swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 28


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PRECAP – sarmishta met with an accident and needs blood . Her blood group match with ragini ‘s blood group . While ragini was going to give her blood some goons try to molest her . She was saved by lakshya and lakshya confesses his love .

Lets start

Lakshya breaks hug .

Lucky – now no rona dhona … come on maa needs ur blood …

Ragini nods yes .

Raglak sits and car goes to hospital

At hospital .
Sarmishta is in ICU fighting between life and death . Shekhar was siting outside the ICU . Urvashi was asking him to drink juice . Raglak comes .

Ragini – baba where is maa?

Shekhar stands and goes to ragini .

She is inside the ICU . She needs blood plz go and save her plz .

Uravashi – no jijaji … how can he give blood to my jiji….. he is so bad … he had mixed poison in my shona ‘s coffee … did u remember ….

Shekhar angrily – no she had not mixed anything … samajh gayi tum …

Ragini was crying while lakshya was standing confused .

Lucky – what … u had mixed …. poison

Ragini- no I have not done anything …

Ragini tells everything to lucky that how she was blamed for mixing poison in swara ‘s coffee.

Ragini cries . Lakshya hugs ragini and consoles her .

Shekhar- I completely belive u laado ….
U go in and donate ur blood ..

Ragini – papa correction not donating giving my blood .

Shekhar – I am proud of u my daughter ….
Urvashi was standing in anger .
Ragini goes in and donates the blood .
After an hour she returns to mm .

Next morning
Swasan room .
Swasan – what ???
Ragini – yes … ma had met with an accident .
Swara{crying} – why u had not told me last night??
Lucky – actually she was in hurry …
Sanskaar comes and consoles her .
Sanky – don’t worry swara everything will be fine ….
Just then ragini phones rings .
She picks up the phone . It is from shekhar .
Shekhar -hello beta .. there is a good news ur maa had gained consciousness….
Ragini happily – what ??
Shekhar – yes beta ..
Swara – what happened ragini …
Ragini – di …maa ab theek hai … she had conciousness.
Swara – sachhi …
Ragini nods yes .
Ragini – baba ham milne aa rahe hai .
Shekhar – no need to come … ur mumma will be discharged from the hospital in evening then u can come and meet her in jome only …
Ragini – ok baba …

And cuts the call .

Ragini – di … baba is saying that maa will be discharged in evening so we can meet her at home .

Swara – but … I want to meet her now …

Sanskaar – shona …. calm down … ragini is saying right … u meet her in evening …. come on we are getting late fkr college .

Lakshya – bhai is right …

Ragini- mujhe nahi jana …

Lakshya – plz ragini chalo na ….

Ragini – ok baba … ok …

Swara notices that lakshya is talking very sweetly with ragini .

Swara – lakshya … sanskaar …. tum dono jao … I want to talk to ragini …

Sanskaar – ok …. par come fast I will not go without u …

Swara – ab jaoo baba …

Ragini also notices the same…

Sanlak leaves .

Swaragini – kya baat hai …

Both laughs.

Swara – phele tum batao …

Ragini – nahi phele aap batiye …

Swara – no first u ..

Ragini {blushes}- ok batati huuu… lakshya has accepted his feeling for me….

Swara – means he had proposed u ….

Ragini blushes and nods yes .

Ragini – now ur chance …

Swara blushes .

Swara – sanskaar loves me …

Ragini – sach main …

Swara nods yes .

Both hug eacj other .

Here in sanlak ‘s side .

Sanskaar – sach main u had proposed her .

Lakshya nods yes .

Sanskaar – I am very happy for u …

The end .

PRECAP – kavita get transfered in another college {means kavita ‘s chapter close. } . Swaragini goes to meet sarmishta . Shekhar and swara try to make sarmishta understood that ragini had not done anthing while ragini finds out about the real culprit. {Who is the person anyone guesses ?}

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