swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 5


Hii guys I M back . I hope you are clear with the pairs . But a twist will come that you will get confused that lakshya will marry whom . SWARA OR RAGINI .
Links to episode 4 http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-love-hate-dont-leave-episode-4

so lets start


Swaragini ‘s room
Ragini was thing about swalak dance . Just then sawara comes.
Swara: what are you thinking ?
Ragini : about lakshya (ragini was not in her sense.)
Swara: what lakshya??
Ragini : yes….no….no…
Swara : how can you think about lakshya u think that he is idiot?
Ragini : I don’t know ……
Swara took her mouth near the ears of ragini and whispered I think you start liking him.
Ragini : but how I always fight with him .
Swara: fight is first step of love .

Swara smiles and goes.
Swara’s word was still going around her ears .
Ragini : Do l love lakshya ?? No how can l love that idiot??

Sanskaar’s room
sanskaar was thing about swara dance with lakshya .
Sanskaar : why I was jealous at that time??
Just then sujata comes
Sujata: what are you thing chora.???
Sanskar : actually I want to ask you something .

Sujata : yes ask.
Sanskaar : my friend was jealous to see a girl dancing with other boy. Why he was so jealous?
Sujata smiles: actually he loves her so he was jealous as he can’t see the girl with other boy .
Sanskaar in mind: so I love swara . No how can I love her .
Sujata : come down for dinner . I am going .
Sujata smiles and goes.
Sujata’s word got stuch in his mind . Whole night he was thing that only .

Next morning

Shekhar ‘s room
Shekhar was reading newspaper. Just then he get a call .he picks up the call.
Shekhar : hello
Man: hello am I speaking to shekhar gadodiya ?
Shekhar : yes who are you ?
man : I am durgaparasad your old friend.
shekhar get happy : but how do you remembered me after so many years .
Dp : I was seeing my old contacts in my contact diary as I was free. So I got your no. I thought to call you .
Shekhar :ok . How is your family ?
dp : they are fine . Why not we meet with our whole family at green leaves hotel . We can do dinner together .
Shekhar : tomorrow at 7 pm with our whole family .
Dp : ok
And cuts the call .
Shekhar and dp tell their family about the dinner plan . Both their family got happy to listen this . Both said yes to come with their whole family.

Next evening at 6 pm

Shekhar : come on all of you get ready . We had to go .
Swara: yes baba we are going .
Every goes and get ready but urvashi was sad that ragini is also going
Urvashi : what is the need to take her she is not so important .

Dp : come on all of you are ready or not it’s 6:40 already.
Ap: ji yes we are ready .

Gadiyaas and maheshwaris leaves .
The screen divides one side maheshwaris and one side gadodiyaas .

How was the chapter guys I hope you had enjoyed . Now I will write episode 6 .
Plz comment .

Precap – Maheshwaris and gadodiyas meet. Sanlak and swaragini shocked to see each other.

Credit to: sanjana

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