swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 12)


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RECAP:swasan kiss and raglak patch up


Thz is a next morning the sun rays is falling it is more bright shinig our love birds life

Swasan and raglak reached kolkata from there respective places. Vipdhan and thaan who was following respectively also reached

Swasan was waiting in car at mehra company for raglak to come

Just then raglak came there and saw swasan from the distance swara was sitting in the car where as sanky standing outside

Swara was feeling to drink water sanky saw that but he doesn’t wanted to show his concern to her so he said

Sanky:i wana drink watet i getting it from the shop (indrectly to swara)
Swara(ignored him)

Sanky went from thete for getting water rag saw sanky and opned car door to talk with him

Rag: (open the door)
Laksh:rag where r u going
Rag:see there sanky i wanna talk to him
laksh:wat u will talk about swara
Rag :no i want to talk to my friend to whom i dnt talk from 2years. I know there is problem b/w them but we will solve and they also will be happy like us
Laksh:ya u r right even i dnt talk with swara u talk with bhai i will talk to swara k
Rags:(smiles) k now go to her

Rag saw sanky buying watet bottle she went to him

Rag:(kept hand on sanky shoulder)
Sanky turned and saw rags and said
But tought tat rags would not talk to him so was about to but rags stopped him

Rag:sanky where r u going u r not happy to see ur friend ha
Sanky(happy listening the word “friend” and truned and hugged her she also hugged him back
Sanky:rag i was really missing u in thz last 2years many times try to talk to u but tought ki u will not talk to me after watever happend 2years back
Rag:sanky we were friends and will always be friend but i think u should talk to swara i think it is misunderstanding…
Sanky:(interpreted) no it is not any misunderstanding and plz don’t talk about her i know she is ur sis u love her but..
Rag:sanky if she is my sis even u r my friend i love u both equal k leave that wat about u ur still flirting with girls or not ha(smiles)
Sanky:i left that long before

Rag:watttt!!! I cant belive
sanky:(smiles) ha. rag can i tell u a thing
rag:from wen u r asking permission ha
Sanky: rags i don’t know wat happen to u y u left him but plz trust me he love u very much i saw him crying day & night plz think about it k

(As raglak along with vipdhan and thaan planned not say about there patch up to swasan so rag simply noded her head)

Rag:k leave that all sanky and bye swaru may be waiting for me. & don’t say anyone that we talked k
Sanky: i also want the same k bye

Screen shit to swara who was stting in the car just then she saw laksh parking she tought to talk to him but tought that if doestn’t want to talk to her

Where as laksh parked the and stood taking support of car opposite to and smiling

Laksh:soooo u will not talk ur joker ha swara
Swara(tears) lucky (opened the door and hugged him) i missed u very much joker i missed my friend but y u dnt talk to me all thz years ha
Laksh:(wiped her tears) now I’m talking na k leave that all . Swara I want to ask
Swara:ha ask na
Laksh:that swara sanky…

(Hearing sanky name she got angry)
Swara:lucky i know u r my friend but u came talk.about our bhai then plz excuse me
Lucky:(holding ears) k baba sorry i will not talk about him now khus
Swara:(smiles) k lucky don’t tell anyone that we talked k if ladu came to know about it she wil be sad k
Lucky:k i will not say

(Just then rags came )
Rag:wat r u doing y u talking any stranger(acting)
Swara:ladu that mai….vo(fumbles)
Rag:k leave that lets go ma wil be waiting for us k
(Rag and swara went to thier come and sanlak also went to their home)

As raglak, vipdhaan,thaan planned to meet at farm house they left from there respective homes where as sawsan were alone in there respectivr homes

Laksh was already at farm house waiting for all just then hear a door bell and went to open the door and.saw his beautiful ladylove standing infront of him

Rag:(hugged him) hi lucky
Lucky: hi rags my jaan (hugged her back) but hug sai kaam nahi chalega u should have to kiss me that too on lips k
rag:(blush) wat r u saying if any one come
Lucky:wat did i said wrong ha. K u don’t wanna kiss me na(pout face)

Rags melted and cupped his face placed het soft lips on his lips. He was shocked by thz reaction but latet he also reciprocate it
.it was soft kiss frist but later changed into passionate kiss most need
They showed there love in thz kiss
Rags leg touched to a crook of couch and she fall on it and lucky also falled upon her they were still kissing eachother but patted away due to lack of oxygen
They were breathing heavly and lost in each other eyes in leaning position
But came to sense hearing some voice

Bihaan:ahem ahem
Raglak immedeatly got up from the couch and was full of embarass
Raglak:(embarass) vo bhai.. vo
Thapki:we dnt saw anything rags and lucky bhai don’t worry k
Vipluv: (smiles) hA she’s right

Dhani:ha ha we dnt saw that lucky was leaning upon u rags
Bihaan: ha enough k don’t tease them k
. Now leav that for wat we came here can we do tat work
Vipluv:k say raglak wat happen 2years back ha
Rag:ha we will tell but let’s start from beginig
Lucky:means let’s remmber from our college days k

Screen shift to sanky

Sanky:(sitting near window lookinh up in the sky and talking) god after 2years she came infront of me whom i dont want see in my whole life with her i spent 3days
(Drop tear fall) i always used to say i hate her but u know me very well that
I LOVE HER from the corer of my heart (holding a pic and kissed it) but y she betrayed me i love her so much y she did(looking to the pic )
But still i love u swara my shona (smiles)
(And was remmbering his college)

Screen shift to swara

Sleeping on the bed

Swara:(touching her lips) y i dnt react when he kissed me i should have shouted and slap to him but i was quite
Y god y i can’t stop loving him
(And was remmbering there collage days)

Precap: revealization of past

So guys how was my ff i think u r getting bored so tell me should i continue or stop

Credit to: tanu

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