swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 6

Hey guys this is episode 6 . I am writting it today only so let start .

Ragini : Di give me…..
Swara: don’t call me di ..
Ragini : why u are elder than me I will call u di only .
Swara: ok today I will call u di and u will call me shona .Then u will feel what I fell when u call me di ….
Ragini : ok as u want my di …. oops sorry shona ….
Swara in filmy style : nice start my di .

gadodiyaas reach to hotel .
Maheshwaris already rach there they were waiting for them .

Sanlak and swaragini were shocked to see each other .
Ragini : You
Lakshya: you
Before raglak could fight shekhar said these are my daughters swara and ragini .
Sanskaar was amazed to see swara as she was looking beautiful.
Lakshya was seeing ragini not swara .
lakshya in mind : she is looking beautiful

Dp : they are my sons lakshya and sanskaar .
Shekhar : I know them they helped my daughters tomorrow.(shekhar narrates the whole story.)
Dp: (proudly): this is because of my sanskaars that I given to him(pointing to sanskaar .) I mean them….
Shekhar and Dp introduces their rest of the family .
They all go to the dinner .
Swara: I will serve dinner to all of you . I will eat after wards .
Ragini : I will also help you shona.
Swara in mind : so ragini called me shona will call her di
Swara: no di I will serve you eat.
ap and dp was impressed with swara’s words .
(They think that swara is younger daughter as she was calling ragini di . )
They all finishes their dinner .
Just then a sound comes . Waiter had droped the plates on floor by mistake . Swara and ragini goes to help waiter .lakshya also goes as he want to impress everyone snakaar also want to go but he can’t as he had a cut in his hand which he got while cutting a apple. Ap and dp is impressed with both swara and ragini as who helps a waiter . Shekhar was also immpressed with lakshya .
They all goes and leave for their houses.

At night
Dp’s room

Ap was thinking about swarargini’s kindness toward waiter .
Just then dp comes
Dp: what are you thinking ??
Ap: I am thinking about swara and ragini kindness towards waiter.
Dp : I want to talk to you about lakshya’s marriage . We can marry lakshya to swara as she is younger And she can correct him whenever he take a wrong path .
Ap: and what about sanskaar ……
Dp : he don’t want to marry we will think about him after wards . We will marry him with ragini
Ap : yes both the daughters will marry in our house . But first we should think about swara and lakshya .
Dp happily : yes I will talk to my friend shekhar I know he will not say no .
the screen freezes on happy face of dp and ap .

So guys how was it . Plz guys comment YES or NO that should I continue or not.

Precap – sujata tells lakshya about his marrige with swara . Shekhar and sarmishta talk about ragini’s marrige with lakshya.

Credit to: sanjana


    • sanjana

      Yes u are right this confusion will lead to many problems…….. just wait and watch

  1. fairy

    thnx for gvng rags equal importance….loved it….plz update nxt part sooon… love ragini…

  2. yashasvi ( yashu )

    yes yes yes…
    u have to cont……………….
    omg!!! i think now the confusion starts !!!!!!!!!!!!

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