swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 14)


Hi guys thz is tanu thank u for ur lovly comment guys


ALL laughs

Lucky:y all of u laughing I’m serious yar
Swara:wat u do with girls it is not flirt yar . U r in now 4th year of degree and u doesn’t know to flirt hahaha and still now u dnt have 1girl friend yar also hahahahahaha (laughs)
All laughs

Lucky:(pout face) it is also becuz of bhai
Sanky:hey wat i have done u don’t know to flirt so wat is my fault ha
Lucky:bhai becuz of u only my all girl friends left me and became urs gf
Sanky:hahahaha lucky fristly i think u dnt hear swara that u dnt have a gf still now then how can i take it ha very funny man
Rags:(laughs) ha sanky u r right
Lucky: stop ha mere bhai
Swara:sanky y don’t u teach lucky flirting ha(laughs)
Lucky gives angry wala look to
Bihaan:k stop guys
Lucky:k leave tat. And guys wat is todays date(smiles)

Every one understood that he is saying about his b’day but all were pretending as if they don’t it

Dhani:today is 13th
and today is some thing special u know na
Swara:wat special ladu u know anything
Rag:no swara.
thapki:hmmmm i know wat is today
Lucky:han say chotto. I know u will remmber
Thapki:han bhai how can i forget that today varun dawan movie is realising u know na im a big fan of him ha

Lucky:wat varun dwan movie thz is special for han
Thapki:yes about wat u r talking
Lucky (angry and sad)(thinking) no i will not tell them how mean they r ha they don’t remmber my! B’day but i will wait them to wish me still class end or else enven i will not tel them
Lucky:no nothing

Just then they heard a vioce

Girl:hi sanky and swara
Swasan :hi kavitha(smiles)

(Ya guys she is kavitha)
Kavith hug them
Kavitha:hi lucky and thapki
Lucky:hi kavu(smiles)
Thapki:(fake smile) hi (unwantedly hugged her)

Kavitha:hi luv (turun to vipluv)
Hugged her un intrestingly)

Bihaan:(to swara slowly) aa gayi chipkali
Swara:bhai she is our friend and move till i have to talk to her

Bihaan got up from there in angry and went sat beside ragini even thapki and dhani came and sat with rag

Where as lucky, sanky,swara is talking to her and vipluv is lost in book

Kavitha:(turn towads rag,bihaan,dhani) hi guys ( and about to hug)
Rags and dhani:hi(disgusting look)
bihaan:kkk hi and be seated(don’t like to hug her)

She again sat with swasan and lucky talking

Bihaan: rags wat is thz yar see our friend talking her and thz chipkali ….
Dhani:ha rags bhai is right even i dont like her always back of us only
Thapki: (tensed) rags dont say that u r including thz chipkali in out group ha
Rag:noooooway thz group was 8eagles and always reamain as 8eagles only. No other member can join got it and I’m not saying anything becuz of swaru u know na every one listen to me but swaru doesn’t
Bihaan:becuz u both r xerox copy ha

Kavitha:guys i forget to tell that u all will spearted thz year
Kavitha:han u all will not remain in one class thz year u will sit in another class
Swara:wat r u saying ha
kavitha :han swara just now princy annouced that all student who were in one class still now will be spereated
Sanky:wat no it can’t happen i will talk to dad

Just then they heard a voice
Rp:we r here only beta
Swaragini and bihaan dhani:dad/chote papa u all here
Shekar:ha beta
Sanlak:but dad wat r u both doing here
Thapki:chachu u know thz princy..
Rp:han we know everything but thz years we will not listen to ur atleast thz years u all should be in spearet class thz is ur final year
Shekar:ya ram is right
Shekar:know more argument still now we listen to u all but not thz year and bye
all:(sad( bye

Rp and shekar left

Dhani:wat is thz yar (sad)
Thapki:how can we be (sad)
All were sad
Swaragini saw that and tought to light there mood

Swara:guys don’t be k see atleat 2member of our group will remain in same class na so chill
Rag:and ha if any of our group member r in class they should sit together k and thz is our group role k
Swara:k come we will go and see which class we r
Sanky:k u all go i will.later
Dhanu:han go and do ur work. Of…..
All smiles

Thapki:where r u coming lucky bhai
Lucky:with all of u to see class
Swara:today no not wala flirting kya
Lucky :no not intreasted today

All left from their . They were going just the a boy came

Boy:hi swara
Swara:hi but who r u
Boy:swara i love u very much(on knees)(gives a rose)
All were controlling there laugh and lucky was shocked
Lucky:hey rags wat r u doing he prosed ur sis u dnt said any
Swara:(smiles) (& takes the rose) ha y not.
Boy:(happy) u accepted me
Swara:ha but u don’t know about my dad
Boy:don’t worry i can do anything for u

Lucky:vipluv.wat she is doing she accepted the proposal without knowing wat kind of boy he may be
Vipluv:hey don’t worry lucky u just wait and watch

Swara:really u can do anything for me
Swara:actually as u know my dad is a big business
Boy:haan who don’t know ur dad but even im a rich
Swara:ha ur rich may be but my dad a son -in-law who knows to.clean the bathroom ,eat only rice every day,sweep the home,clean cow dung with hand,sleep outside and….
Boy:but i don’t have habbit of it
Swara:if u want to become my bf then my dad will ask u to perform all thz activity then only he will make u my bf
Boy:wat but y ur dad want his.son-in-law to do thoze work
Swara :becuz my dad think dad that chottai kaam sai hi hum get successful so he want his son-in-law to be succced in thz way
Boy :wattt
swara:waise from 2mro only u come to my home i say to dad he will make u to do thoz work k (smiles)
Boy:swara i think it was only inflactuation not love towards u k bye(ran immediatly from their)
Every one who were controlling there laugh were burst into laugh.and swara also.laughs loudly

Lucky:(laughs holding stomach) swara i should give u best actor awrad
Swara : (laughs) thanks lucky
Lucky: i dnt saw a boy proposing to.u and rags now i saw hahaha
Bihaan:haahaaa lucky u don’t know one thing every day atleast 10boys proposes to them but they used to give answer in same
lucky:wat 10

Lucky:but i dnt saw
Dhani:becuz u and sanky don’t come with us na for class u 2used to come late na
lucky:oh…..(laughs) but swara it was very funny ha (bend his head)
Swara:ashriwad ashirwad u will also learn beta matha swara sab sikadegi

All laughs

So guys how is it plz do commments guys and sorry guys if i have done any mistake or if u didn’t like it

Credit to: tanu

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