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Hi guys thz is tanu thank u for ur lovly comments guys

Recap:swaragini sanlak vipdhan thaan came to know that there r sitting in spreat classes thz year so rag made a role if any 2 of the group member is in one class they will sit together


all went to there respective classes
After having some masthi

Swara was sitting a class

Swara:(murmring) oh god from our group don’t send lucky or bihu bhai in thz class u know na becuz thoz 2 idiots i used to get punishment last year hmmmmm ha send vipluv if he is in thz class then i learn also with him ha ha god send him only k

Just then she saw a sanky standing at the door of the class

Swara:(murmring)oh no god sanky thz.idiot will be always flirting with girls i should sit with him no i won’t but our group roles is role na

Just then sanky came and sat beside swara

Sanky:(smiles) hey hi swara u and me in same class
Swara:hi sanky

Screen shif to thapki class

She was sitting just then bihaan came and stood and saw all around to find any one from his group but for his suprise he saw thapki from his group

Bihaan:bashan queen! Oh got i should beside no never but our group role na (pout)

He went and to thapki

Bihaan:hey bashaan queen move i should sit
Thapki:hey u bhudu sit back k
Bihaan:k as ur wish i will at back but if swaru and rag ask me y u dnt sat with her thz is group role blah blah.. then i will say that u only dnt allowed me to sit beside u k
Thapki:(tensed) hey bihaan i was joking come and sit come(fake smile)
Bihaa:(smiles) thz is like good girl

Screen shift to vipluv

He was reading the sitting on the chair just then dhani entered the class and looked all round and was happy to see vipluv from there group

Dhani:(happy) woh luv is my class oh god thank u veryyyyyyy much(guys she has crush on him)

She went to vipluv

Dhani:(exited) hey hi luv
Vipluv:(smiles) hi dhani come sit
Dhani:(smiles) yup

Screen to class where ragini is sitting thinking who will come form her group to her class

Just then she heard a voice

Boy:hi classsss(screemed)
Rag:(unexpected look) lucky…. oh god.lucky is in my class in my whole group u got thz dumbo only ha

Lucky came to her and smiles

Lucky:(smiles) hey hi rags
(Came and sat beside her)
Rags:(fake smile) hi……. lucky don’t sit beside u go in front bench k
Lucky:y should i ha
Rag:(anger) i said u to go just go k if i sit with u then i will get punish from ever lecturer how swaru used to get becz of ur nonsense jokes
Lucky:no i will sit here only (smiles) waise u only made thz role na if any.one of our group in one class then they should sit together ha(smiles n winks)
Rag:(murmuring) issse kehthe hai appen hi paier par kholadi marna

Screen shift to swasan class

Lecture was going on. Sanskar was flirting with girls by give flying kiss, signing hi and all just then his pen fell and he bended to.take when took.the pen and was about to get up he saw swara side and mesmirezed he saw her first time so closer to him becuz usually he doesn’t sit with her

Sanky:wooo she’s so beautiful and(wonder wat she is doing she was writing somthing in the book by frequently seeing to the board / lecturer he was observing her activities

After the lecturer left

Sanky:hey swara i was not knowing u r soo :ntrested in studies that u were writing continously
Swara:(laughs) hahahaha nice joke me and studies hahahaaha
Sanky:then wat u were doing ha don’t lie k
Swara : (laughs) hahahaha sanky i was writing thz see
She gave him a book seeing that sanky also brusted into laugh

Sanky:wat is thz swara(laughs)
swara:it is nice na while tat lecturer was taking class i drawed his face me,bihu bhai and lucky used todo.such activity when get bore in class….
Sanky:haha its sooo funny see his face i can’t control my laugh haa
Swara:hey sanky wait i will show anothet 2pic which i drawed
Sanky saw that and.asked
Sanky:now whoz thz both who u drawed ha
swara:sanky thz is lucky and thz is bihu bhai nice na (smiles)
Listening to tat he brusted in laugh even more
Sanky:(laugh holding stomach) hahahahahaha swara wat is thz lucky and bihaan it look like any jokers
Swara:hey sanky u r insuting my drawing and also laughing seeing my drawing wait i will draw u r face then i will show it to every one let they also laugh on u na

Immedeatly he covered his face with his plams

Seeing this
Sawar:(laughs) hahahaha sanky u r so.scared see hahahaha
Seeing her laugh sanky was lost in her

Screen shift to thaan class

They were sitting just then 2boys were teasing to thapki but she was ignoring

Boy:tere naina tere nain haiiiii
Boy: tu kitne kubsoorat hai……

They were about to touch her shoulder from back as they were sitting at back bench seeing that bihaan got very angry and stood.and asked

Bihaan:hey u 2 dont u have manners y u r teasing her ha
Boy1:wat bothers u ha just shut up k
Bihaan:gajab i think u both r new here. Hey class don’t u all said them about.8eagles ha
All:we said bihaan bhai
boy2:(fumbles) wat… wat u r from 8eagles group.
Bihaan: yup now wat ur friend said…
Before he complete they hold his leg and said
boy1and boy2:sorry bhai sorry we will not do it again from now all girls r our sis sorry

And sat

Thapki:i said u to.do all thz…..
Bihaan:(folded his hand) hey baashan queen keep quite k
Both turned opposite side

Screen shif to vipdaan class

Dhani was staring vipluv lovingly
and murmring
Dhani:(murmuring) woooo he is soo cute his smile oh god Im crazy about him i love him (smiles)ha
Vipluv:wat happen dhani
Dhani:no..ha….nothing k luv i dnt understood the maths class can u explain me
Vipluv:ha ha y not sure
Dhani:u r sooooo cute

He was explaing her but she was lost in him

Screen shift to raglak class

Lecturer was taking class but rags was playing in her mobile keeping it in the book as if she is learning
Lucky wondered wat she was doing becuz he know that she will not be learning so he bent a little to her to see wat she was doing the lecturer saw tat and trowed a chok piece on him
Luccky:oouch sir y throwed thz chok on me
Sir:becuz u were distracting my class
lucky:wat when i distracted ha
Sir:so u dnt distracted na then answer my question. Wat is constant? Ha
Lucky:(laughs) haahaahaa sir u dont know the answer so that only u r asking.me
Sir:wat i don’t know the answer(confused)
Lucky:(laughs) hahahaha see guys sir only accepted hahaaa
All: (laughs)
sir:(anger) u id…..

Again he laughs laoudly
Lucky:(laughs) hahahaha sir don’t worry from 2mro u come to my home
Lucky:(laugh) hahahahaha for tuition i will teach u sir don’t worry k
Sir:discusting (& left in anger )

Lucky sat
Rag:hey u joker wat u was doing ha
Lucky:u know me very well ha. I just played a prank on sir becuz he asked the question as i dont know any thing u know na so.i did thz to.escape
rag: (laughs) lucky u r really a joker man hahahaha
He saw rags laughing & was mesmerized

To be continue

So guys how was thz episode plz.do comments plz and ha as u know i have stared flash back of 2years later from episode-11 the reason for the haterness will be revealed in next 2-3 episode

And who r new to my ff plz kindly learn from 1st then only u can understand

And ha if it boring plz say i will stop writing k

Credit to: tanu

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