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Hey guys I am back . I had decided that from today I will write two episode but a much bigger one . Thanks guys for supporting me.

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Lets start
Ap and Dp was talking about swara ‘s marrige with lakshya.
Sujata listens their talk as she was standing on the door .
sujata angrily in mind: they are thinking about lakshya what about my chora sanskaar .
She goes of angrily. She was going when she collides with lakshya .
Lakshya : sorry chachi why are u so angry ?
sujata : bhaisa wants to marry u with swara they are not thinking about my chora.
She goes off angrily .
Lakshya(confused) : why I am not happy I should be happy as I am marrying swara as I like her. I should ask sanskaar bhai.
lakshya goes to sanskaar’s room .
Sanskaar was drinking water.
Lakshya: I want to ask u something .
Sanskaar: yes
Lakshya: papa wants to marry me with swara but why I am not …….
before he could complete his sentence sanskaar droped the glass from his hand .
Lakshya: what happened bhai??
Snaskaar : nothing I am not feeling well talk to u later .
Lakshya : ok u rest.
He goes.
Sanskaar: why I am not happy I should be as he is going to marry with swara…..
(Then he recalls what sujata said .)
So I am in love with swara . I should tell swara or not. NO…. I should not tell this it will spoil my brother’s marrige.i should hide my feeling and be happy .

Shekhars room
Sarmishta was doing her work . Just then shekhar comes.
Shekhar : sharmishta I want talk to you about ragini ‘s marrige we should marry her as she is enough big to marry . And I had a boy for her.
Sarmishta: who???
Shekhar : lakshya durgaprasad’s son.
Sarmishta angrily : what about my shona she is older than ragini she should marry first .
Shekhar : she don’t want to marry now. Ragini can marry first .l will go and talk to durgaprasad.
SHekhar goes . Urvashi listened all this . She goes in .
Urvashi : It is good that ragini is marrying lakshya .
Sarmishta: how???
Urvashi : she will go from this house and then shekhar jijaji will only think about our shona….
Sarmishta : yes u are right .
Sarmishta goes. Just then urvashi gets a call . She pick it up .ragini was passing by there. Ragini also listens.
Urvashi : hello .
The person : hello . U remember me.
Urvashi : yes I how can I forget u . U helped me in……. just then she see reflection of ragini in the mirror .
Urvashi : I talk with u later.
She cuts the call .
Ragini goes in .
ragini : whom do you talking ??
Urvashi : that…that none of your business.
She goes.
Ragini : I had to find whom she is talking to .

Shekhar calls dp .
Dp: I was calling to you only . I want to talk to you.
Shekhar : yes tell me.
Dp: I want to marry sw….(he can’t remember her name so he said) I want that your younger daughter marry my son lakshya.
shekhar : I also want her to marry your son.
Dp: That’s great today only I talk to pandit ji and lakshya
Shekhar : ok. I also talk to ragini
Shekhar cuts the call .

Shekhar : first I should talk to ragini .
He goes to swaragini ‘s room

Swara was playing candy crush on phone and ragini was reading magazine.
Shekhar : I want to talk to you laado .
Ragini : yes baba.
Shekhar : I want you to marry lakshya.
ragini : I want time to take this decision .
Shekhar : ok
he goes.
Swara: u should say yes ……. as u like him .
Ragini : no how can I love him.
Swara: yes u love him . On that day u were thing about him . U can’t that day because I know u were thinking about him . And today also when baba said about lakshya u also smiled .I know u like him .
Ragini : I think so u are right I should say yes .
Swara happily : you go and say yes to baba .

Ragini said yes to shekhar .

Dp calls every one in the drawing room.
Dp : I want to talk to u about lakshya maarige with swara Shekhars daughter .
everyone is shocked except ap sujata sanskaar and lakshya as they know about it . Sanskaar was upset.
Dp : u want to marry her ??
Lakshya heart don’t want to say yes but he said yes.
Everyone one was happy except sujata , sanskaar and parineeta .
Parineeta angrily in mind – first there was no importance of aadarsh ji and after lakshya will marry swara there will be no importance of mine also . I had to stop this marriage.
Dp: ok I talk to panditji today only .

Dp calls shekhar
Dp: lakshya had said yes.
shekhar : my laado also said yes .
dp : ok ( dp thought that shekhar calls swara laado.)

everyone is happy gadodiyaas think that lakshya is marrying ragini and maheshwari think that lakshya is marrying swara.

So guys how was it . Plz guys comment

Precap – swara sings haan hasi ban gaye . Sanskaar listens her and got emotional. Dp talks panditji about wedding date .

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. as usual no importance to swasan yr plz swasan scene in nxt epi vo b bhot sare …btw it’d very nice

    1. Soory tanu u will get swasan scenes after many episodes

  2. Plzzzzzz don’t make raginis heart break plzz

    1. no I told u na pairs are raglak and swasan

  3. plz make Laksh feel jealous of Sanskaar ..nd make Sankaar and Ragini friends and Laksh shud feel jealous…

    1. Sorry but that’s not according to my story…

  4. All the 4 leads should get to know their feelings as soon as possible.

    1. Yes they will realize their love soon

  5. It was awesome. Still laksh hasn’t realized that he loves ragini. Hope he realizes that soon

    1. Thanks nishta . He will realize his love soon….

  6. its nce dear ..keep updatng….lov3 ragini..

  7. Nice update

  8. superb.plz make it swasan

  9. Yes they will realize their love soon….

  10. Very nice

  11. don’t play with ragini emotions, hope lucky realise his love for her

  12. hey sanjana dear is there any scenes in which laksh feels possessive over lado? it would be nice to lucky’s reactions. bye keep it up dear.

  13. Nice.. so confusion strt… dont make ragini’s heart break.

  14. awesome……..

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