swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me (intro)


Hello I am sanjana and I am writing my first ff .
The characters are as follows –
Gadodiya family –
Shekhar – the head of his family . Loves both his daughters a lot .

Sarmishta – step mother of ragini . Loves swara but hates ragini. Firstly she loves her but after a incident she hates her(the incident will be revealed soon).

Swara -elder daughter. Loves her sister ragini a lot. Love to play guitar .

Ragini -younger daughter . Loves swara a lot . Loves to play sitaar .

Urvaashi – she is real sister of sarmishta . Loves swara a lot but not ragini .after his husbands death she lives in their house .

Maheshwari family –
durgaprasad – father of lakshya .loves sanskaar hates lakshya as he thinks that lakshya is a not a well mannered boy .

anyapurna – mother of lakshya . Loves both sanskaar and lakshya

Sujata – mother of sanskaar and loves him more than lakshya

Sanskaar – a very well mannered boy. Loves his brothers and sister a lot as well as his family.loves music.

lakshya – opposite of sanskaar. He is not a well mannered .

parineeta -real bhabhi of lakshya . Hates both sanskaar and lakshya as she thinks that they get more importance than her husband aadarsh.

other characters are same as the serial .

guys forgive me for grammatical and spelling mistakes if any .

Please guys comment so that I continue .

Please please please ………..COMMENT

I will upload the next episode soon.

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. Mke plz swasan as a couple

    1. I had decided the pairs and they will be revealed soon .

  2. nice start di. Post Regularly . If Possible post 2 episodes in a day .

    1. Thanks richa . Ya I will post regularly . But I can’t post 2 I will regularly post 1 . But plz comment everyday.

  3. Make ragini as lead

    1. I will give equal importance to bath swara and ragini if possible

      1. I mean both*

    1. Thanks a lot .

  4. want swasan as a couple

  5. Nice hope it’s swasan

    1. I have decided the pairs

  6. awesome but please make ragsan as a couple

    1. Thanks ana I have decide the pairs

  7. Plz reveal the pairs.

    1. Ya pairs will be revealed soon

  8. Pl,zmake swalak

    1. I had decided the pairs alia

  9. Awesome
    Plz make swasan and raglak

    1. Thanks shagun . I had decided the pairs

  10. I had decided the pairs neoline the will be revealed soon

  11. Nice intro

    1. Thanks s priya

  12. nice but why she hate ragini

    1. There’s a reason behind it . It will be revealed soon. Lovely

  13. I wish it’s ragsan

    1. I had decided the pairs

  14. Veey nice hope it’s ragsan and swalak

    1. Thanks lila . Pairs are decided

  15. Hope it’s Ragsan. Nice start. Pls reveal the pairs soon

    1. Ya it will be revealed soon

  16. Nice
    Please continue
    Waiting for the first one…….

    1. Thanks PP . I will upload the next one tomorrow

  17. Nyc intro….feelng bad for ragini as sumi hates her..make it a raglak or ragsan ur wish..jst gve equal importance to rags…plz update soon …love ragini ..love ragsan..

    1. Don’t worry soon everyone start liking ragini.i will tey to give equal importance to ragini

  18. Nice nd continue it.. plzz make ragsan pair

    1. Thanks piya . Pairs are decided

  19. Nice continue it…..

    1. Thanks MM menaz

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