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Hiii guys I am back with my last episode … it will probably have 2 parts ….

Reply to ur comments ..
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NIKKY GUPTA – sorry but I can’t continue it …. I will be back soon with raglak ff till then u can read my swasan ff I u want . And this part u will surely see raglak scenes .
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Precap- the whole truth revealed . Sanky do shopping for swaragini . Sanskaar tells swaragini about lucky ‘s accident .

Lets start
Ragini rushes to the hospital.
Swara in mind – but there is no hospital on gandhi road .
Swara leaves behind ragini . Here ragini reaches gandhi road and was standing on footpath and searching for hospital but she see no hospital . She thinks to call sanky when she some touch on her shoulder . She was shocked to see lakshya and hugs him tightly and cries. laskhya hugs him back .
Ragini while hugging -lakshya …u know how much was I scared when I get to know about ur accident .
Lakshya was happy to see concern in ragini’s voice . When he feels someone pulling his years he breaks the hug turns back and sees swara standing there . Sanskaar also comes there . The people on the road are staring them .
Swara – why have u done this with my sister haaan .???? U know what uski jaan hi nikal gayi thi …
Lakshya – first leave my years swara ….
Swara leaves lucky years . Ragini gives lakshya a death glare .
Swaragini – u are so bad lakshya ….
Lakshya – matao …. that was not my plan …. that was bhai’s plan …
Swara – what ?????
Swaragini looks towards sanky as if they were about to kill him . Sanky give them a innocent look .

A fb is shown .
Lakshya comes out from the shop after taking ragini ‘s gift .
Sanskaar – I have a good idea ….
Lakshya – what idea ???
Sanskaar – we will tell ragini that u have met with an accident . She will come and hug u tightly and then u will fell that u r in cloud nine .
Lakshya – we can try this with swara also ….
Sanskaar – but she is so buddhu ……
Fb ends .
Swara laughs while ragini gives sanky a death glare . Swara seeing her new roop stands silently .
Ragini – I kill both of u {sanlak}
Sanky – don’t fight on road …… see everyone is staring us .
Ragini looks around and sees people staring them .
Swara holds sanky ears and ragini holds lucky years and make them sit into car . Ragini drives the car while swara sits beside her .
Lakshya – marvana hai kya …
Raginia again give him a death glare .
Swara – lakshya she knows how to drive …..
Sanky – u have seen her driving na ….
Lakshya – yes I remember {guys remember swaragini and sanlak first meet .}
Swara – just shut up that was ur fault …now my sisters fault …. u don’t know how to drive ….
Ragini – di is right and jiju u have not seen gadodiya.’s sister real face .
Sanlak sits quitely as an obidient child while ragini drive .
Lakshya whispers in tears of sanky – aaj bacb jae wahi badi baat hai bhai …
Sanskaar – u r right …
Swaragini – kya kusur phusyr chal rahi hai …
Sanlak – kuch nahi …. just singing song ..
Swaragini – better .
Swaragini and sanlak reaches home .
Swasan and raglak move to their respective rooms.

Raglak room
Ragini comes and sits on bed angrily . Lakshya comes .
Lucky – sorry mera …. baccha …. sorry ..
Ragini – just shut up u idiot …
Lucky – hey chipkali … don’t call me idiot ….
Ragini points fingers on lakshya while lakshya points fingers on ragini . Suddenly both brust out laughing .
lakshya – hasseee toh phaseee …. Means u had forgiven me .
Ragini – I think so ….
Lakshya pulls ragini closer . Now they are inches apart . Lakshya kisses ragini on forehead . Ragini hugs lucky .
Ragini – now don’t do this type of joke with me .
Lakshaya – again sorry .
Lakshya braks the hug and brings a packet .
Lakshya opens the packet and pulls out a box from it and gives it to rags .
lakshya – open it …
Ragini opens the box and found a beautifyl dress for her . Lakshya wss shocked to see the dress as it wss totally different from which he has selected . While ragini was sooo happy.
Lakshya in mind – this is not the the same dress I boyght for her….. it was of black and this is of blue colour {remember guys lucky ‘s packet got exchanged .}
But seeing ragini’s happy face he brushed off his thought .
Lakshya teasing – I know chipkali this will not look good on u …… but u can wear it …
Ragini – just shut up ok …. I’ll promise u will only see me today …
Laksgya – dekahte hai …
Ragini goes to get ready .

Swasan room
Swara was standing in front of mirror now she is ready in red and white dress given by sanskaar .{this is the same dress which swara wore when sanky took him for helicopter ride in real swaragini .}
Sanky comes in and hugs him from behind . Swara blushes .
Sanskaar – u r looking perfect in this dress …..
Swara – thanks …. but I am angry from u …
Sanskaar – but why ??????
Swara – itni jaldi bhool gaye …
Sanskaar – oh that accident wali baat … sorry . .
Swara – don’t do this to me again … I can’t see ragini crying ….
Sanskaar – ok …..

Raglak room
Ragini comes out in her blue gown. She was looking just awesoeme . Lakshya was mermerized to see him . She goes near the mirror and starting to wear her diamond earings when she remembers about her slap to swara . She gets tensed . Lakshaya notices this and goes near her . She turns ragini towards him .
Lucky – are u ok ragini ?????
Ragini nods yes .
Lucky – if anything happened serious u can tell me .
Ragini – nothing …
Lakshya makes ragini face to him .
Lakshya – now tell me ….
Ragini gets teary eyes .
Ragini – I slapped diiii today …
Lucky – what ?????
Ragini tells everything to lucky what happend in gadodiya mansion .
Lakshya hugs ragini to console her .
Lakshya – that is not any mistake of u and swara …. that is the mistake of urvashi masi …
Ragini nods yes . Lucky breaks hug and wipes ragini tears .
Lucky – I want to takd u somewher …
Ragini – where ?????
Lucky – u come with me ….

Swasan room
Sanskaar – come with me ….
Swara – where ?????
Sanskaar – I said come …

Swasan and raglak reaches the same place .
Swaragini were suprised to see each other .
Swara – u are looking so pretty ragu …
Ragini – u too di …
Swaragini sees the decoration .
There was I LOVE U written on the floor with flower petals . The whole place was decorated with flowers . There was kept two table for two couples .

Swasan and ragalak sits on each of the table . There table was this much close that both the couples can listen each other ‘s convo .

Swasan side
Sanskaar takes out something from his pocket. It is a small box .
Sanky – open this box ….
Swara opens the box and found a locket SS written on it . Sanskaar makes swara wear the locket . They share a eyelock . They were disturbed by lakshya ‘s voice .

Lakshya – bhai …. aapka romance ho gaya ho toh main bhi apna chaloo karoo …
Swasan blushes .

Lakshay also takes out a box from his pocket . Ragini snatches the box from luvky’s hand and opens it .
Ragini sees nothing in the box . It was empty . Swasanlak laughs. .
Ragini – what is this ????
Lakshya – just joking …. here is the real box .
Ragini- pakka …
Lakhya – ha baba pakka …
Ragini opens it and found a lockect CI written on it .
Lakshay – what ???
Ragini shows him the locket . Lakshya was shocked to see the locket .
Lakshya – no ….no …. I have bought the right locket …
Ragini – achhhha so what is this ..

The screen freezes .

Precap – u will get to know when u will read the next part ???

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