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So lets start with my next episode-11

Recap:meeting got succed and party was held


Sanky.was dressed in abalck jeans with blue v t-shirt and white coat he was looking dasing,handsome,cute etc etc

Swara was dressed in a white top and black skirt(unwilling.she.wore thz dress becuz her kit full of thz type of dress as i already told it was a plan of dhani to pack thoz clothes) she was.looking daam hot

Sankar was waiting her as he heard heels sound he turned back and saw swara.and was fully memorized to.see her but he came to sense and got angry at her becuz of the dress she wored. But dnt spokef to her
Swara now also totaly forget about the dress
And.both went to the party

In party
As they entered every one congratulated &greeted them for the succes of the deal
Sanky was standing at bar staring at swara while swara was speaking to the peoples suddenly all heard a sound and all turned saw a man is.taking he is mr rother with whom swasan deal about the business

Mr:guys thz party is held for the success of a deal so we congratulate mr maheswari and miss gadodia congratulation miss and mr

Swasan:thank u mr rathore
Mr rathore:so in thz happy moment let’s. Hojaye ek couple dance (turned toward swara) miss gadadia i have listened u r a best dancer can u plz dance with ur partner mr maheswari
Swara:but mr….
Mr rathore:(interpreated) oh come on miss gadodia she a happy day for u. So plz….
All cheers: ya miss gadodia plz
Sanky:but I’m not intrested to.dance with her soo..
a boy:(interpreted) no problem miss gadodaia i will dance with u (extend his hand to swara)

Swara:(hesitedly) k (was about to give her hand but sanky who was fuming in anger and jeolus seeing that boy becuz he was staring swara with lust eyes immedeatly too swara in his hand

Sanky:y not mr rathore if u insisting us soo much then i will dance with her not only dance but also sing a song
Swara ( was totaly shocked to see his behaviour) wat will he do now?
Sanky:(to himself) how could that idiot think to dance with my swara and how he was straing her (controled his anger)

All:woh so start guys

Swara:(indrectly to sanky) some one said that they r not intrested to dance with her then wat happen now ha
Sanky:(ignored) and without looking at her took her hand and began sing and dance with her

(Sanky sang thz song from his heart each and every word of thz song .explains his pain which he was going through the 2years)


Teri meri, meri teri
Prem khani hai muskil
Do lafzoon mein yeh
bayaan na ho paye

(He was staring at her and sang the above lines & she also.was staring at him)

lk ladka aur lk ladki
Hai yeh khani nayin
Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye

(He holded her hand by his one hand and pulled her holded her belly with another hand due to his closeness she was breating heavily)

Ik dooje se huye juda(expanded his hand made her to go far)
Jab ik dooje ke liye bane(pulled her again becuz of his pull her hair came front of her face)

Teri meri, meri teri
prem khani hai mushki
Do lafzoon mien yeh
Bayaan na ho paye
(Love ,passion was seen in his eyes)


Tum se dil jo lagaya
To jahan mein paya
(Caressed her hairs lovinly and tucked it back of her ears)

Suddenly he remmbered something.& was fuming in anger and stared her angryly.and continued

Kabhi socha na tha yeh
Milon door hoga saay
(Went little bit far from her and stared at her angryly)

Kyun khuda tune
mujhe aise khaab dikhaya
(Saw towards sky)
Jab haqiqat mien usse
Todhna tha
(And pointed his finger towards swara)


Ik dooje se huye judaa
Jab ik dooje ke liye bane
Teri meri,meri teri
Prem khani hai mushkil
Do lafzoon mein yeh
Baayan na ho paye
(Went toward her and took her haand again and crassed her cheeks)

Ter meri, meri teri
Baaton ka har lamha
Sabje anjaana
Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye
(Pulled her more closer and touced her lips romantically)

Har ehsaas mein tu hai
Har lk yaad mein tera afsaana
Do lafzoon mien yeh
Bayaan na ho paye

(She turned to go but he pulled her and pined her baack to him and crassed her hand now she was breathing very heavly)

Sara din bit jaye
Sari raat jagye
Bus khayal tumhara
Lamha lamha taspaye
Yeh tapb keh rahi hai
Mit jaye faasle yeh
Tere mere dermiyaan
Yeh hai saare
(He made her to turn toward him and pulled her from belly more & more closer only 1 inch was.their to meet there lips)

Ik dooje se huye juda
Jab ik dooje ke liye bane
Teri meri,meri teri
Batton kar har lamha
Sabje anjaana
Do lafzoon main yeh
bayaan na ho paye
(And took her another hand and danced romantically there were lost in each other but they came to sense by hearing claping sound)

Sanky immedeatly left her from his grip and went out of the party

All prased them for there wonder ful dance and mingled in talking to swara

Later swara was searching for sanky but he was no where she went to parking area and dnt find.sanky’s car

Swara:(tensed)(angry) so he went leaving me alone here how could he. Oh god now how should i go to the hotel

Then she saw some guys coming closer to.her

Swara:who r all u. Just go from my ways
Boys:how could we go ha when a hot and s*xy girl is standing alone
(Staring at her with lust eyes and began to come more closer)
Swara:stop there it self u don’t know me(tensed)becuz she cannot run also from.thier as the guys surrounded her)
Boys:then we want to know u
(And swara closed her eyes tightly as she was afraid. A boy was about to touch her but he got a strong punch by a stong hand)
By hearing the sound swara opened her eyes and saw sankar beating to.thoz guys he was fuming in more anger

Sanky:how dare u touch her and use accuse words to her ha(beating to the guys)

Swara was suprised by his behaviour

All the goons ran away watching sanky’s anger

Swara:sanskar ………

Before she could complete he pinned her to.a wall and continued

Sanky:(anger) wat u think.urself ha. I had told u not wear thz type of clothes but u wored. U know na i don’t like thz clothes.

Ohh sorry sorry u iam to question u and y u will care about me and my saying,my words na. How can i forget tat u r betrayer

Listening thz even swara got angry

Swara:(angry) 1st of all mr.. i don’t know who packed thz clothes & i was not having any other option but to wear thz k.
And second I’m not a cheater like u to not to keep ur words. U know wat u cheated me played with my feelings, u just want to take advantage of me like how u used to take advantage of other girls u dnt…

Hearing thz sankt was out of anger. Now his eyes was very furious he was fuming in anger more and more
Before she could complete wat she was saying he placed his lips.on her lips and pressed tightly and bited in hatered, anger,passionate etc by holding her belly tightly by his hand
Swara was shocked she don’t know wat he was doing
Soon he left her and went from there angryly to take his car
He dnt looked.at her

Swara fell down and cried
Swara:(cried) i hate u sanskar i hate u .
I was thinking u would have not cheated me i thought it was my misunderstanding but i was wrong (cried)

Sanskar in anger hit his hand on car
Sanky:how u kiss a girl sanskar how can u
(Anger) but wat about tat she said to me ha. She again insulted my love again i just hate her

Later he came with car and made horn sound so that swara come and sit without looking at her
Swara hear the horn sound and sanky in the car. She wiped her tears and went to car and sat
There was pindrop silence in the car both were lost in there own world without looking eachother
Soon they reached hotel and headed toward there bedroom and slept ignoring eachother

Screen shif to.raglak

Ragini was wearing a long red with black work gown was looking stunning, beautiful etc
Laksh was wearing white shirt with black blazer and he was looking handsome cool etc

Laksh saw rag coming out of room and was totaly flat and memorized to.see her

Both went to party together

In party

All welcomed and greeted them

Rags was talking to.some people and laksh was just staring at her with lots of love but suddenly he saw many guys staring at her and was fuming in anger he immedeatly went towards ragini.and put his hand around her waist and pulled closer showing that only he has right on her to stare her and to touch her

Rags was shocked.by his sudden action .she was lost in thoughts and stared at him
But soon came to sense and jerked herself from his grip

Rag:(jerk) leave me wat u r doing
Laksh:(cool)nothing i was just holding u
Rag:leave me u idiot
laksh:oh god aftet 2years i heared idiot from ur mouth i loved it
Rags:(lil anger) u just leave

Laksh took his hand from her waist and left her

Then they heared a voice every one turned towards that voice he was mr modi with whom raglak successed there deal

Mr modi:thz party is organized for successful of a deal. So congratulation to our young bussinessmen
(Pointed toward raglak a every one clapped seeing them)
Raglak:thank u very much mr modi it all happen becuz of all ur support thank u (smiles)
Mr modi: sirf thank u se kaam nahi chalega mr laksh i listened u were great singer in ur college days so.sing a song for us (for every one) wat say guys

All cheered him to sing

Laksh hesitedly agreed

Laksh: k guys i u all insisting me so much tho i should sing
k guys before staring i want to say some thing
(Looking at ragini) thz song is for the person whom i love very much and thz is her favriout song. I love her very very much i know even she love me very much
Rag :(confused) about whom he is talking
(Tensed) wat if he has a girl friend see leaving me he stared a new life how could he i loved her so much but..
Wait rags don’t think about him it.will only give u pain u don’t remmeber that wat he did with u ha!(drop of tear fall from her eyes) no control control u should be strong k(herself)
So thz is for her my love my life(his eyes filled with love)

Tenu itna mai pyaar kra
Ikk pal vich sau baar kara
Tu jaave jo menu chad ke
Maut da intejaar kra

(He was standing at the stage slowly came by singing and staring at ragini. His eyes filled with tears)

Ke tere liye duniya chod di hai
(he.was walking around staring her lovingly)
Thujhpe hi saans aake ruke
(Pointed his finger towards her)

Mai tujhko kitna chahta hu
Yeh tu kabhu soch na sake

(And kept his hand on his chest at heart side caressed it with love)

Kuch bhi nahu hai yeh jhaan
Tu hai tu hai isme zindagi

(Crasseing his chest was coming towards rags)
Ab mujhko jana hai kahan
Ke tuhi safar hai akhiri

(Now tears was flowing from his eyes he came toward rags and fall on his knees and cried)

Ragini who was totally shocked and suprised becuz the song was her faviriout which he sang and his every word touched her heart she was standing like a statue by hearing thz song but came to her sense when laksh fall on his knee infront of her and was crying

Laksh was crying very much just then he heard a soft voice singing song

Rag:ke tere bina jeen mumkin nahi
Na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasle
Mai tujhko kitna chathi hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

She also came on her knees and lifted laksh face both were having tears in there eyes and she hugged him tightly and was singing

Ke tere liye duniya chod di hai
Thujhpe saan aake ruke
Mai tujhko kitna chahta hu
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

(Cupping her face and sings thz)they lost in eachother eyes

They came to sense when everybody clapped they got up and hugged again

All:woh superb couple

Laksh:(hugged her) I LOVE U. I LOVE U VERY MUCH RAGS
rags:(hugged him back) I LOVE U TOO LUCKY I LOVE U (TEARS)

Lucky:wat u called me ” LUCKY”(happy wale tears)
Rags:(nodded in yes and hugged him again) yes lucky i love u

All were clapping for them. Suddenly they heard a voice they were shocked, suprise and happy to see them

Yes the voice is of vipdhan

Vipdhan:woh guys great patch up. But han thank us for all thz k
Raglak:(shocked,suprised and happy) hey vipdhaan u guys here wat u r doing here y we should thank u ha

Vipdhaan said them everything about there plan to unite them but dnt told that dp, rp and shekar also involved

Raglak:wat u 4 thz everthing(in tears) thank u very much yaar
Vipdhaan:ohhh so forget about friendship role na

Raglak hugged them they all had a group hugg

Vipluv:but i want to ask u both something
Raglak :han say
Dhani:wat happen 2years back that all of u sepreated now atleast can u say us
Rag:haan i will say but not here 2mro we will meet at our farm house there i will say

Vipluv:k but i don’t know wat happen b/w u all after we left to london
I know that lucky was thing only abuot u
But i dnt saw u thinking but wat happen now
Raf:it is becuz i love him i can sense love in his eyes for me but always that day came infront of my eyes but i think now it was my misunderstanding sorry lucky

Laksh:no rags don’t be sorry i know something hurted u so that only u left.me na. And lets talk about it 2mro k guys
Rag:i love u lucky
Lucky: i love u too


Rags:but wat about swasan even they patched up or not ha
Vipdhan:we don’t know let’s talk to bihan

Just then bihaan called them
Vipluv :see he only called
They both kept into speaker
bihaan:Hello luv wat is going there wat about raglak
Raglak:we r fin bhai/ bihaan
bihaan:(shocked) u both patched up (happy) im so so happy to.both of u
Laksh:ya bihan we patched up now say wat about bhai and swara
Bihaan:they again ended up with fight
Vipdhan and raglak:watttttt!
Bihaan:yes (he said every thing wat happen.b/w swasan)
Bihaan:i can’t belive the great firter sanky became angry young man yaar
Laksh:ya when swara left him he became like that
Rag:wat my sis dnt left ur bro sanky only left my swara
Laksh:k rags we talk about it 2mro(to bihaan) k bihaan 2mro we will meet at farm house k
Bihaan:k but wat about swasan wat we should
Raglak:now we all r together k will found some solution k
All:k meri ma and bab
Call ended and raglak and vipdhan headed towards hotel

So guys how was my thz episode plz comment so that i can write further or else i think to stop it and ha the past will be reveal after one episode k

Credit to: tanu

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