush
All.4:ya ofcourse
They had a group hug just then dp.called to sanky
Sanky:ha bade papa boliye
Sanky:k we wil come

Rag:wat happen sanky
Sanky:bade papa told that we all should come to mm
bihaan:even we
Sanky:haan he Said tat shekar uncle also is there only
Swara:but wat happen
Sanky:don’t know guys he said come after will talk
All:k let’s go

All left to mm

Lucky:wat happen bade papa y u both called us
Dp:see still now we have listen to all of u but now u all should listen to us
Vipluv:but wat happen papa
Shekar:as u all know tat our family r very close and also takes the any decision together so now we have decided tat. Bihaan and vipluv will go to U.S.A to complete there studies k and..
Dp:we have found nice match for both dhani and thapki so after thz month we will get them marry becuz after thz month there studies will also get finish and they r elder to.swaragini just becuz u all forced us so admitted u all in same class
Dp:no now i won’t listen anything u both r going to.U.s.A for 2years u should after a week.how much u want to enjoy in thz week.u can enjoy but u r going thats final k
All 8: (shocked) wat 2years
Vipdhan and thaan:(wisphere) sanky bhai,swara,rag,lucky now wat we should do
Swasan and raglak:tell them truth tat u love eachother

They nodded

Vipluv: wo actually papa wo
Bihaan:vo Chottai dad
shekar:say na beta
Vipdhaan and thaan:we love eachother
dp and shekar:wat!!!!
Vipdhaan:ha we love eachother very much
Thaan:even we love eachother
Dp :wooo shekar its really a happy news
Shekar:ya u r right
All:wat u r not angry with us
Dp and shekar:y will we be angry.ha instead we r happy tat we both friends r going become samdhan
Vipluv and bihaan:(happy) then U.S.A cancel yeepee
Thapki and dhani:& no marriage (happy)
Dp and shekar:who said tat U.S.A and marriage is canceld no u should go.U.S.A and.also marry
Shekar:now we have decided tat we will get marry thaan and vipdhan and send U 4 for U.S.A and 2mro is enagement becuz u all should leave after a week in thz which muhurat is shob we wil marry u 4
Vipdhan andthaan:wat really thank u very much
All smiles

Vipdhaan & thaan:guys today we r veryyyyy much happy yar

Swasan and raglak:(sad) y not u all will be happy only na for leaving us after one week that too for 2years alone ha
Vipdhaan and thaan: (sad) no guys don’t say like tat we will miss u all very much but elders won’t listen to us u only know na guys

Swasan and raglak: (smiles slightly) ya guys we understand now leave tat come let’s have a group hug

They had group hugg and remmbering there masthi time there all moments still now and had tears in eyes becuz they all were true friends

Swara:now after one week thz 8eagles group will become only 4eagles(tears)
bihaan:no swaru we r 8eagles.and alway be got it
Rag:now leave 2mro is there engagement yaar
lucky:so let’s enjoy
All smiles

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