swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me *last episode* part 2

Hiii guys i am back with another part … this is last so plz comment …. silent readers plz comment …. and anniya asked me the name of my swasan ff…
NAME OF SWASAN FF – swasan – a love story of betrayal …
Anniya I have written 15 parts of my ff …. do read it …
And guys I have thought many things for my last epi but Mr. Fever had came to me plus I am having so much of h.w. so I can’t give u long update …. hope u ‘ll enjoy my last epi ….


I think so no need of recap today …

Lets start …
Sanskaar – lucky is saying write rags … he had selected the right locket with RL written on it….
Ragini – no … u r saying this to save ur bhai …
Sanskaar – but why I will save my bhai … if u want to beat him u can …??
Lakshya give him I will kill u wala look ..
Lakshya – bhai …. just shut up …??
Swara – tum log shant ho jao … I have an idea … ??
Lak – yes plz tell na …
Swa – see CI is written in this locket …
C means chipkali …. And I means idiot ..
Sanskaar laughs ??while raglak give him a death glare …??
Ragini – ok …. but I want correct locket next … ??
Lak – ok my bachha … now wear this ??
Ragini – ok …. my papa….??
Lakshay gets angry?? while swasan laughs??.
Lak – what do u mean by papa …
Ragini – u only called me my baccha … so I called u papa …??
Swaragini and sanky?? gives hifi while lak stares them with anger ??.
sanky – ok bohot ho gaya now we should complete our lunch …
Swasanraglak complete their lunch and returned to mm …..

They move to their respective room .
Swasan room
Swara was removing her earing when sanky comes and removes her earings amd kisses ? on her ears . Then he removes her bracelet and kisses ? on her hands . Then he remove her neclace {not that lockect but another one } and kisses on her neck . Swara blushes . Sanskaar? picks him in bridal style and took him too the bed . Swara blushes and smiles . He opened the zip of her dress and kisses? her back . Swara again blushed . Now he kissed on her forehead . Now they are inches apart. Soon both their lips meet. Soon they both kisses ecah other lips . ? . Sanskaar puts of her dress and swara puts of his shirt . Soon both are nacked and now they consumate their marriage .

Raglak room
Raglak was asusual fighting .
Ragini – and if I call u papa then ….
Lak – then …
Ragini – then …
Ragini moves beside and lakshya moves towards her . Soon they reached to the wall . Ragini was about to go when lak holds her pins her to wall and blockes her way . They are few inches apart . Soon their lips met ? and they started to kiss each other . Soon the kiss turned into a passionate one . After few minutes the broke the kiss bcoz lack of oxygen .
Lak – so now understood what can I do …..
Ragini blushes .
lak picks her in bridal style and place her on the bed . He kisses her all over the body . They also consumate their marriage .

This was usual night for everyone … but for our swasan and raglak it was not usual …. swasan and raglak got their love … finally everything turned right … swasan and raglak had never thought that they will ever get true love in their life … that night swasan and raglak slept in each other arms .. stars were also showering blessing on them ….

Swaragini were running after … two naughty girls …
Swara – pihu … ruhi … listen to ur mumma and masi …
Pihu – mumma n masi …. I don’t want to drink milk…
Soon they both goes hug their beloved fathers …
Pihu hugged lak and ruhi hugged sanky …. {I hope guys u understood who r the larents of pihu and ruhi .}
Lak – drink the milk mera bachha …
Sanky – yes plz drink it …
Pihu and ruhi nods in no …
Sanlak – atleast for ur papa and chachu /bade papa ….
Pihu and ruhi – ok …….
Swaragini makes them drink milk while sanlak smiles …

The end .

Hope guys u enjoed and plz rate my whole ff from 10 stars …. plz …

And guys u have to a lot for my raglak ff as I will write it after finishing my swasan ff .
The end .

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  1. Crystal

    An 8 … ????

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      Thanks ….. crystal … will miss u ….

  2. Anniya

    I will definitely read it…..

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      Thanks anniya …. and also thanks for reading my swasan fff ….. thanks a lot …

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  3. nice
    love rags

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  4. 10/10 ❤️ loved youre ff a lot will miss you ❤️❤️? and this ff❤️? get well soon ❤️

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    2. Khushiii

      10/10 I loved this ff

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  5. ??????????10 stars for ur ff n for u too it was an happy ending… Loved it….. ????

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      Thanks vidhi …. love u …….

  6. Yashasvi

    aww yr shooooo shoooo damn amazing!!!!!! Luv u yrrrrrrrrr…. love raglak !!!!! they r adorable……. take rest my sweetie and Get Well soon yrrrr!!!!!

    and i would rate this ff 10 out of 10 .. U r awesome , fab!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of Luv frm ur dear frd Yashu!!!!!!! …………………. muahhhhhhhhhhhh ????

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks yashuuuuu….. love u tooo…. and thanks for ur well wishes …. my yashuuu
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      Thanks a lot Yashuuu …. ……
      I will message u in ur profile …. and this way we will be in touch ….

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  7. Shipra

    10/10..It was fab 😀

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  8. Dafsi

    The ff was really an awesome and a lively one indeed it was full of emotions loved it so much and I would rate 10/10 hehehe yeah you desrve it

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      Thanks dafsi ..a lot … will.miss u ….

  9. aww so cute raglak fight amazing

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  10. Awsm dr ..i rly luv it!!!..

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    Awwww so cute….. a verry nice happy ending.. <3

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    Really awesome, 10/10 points for this ff. Take care dear bye…

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      Thanjs sara will miss. ..u

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  13. Wow nice .

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  14. I like ur story so much yaar I have read first time but I like most …

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      Thanks for bearing me and my story …..

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  16. beautiful story….loved it….i read all episodes in one go

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    nice ending.i just enjoy it

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