swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 10)


Hi guys thz is tanu thank u very much for all support
So lets stat with episode 10

RECAP:swasan and raglak moments in bus



Swasan selp peacfully.
Swara resting her head on the her side window of bus
Sanky resting his head on his seat both were sleeping peacefully
But due to.a sudden break of bus sanky’s head falled on swara’S shoulder due to thz swara immedeatly opend her eyes and saw sanky sleeping on her shoulder and was staring him
Becuz of movement of bus sanky head was falling down form swara’s shoulder again and again but he was in deep sleep so he dnt got up from sleep
Swara who noticed sanky head falling from her shoulder again & again made him to sleep on her lap

Sanky who.was in deep doesn’t know that he was sleeping on swara’s lap
He slept on her lap.by holding her belly tightly thinking it is pillow which gave goose bumboos on swara’s stomach
She stared at him lovingly and caressed his hairs lovinly
Swara:(tear fall from her eyes) i love u very much sanskar i love u but why u did that with me . I can’t belive sanky that u had played with my feelings i can’t

She also.slept

Night raglak bus

They were sleeping peacfully
Suddenly rags slept on lucky’s shoulder wrapping her arms around his hands tightly in sleep which made lucky to wake up.& he saw rag sleeping on his shoulder a holding him tightly a bright smile appeared on his face seeing thz & he stared at her lovingly

Laksh: u dnt changed rag u r the same thats why i love u sooo much but wat happened to u that day y u left me (tears)

Her hairs was disturbing her sleep so he tucked it back of her ears and stared lovingly at her and kissed her forehead & went back to sleep


Swasan bus

Sanky opened his eyes & saw swara first as he was sleeping on her lap
He stared at her lovingly who was sleeping peacefully .he couldn’t control himself by seeing her like that
He caressed her cheeks romantically and kissed it but soon he came to his sense
And immedeatly got from her lap and sat

Sanky: (to himself) oh god i was sleeping on her lap whole night (angry) offo wat i did just now to her i kissed her oh no how can i do that. U hate her sanky u hate her u know na she betrayed u how can u forget

After some time swara also got up both were feeling awkard

Soon they reached mumbai and left to the hotel in a car which was arranged to them


Raglak bus

Rag opened his eyes and saw that she was sleeping on laksh shoulder holding him tightly and stared him lovinly
Soon she came to the sense & immedeatly jerked herself from him

Rags:(drop of tear fall from her eyes) i loved u laksh but wat u did to me see (tears)

Later laksh also got up and they reached to delhi and they went to the hotel in the car which was arranged to them

Thaan was following swasan and vipdhaan to raglak in whole way even to the hotel
They also booked a room in the same hotel for them respectevly

They also made sure that in hotel were swasan and raglak was staying
To provide swasan a single bedroom and raglak a single bedroom

Swasan reached the hotel
Recep:hello sir and mam may i help u both
Swasan:ya sure we need 2bedrooms
Recep:i will check and say u both
After some time
Recep:ha sir we have bedroom but …
Swasan :but wat?
Recep:but only one if u want i can give u keys of it and if u want to go another hotel it is 10kilometers away from here
Swasan were really very tierd they were not able to go another hotel so they agreed
swasan:k give the key
Recep:thank u sir

Same happend with raglak as it was a plan of thaan and vipluv

In bedroom

Sanky: i will get fresh 1st then u go i will be waiting for u outside for meeting
sanky got fresh and went out of the room
And swara went to.fresh up
After getting fresh swara came from the washroom in bathcoat and opened her kit for dress and she was shocked

Swara:(shocked) y ma packed thz clothes she know na i stoped wearing thz type of clothes. Wat i should do now i don’t have other option but to wear thz offo

Atlast she wored the dress it.was a top and skirt little above her knee there is a belt around her waist she was looking daam hot if she lift her hand then any one can see her belly

She came out of the room. Sanky was busy in call turned and saw her like thz & was memorized to see her like thz and saw people around was staring her & he got angry on swara for wearing thoz clothes
Sanky:(himself) she knew that i don’t like thoz type of clothes but also she’s wearing

Swara was tensed about meeting & complety forget about wat she was wearing

Thaan was watching hiding
Thapki:(shocked) bihaan swara know na bhai don’t like thoz type of clothes
Bihaan:ya baby she knows
Thapki:then y…
Bihaan:(interpreted) becuz her kit is full of thoz clothes only. It is a plan of dhani she packed thoz clothes in her kit
Thapki:but y
Bihaan:as we all know if sanky bhai see her in thoz clothes he will get angry and will.talk to swara simple
Thapki:but he dnt speak to her na see
Bihaan:lets wait and watch

Swasan left to meeting. Sanky was very angry but dnt speaked anything to her
Thaan also followed them

Raglak also after getting fresh left to meeting

Both the meeting got succeded and they held a party tonight

Precap:raglak patch up and sanky shouting on swara

Credit to: tanu

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