swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 9


Hey guys why are u not commenting plz comment . And from today I will write little small episodes .
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Let start

Swara : But……
Just then sarmishta calls her – shona where are u come here.
Swara wiped her tears and washed her face .

At night
Swaragini’s room
Swara was staring the letter S on her mehandi .
Just then ragini comes.
ragini : di what are u thinking . Show me ur hand.
Ragini sees the letter S and says: hmmm what meaning of letter S my jiju .
Swara : sanskaar ……..(she told the whole thing )
ragini : u know na what mom says so u love sanskaar …
Swara: but…..
Ragini : yes u love sanskaar becouse whenever u see him u smiles . I think so u should tell him
Swara : I think so u are right . But ur marriage should get over . I don’t want any problems in ur wedding .
Ragini : but ……
Swara : No….
Ragini : OK meri behna .

Next morning
Ap: do all the arrangements fast . Haldi function is going to start
Sujata : don’t worry jijji . Everything is done .
Ap : thanks if u were not there what will happen to me…..
Sujata smiles .

After an hour guest arrives . Function starts .
everone puts haldi to lakshya .
Ap : go and give this haldi to gadodiya mansion as bride will first apply the haldi of his groom.
Uttra: ok
Sanskaar was standing sad . Sanskaar in mind: why yesterday swara doesn’t picked up my phone ? I had decided tell her about my feelings but now I will not tell her as she love lakshya.
Uttra goes to gadodiya mansion.

Uttra: sarmishta aunty this is the haldi .
Sarmishta : thanks beta .
Uttra sees ragini where bride should sit.
Uttra in mind : why ragini is sitting in place where swara bhabhi should sit I had to find out .
Uttra was about to ask sarmishta when ap calls her .
Ap : come fast beta we had lot of work to do .
Uttra : yes coming .
Uttra goes.
Everyone puts haldi to ragini .
Function gets over .

At night
Sujata : jiji ask swara about lahenga . Where she will buy from?
Ap : but it’s night .
Sujata : but we had to find out ……
Ap : ok
She calls gadodiya mansion. Uravshi picks up call .
Urvashi : hello
Ap : I am anyapurna speaking. Can I please talk to our daughter in law…… swara……
Urvashi gets shocked. She understands the whole confusion .
Urvashi : I am sorry . She is sleeping .
Ap : ok
And cuts the call.
Urvashi recalls the swara saying that u call me shona and I will call u di .
Urvashi : so maheshwaris think that swara is marring lakshya and gadodiyas think that ragini is marrying lakshya . But I will not clear that confusion . As ragini will marry lakshya and leave this house forever .

Next morning
swara gets a call .
man : hello I am speaking from bhopal music acadmey and u are selected to play guitar in our function .
Swara gets happy and asks : when ??
Man : tomorrow . U had to leave for bhopal today only .
swara : but….
Man : this is last chance to impress our sir .
Swara: ok I try to come .
And cuts the call.
Swara : today is ragini’s engagement. How can I go ……
The screen freezes on sad face of swara.

Plz comment guys.

Precap – engagement function .

Credit to: sanjana

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