swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 13)


Hey guys thz is tanu thank u for ur lovly comment so let’s start with my episode-12

In thz episode i will reavel the past k



Small intro
As i already told that all swaragini,sanlak,vipdhan,thaan r chidhood friends and cousins as there family r very close to eachother

All 8 swaragini,sanlak,vipdhan,thaan were very close from childhood they cant eat without eachother they can’t leave even a hour without eachother as even though
Inspite of age differance all 8 studied in one school and one class as there fathers were very rich and famous business man they talked to the school and made them in one class only becuz they love there children very much

So let’s start


Swara is dress in white top till belly and skirt above knees and her hair was curled she was looking dam beautiful and hot yar
she came from the stairs running and calling a name

Swara:hey ladu, dhani,bihu bhai were r all
Rags and dhani:offo swaru we r here see

Rags is dressed in blue frock little above the knee she was looking dam cute

Dhani dressed in pink top and black 3/4 jeans she was sweet

Swara:but where is bihu bhai
Dhani:he is still sleeping
Swaragini:wat!!!! Still sleeping today is our first day of college of 4th year and today is lucky’s b’day also. Wait we go and wake him
Dhani:k u 2 go i wil have something. It is waste of time to wake him he will not get up(no intreasted look)

They go to bihaan room and shouted

Swaragini:(shouts) bihu bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Bihan:(suddenly got up) who…. which devil is shouting
Swara:wat we r devil for u ha
Bihan:u 2 here wat r doing at night here go and sleep k(about to wrap his blanket but ragini pool it and throwed it down)

Bihan:wat r u doing rags
Rag:wat am i doing ha see the clock its 8 of morning not night k and today is our first day of collage and lucky’s b’day also but u still sleeping go get up and ready k(angry)
Bihan:(got up immedeatly) oh! .no I forgot sorry. Wait i will go and get ready k. U both go to college i will join u there
swara:k but come soon . And by the way wat u said for voice ha devil na
Bihan:(tensed) wat which idiot said i told that which sweet and cute voice not devil my sweet sis. And now go my beautiful sis
Swaragini:k k maaska marna band kro and get ready fast we will be waiting u at collage k

After swaragini left the room immedeatly bihaan went and closed the door

Bihaan:thz 2 devils don’t leave me to sleep also . The classes will start from 10 but they go at 8 only ha but im going sleep if i wouldn’t have talk them sweetly thet would took me like thz only
(And slep again)

Shekar:hey my doll’s going collage
Swaragini and dhani :ha dad
Shomi:but y so early ha
Swara: today we gonna meet our friends na after holidays
Astha:ha but u all meet them every day, every hour (smiles) and spented thz holidays with them only na and wats new in that ha
rag:offo ma haram matlab yeh hai ki hum sab collage mai itnai din baad mil rahe hai so we r going early.
Swara:now no more questions k.
Swaragini: And bye dad,mom,ma and dhani come with bhai k his getting ready will come after few minutes kk
Shekar:k bye dolls (smiles)
Shomi and astha:(smiles) k bye beta
Dhani:k i will come with bhai

Swaragini left
After a half an hour
Dhani: bhai still dnt came but swara and rags told tat he will after few minutes but it alreadt half hour over. I will go see

She bang the door of bihaan room

Bihaan:whose that duffer not letting me to sleep(shouted)
Dhani:bhaiiiiii still now u r sleeping and im waiting for u from half hour and wat u said im differ na. Wait im going for collage and will swaragini about that u dnt got up still now wait
Bihaan:(irritated) watever u want u do but go from here let me sleep

Dhani stamped her feet on floor and left


sanky got ready and was dressed in white shirt and jeans was looking dashing, handsome,cute,sweet woo yar

He was standing infront of mirror and was getting ready just then he heard a voice of his beautiful sis

Thapki: woo bhai wah u r looking veryyyyy handsome all girls wil flat for u ha (tease)

She’s wearing black 3/4 sleeve top and jeans and her hairs r open was looking cute

Sanky:oh my chotto good morning. And ha im always handsome all grils flat from me the day i was born u know na
Thapki:ha ha i know everything now come let’s go u know na today is our 1st day of collage of 4th year and swaragini may be waiting for and today is lucky bhai’s b’day also wat we planned u na come soon
sanky:hey chotto clam down i know every thing k. And come let’s go now and chotto u woked lucky na
Thapki:no bhai i dnt woke him and if we wake him also he will come when want only na
Sanky:k come(kiss her cheeks)

While going they vipluv who was ready and was reading the book(he is book worm guys)

Sanky:hey luv come let’s go for collage yar
Vipluv:no sanky u go i will come afterward
Sanky:y yar come with us na and swaragini would be waiting for us
Vipluv:so that only im saying i will not. U know na that rag dont leave me to read book . And u all r going so early and will be chit-chating and ha after all i used come with lucky only na i wil come with him only k and join u all
Sanky:k as ur wish but come soon k and bye
Vipluv: (smiles) bye

They came down in hall

Sanky and thapki:bye ma, mom,and dad and pap
All:bye beta
Sujatha:chore nastha tho karke ja
Sanky:no mom we will have it at collage k(kiss her cheeks) now bye
Sujatha:achha bye aur ha ladkiyon sai bach kai rahna jadu wadu na karde thare ko
Thapki:chachi ap ko ptha hai bhai kai tho kitni…
sanky:(close her mouth) okay mom as u say now bye all of and love u all

Came out of the house

Sanky:chotto ki bachi wat were u saying inside ha
Thapki: that u have many girl friends and every day u will make new gril friends and used to filrt(laughs and ran)

Sanky chases her and she runs
Sanky:wait i will not leave u
(And catches her hand)
Thapki:(laughs) k k bye. Sorry i will not say anything now plz leave and we r getting late also na
Sanky:(smiles) k come

They left for collage

Saint montessia collage

Swaragini r sitting in cattein of collage and talking(it is there daily place of there group no one dare to sit in that place becuz they r like rowdies of collage!)

Swara:ladu where they all yar dnt came stil now see yar
Rag:wait swaru they may be comming k
(Just then they heared a voice)
Sanky and thapki:hey hi rags and hi swara
Swaragini:hi guys (smiles)

Rag and sanky hug eachother ,swara and thapki hugs eachother. After that thapki and rags hug eachther and whishs good morning for all
But swasan don’t hug becuz they r not soo close to eachother

Sanky sat beside rag and thapki beside sanky

Rag:sanky where is lucky and luv
Sanky:they will come but were r bihaan and dhani ha
Swara :they may be coming on the way
Dhani:I’m here. Hi guys
Sanky and thapki:hi dhani
rag :but were is bhai ha
Dhani:he dnt wake still so i only came
Swara:watttttttt but we wake him na
Dhani:after u both left he again slep and went to wake him he said me duffer
Rag:let he come i will not leave him today
swara :han(both angry)
Sanky:hey chill guys let him sleep na may be his getting sleep
Rag:no sanky u know na today is lucky’s b’day
Sanky:han i know everthing k leave that all arangement is done na
swara :han sanky all is done

Just then they heard a voice
lucky:(smiles) hi guys and wat is done swara
(Came and sat beside swara)
Swara:(fumbles) vo vo.. nothing i said that …ha i have done my project
Lucky:(laughs) oh swara from when u r intrested in all thz ha
swara: (fake anger) shut up lucky
lucky:k k Im sorry baba
All smiles
Swara:(laughs) kk
Vipluv:hey guys
Rags:hi bookworm
All:hi luv
(He gave angry wala look to rags and sat beside lucky)
Vipluv:guys thz book is very intresting any one want learn(shows a book)
Swara:(laughs)luv better u keep that book in bag or else rag will throw it in dustbin k
Lucky:waise where is bihaan
Dhani:lucky his still sleeping
Lucky:but today he should come early na

Just then heard a voice

Bihaan:I’m here B for Brilliant and B for Bihaan(smiles)
Thapki:it is not b for brilliant it is b for bhuddu k
bihaan:hey baashan queen just shut up k I’m not talking to u
thapki:hey u wat…
Bihaan:(interpreat) shut uppppp (closed his ears)
They started there cat fights and all laughs seeing them
Swara:kk enough of ur fight. Waise bhai when we told u to come and when r u came ha
Bihaan:(tensed) vo..vo swara there was traffic so…
Rag:don’t lie dhani told us k
Bihaan gave a angry wala look to dhani
Bihaan:k im sorry plz maaf kar do (holding his ears)
Swara:last and final chance

Swara:leave na ladu
Rag:u always support him k
Swara phone rings
swara:i wil be back guys
Swara left from their

Just then a gril came and kissed sanky on cheeks

Girl:hi handsome
Sanky:hi ria
Gril:sanky I’m not ria I’m piya
All laughs
Sanky :ha kabhi kabhi hojatha hai baby
Waise u r looking hot
Girl:oh really (came and sat in his lap)
Sanky:ya baby
All gave angry look to him
He saw that and said
Sanky :we will talk after u go now k
Girl:k handsome
She left

Sanky:(tensed fumbles) vo….vo guys sorry yar wat can i do she only came na
Rag:but sanky how many times we said that it is not ur firting place na thz is our friend place
Sanky:but from now onwards i will not do yar plz sorry
lucky:bhai we no that u r the great flirter but have some control na

Just they hear a voice
Gril:hey lucky
Lucky:hai beautifull come sit na
Made her sit and was looking at her
All gave angry look to him
Just then swara came and sat and signs every wat going on all signs to lucky and even she see him but in laughter look

Lucky:ha darling
Girl:can u give me lift today to my
Lucky:y u don’t have driver or dont have car or scooty ha
The girl immedeatly got from thier and said
And left from their

All laughs loudly

Lucky: (pout) see guys all girls used run if i ask them any question wat u all only i asked anything wrong to no na if she says to me that she don’t have driver or car or scooty i may drop her no. All girls used to run from they don’t leave me to flirt at all

All laughs

Guys how was my thz episode plz do comment if should i continue or not plz guys

Credit to: tanu

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