swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 16)

Hi guys thz is tanu thank u for all ur lovly comments and support guys

After class over all friends headed towards cantein
Raglak were waiting for their friends

Rags:offo how much time they will take to come yaar
Lucky:see luv and dhani came
Vipdhaan:hey guys
vupluv:rag don’t say that u and lucky r in same class

Rag:yes yar thz joker is in my class (pout)
lucky:but u should tolerate thz joker na
Vipdhan: (laughs)
Dhani:rags from u carry cotten with u for college ha(laughs) becuz lucky is in ur class kuch bhi hosaktha
Rag:u r right
Just then swasan came
swasan :hi guys
Raglak:u both r in same?
Swasan:yes but who is ur both class ha
Raglak:we both only one class yar
Swasan (laughs)
Swara:ladu if lucky is in ur then u should be carefull yar
lucky:ya swara is right I’m very dangerous yar
Swara:let me commplete lucky u r not dangerous u r joker

Just then lucky saw thaan coming together

Lucky:guys i think something happen to my eyes
Rag:i think.u got blind(laughs)
Swara:lucky don’t worry we will take to u for best hospital k
Lucky:(confused) but y
Swara:becuz u became blind thumhari omar hi kya jaane ki (seeing up and fakr crying)
Lucky:wat i am blind for u ha
Rag:then wat u only said something happen to ur eyes na
Swara(fake crying): lucky i know u got big shock na from now can’t see us u can only see black so.sad

All laughs
Lucky:oh shut up u drama queen 1st u all see therr then u all will get shock

All saw turned and saw thaaan together and were shocked

Thaan:hi guys
sanky:chotto u and bihaaan….
Thapki:yes bhai thz bhuddu and me r in one class
Bihaan:hey basshan queen I’m not bhudu but i think u r
thapki:shut up(they started there cat fights)

Rag:(shout) quite both of u i think whole day of ur both went like thz only in class ha
Lucky:k guys leave all thz get ready to introduce ourself to our juniors like how we used to do.every year they should know na that how dangerous is 8eagles see they all came

Thz 8 were sitting in the cantien all junior came there as they already said them to assemble in the cantein

Lucky and bihaan were standing infront holding the mike where as swasan ,rag,vipdha.,thapki sitting back in chair

Lucky:so all junior came na
All student:yes(loudly)
Lucky:so juniors we assembles u all here to introduced most famous and dangerous group of our college 8eagles i think u all already heard about us from student na
All student :yes
Bihaan:so.guys respect us k and if u all do watever we tell then and respect then u come to.us we will surely help u all but if any one mess with us then uska anjam bhoth bura hoga k
Bihaan:so lets start my self B for Bihaan B for brilliant and ha guys if u want brilliant ideas come to me k
Thapki:guys i want to correct him he is B for Buddu not brilliant and if u want buddu’s idea u can go to.him
All laughs
Bihaan:bashan queen go.& sit k.dont over act k
Thapki:u shut….
sanky:not again plz u both
(Thapki sat angryly bihaan smiles)
Bihaan:& thz is my friend lucky if want
Rag:bhai i will say kk
Biihaan:k my sis

Rag:see guys he is lucky the great joker if u want to.learn any stupid jokes u can go to him
All laughs
Lucky: (gave angry look to her) wait rags ki.bacchi i dont leave u
Rag.:(laughs) hahahaha nice joke u know na u can’t do any.thing to me
Lucky was about go to her but bihaan stops him
bihaan:(wisphere) lucky wat u r donig ha u can’t challenge her u know na if u then wat she will do…
lucky:ha ha u r right i dont want to spoil my todays day becuz of ur devil sis and ignored rags and continued
Lucky.: (to students) so let us introduce vipluv(pointing to vipluv) our frien the book worm of the college
Bihaan:if u want to learn u can ask his help but learning is boring(laughs)
Lucky:and thz is dhani our friend
Bihaan:& a big duffer of thz college
All laugh
Dhani:bhai i will not leave u thapki is right u r big bhuddu
All laughs

Bihaan:oh shut up and sit there k.
(She sat angryly)
Lucky:enough bihaan ha. K leave. Let me introduce thapki my sis and our friend and …
Bihaan : a bashan queen if u want to become politician then if u want to give baashan and all then u can ask her really she very good in that(smiles)
All laughs
Thapki:(gives a angry look to him and turns)
Lucky:k leave tat ….
Bihaan:i will tell k thz is rocking rags(pointing to ragini)
Lucky:(wisphere)bihaan u sis called me joker and u r saying rocking thz is not fair yar u should have said devil not rocking
bihaan:oh if u want u say devil u can say but i will not becuz mujhai meri jhaan pyaari hai bhai if i call her devil she will surely kill me like an devil u know na
Lucky:k k
All students :wat happen
bihaan:nothing ha where was i … ha thz is rocking rags if u want…
A student:sir i will say if we want.rocking ideas or things then we can.ask her help na am i right
lucky:no u r absoulety wrong if u want rocking punches u can go to her hai na bihaan
All student(shocked)
Rags:(shout) thank u guys and ha he is right

Bihaan:now let us introduce..
swara:hey wait bhai i will stand upon table then u start k
She stood in table
Lucky:so guys thz is swara oops sweet swara if u want..
A student:(interpreated) if we want sweet punches we should go to her na
Bihaan:let’s us commplete don’t ur nose k and ha u.r wrong she won’t give sweetpunches. But ha if u want punches on sweet place u can go to her k
All student(shocked expression)
Swara:oh oh thank u guys i will try my best to give all thoz punches k(laughs)
all student :shocked
All thaan, vipdhaan,swasan,raglak laughs
Lucky:kkk guys lets us introduce the one and only sanky the great flirter
bihaan:& ha u need.not go to him becuz he himself come to u for flirting
Sanky smiles
Lucky:so guys thz is 8 eagles k if u respect us then u r all.safe if not then u will know wat we can do . So any of u have problem
A student:sir physic sir

Bihaan: today is a nice day don’t take the name of that bhudda kosad
Lucky:& ha don’t call tat taklu physics sir instead call him physco k he is biggest phsyco in thz college and the student to whom he will teach also becomes phsyco (laughs)
all student were tensed seeing someone
Swaraging,vipdhaan,thapki,sanky saw there tensed face and turned to see who is thier as they saw the person they were tensed

And here lucky and bihaan making jokes of that physic sir
Swara: (truned) offo physic sir is standing here only stop them guys
Rag:bihu bhai physic sir
Bihaan :oh rags don’t take that phsyco name i said na
All:but physic sir….
Lucky:hey guys i think even u all become phsyco like that taklu but don’t worry i u all we be alright i give u all best treatment in best hospitals becuz u all become phsyco na(said without turning)
lucky and bihaan:(laughs)

They got angry and left.all students also left
Bihaan:hey why thz student r going ha….
Lucky:leave na we r also getting late lets go

(They turned and were shocked)
Lucky:phy…physics ….sir u here
physics sir:so I’m taklu and phsyco and..
Bihaan:sir who said ha i think u heard wrong we said that u r nice ,u r…
Sir:,(came forward)in anger
They got tensed and immdeatly ran from there

Swaragini,vipdhan,sanky hiding and laughing lucky and bihaan came there
Lucky:(angry) wat a friend u all ur friends in problem and u all laughing here. U should have said us na that physic sir is standing behind but no only escaped from there wah wat a freinds
rag :shut up lucky we was to u both but u instead called us phsyco and blah blah cant u remmber
Bihaan:kkk sorry guys
lucky:ha sorry
All:u r beaking our group.role
Lucky:kk no.sorry and no thank u k but guys did u all remmber atleast now wat is special today
All:(acting) no
Lucky:(sad) k Im going to home bye
all :bye

Lucky left from there to his home

Lucky:(sad) no.friend remmber my b’day even not my bro’s and sis

Just then 2boys came to his room wearing mask and made him unconcious and took him with them

They took him to a dark place and tied a cloth to his eyes and made him sit in a chair

Later lucky got concious and shouted
Lucky:whoz tat where am i who took me here(shouted)
And removed the cloth from his eyes and was shocked,suprised and happy
Swaragini, sanky,thapki,bihaan,vipdhaan (all together) :Happy b’dat to u happy b’day to u our lucky

lucky: (smiles)bhai,rags,swaru,chotto,dhani,bihaan u all remmber my b’day ha
All:how can we forget our jokers b’day ha we was just acting
Lucky:i love u all (they had group hug)
Swara:kk lucky cut the cake man

Lucky cutted the cake and feeded to every one and they played with the cake by applying to eacother face but no one dare to apply on sanky’s face but swara tought to apply atleast thz time so she went to sanky

Swara :sanky
He turned
sanky:haan swara
she immdeatly took a hand full cream and appied on his and was laughing loudly. 1st he got angry but her touch to his was like current passing all through his body and seeing her laughing he was mesmirized

Swara: (laugh) see sanky ur face hahahaha
Sanky: (came to sense) so how am i looking ha(slowing took cream in his hand and applied on her face
Sanky: (laughs.) Haahaahaha swara u r looking funnny hahhahahaha
Swara :wait and watch sanky(smirks)(&take the juice bottle and poured on.him)
Sanky :swara ki bacchi wait i won’t leave
Swara: (laughs) hahahahaha sanky u were laughing at me na now seee hahahaha
( &runs from there and sanky chases her)

All laughs loudly

And had a great time together

So.guys how was thz episode hope u all liked it don’t worry guys more 2episode flash back will be finished k plz do comments guys

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