swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 27


Hii guys …. I am very happy today as my exams are over …. yipeee ….?? I am feeling like to hug someone very tightly …??
Guys I have one good news and one bad news … first I will tell u bad news ..

?? bad news …
My ff is going to finish after 10 to 11 episodes ..

?? good news …{For raglak fans }
After finiahing this ff I will write a ff on raglak and the name will be …

I know guys u r think that the name is so silly but why I kept this name u will gwt to know when u will read it … so plz read it … ok

Recap – swara ‘s conffesion . Swasan decide to transfer kavita in another college with the help of dp .lakshya realizes his love for ragini and was about to propose when ragini got a call from shekhar .

So lets start
Shekhar {crying ?} ur mumma met with an accident .

It was a silence for a moment when ragini spoke ….

Ragini{breaks down } – what ???

Shekhar {sadly ??} actually she was going in a marriage when her car collided with a truck . And doctor she need blood and her blood group match with u … in our family only ur blood group matches with her . A+ .

Ragini {broken down }- ok baba … I am coming.. have u informed dii…

Shekhar – she is not picking up the phone … I think so she is sleeping … as its night … come fast beta to city hospital.

Ragini – ok … I am coming .

And cuts the call.

Lakshya – what happened ragini ??

Ragini {??} maa met with an accident …

Lakshya { ?} – what …

Ragini – she needs my blood I ma going….

Lakshya – I am also coming with u ….

Ragini – no need lakshya I can go …

Lakshya – but …

Ragini goes .

Ragini comes to the car but she can’t see any driver .

Ragini {??}- oh no now what will I do …

Suddenly a idea struck in her mind .

She goes and and searches for auto . She was standing for 10 min but no auto passed by .
She started walking . Suddenly she feels that someone is following him . She sees back and was shocked ?? to see some goons following ??her .

She ignores them and starts moving with fear . Suddenly she feels someone holding her hand he turns back and see a goon holding her hand . She tries to free her hand but all goes in vain.

Goon 1 – aaj zara hame bhi toh kush kar do madam ji … hahaha …

Goon 2 – kitna aacha maal hai …

Ragini?? – plz leave me plz ….

Goon 3 -Hame kya samajh rakha hai madam ji aise maal ko ham chid denge …. chalo hamre saath ..

The goon who was holding her hand takes him and pins him to the wall when he feels immense pain on her head . He falls unconcious on the floor.

Ragini – lakshya …
Yes guys the man who had beaten goon is none other than our lucky .

Ragini hugs lakshya and started crying.

Lucky – don’t worry ragini … I am here ..

Lucky breaks hug and start beating the goons???? ….

Goon 1 – maaf karde bhai …{to ragini }
Sorry didi …..

Goons runs away … {aachiii pitai ki bechare goons ki ??}

Lakshya hugs ragini .

Lakshya in mind – this is the right to propose ragini .

Lakahya {while hugging}- ragini …….. I ♡ U …..

Ragini was shocked by listening his words .

Lakshya – yes ragini …. I know maine tumhe bohot dukh pohchaya hai but believe me. …. I love u …. RAGINI …LOVE ME HATE ME BUT DON’T LEAVE ME….

Ragini {crying … are guys khushi ke aasuuu …}- I love u too …

The end .
Sorry for no swasan today ??.

Precap – ragini gives blood to sarmishta . Ragini tells swara about sarmishta s condition . Kavita gets transfer in another college .{means kavita ‘s chapter close .}

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)

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  1. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Guys Next update will be on SATURDAY….

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    short but sweet…..continue soon

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  4. raglak scenes are nice, I’m really waiting for new raglak ff

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    awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! sanjana darling u r back!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!! awesome epi dear!!!!!!!!!!! wow all the best fr ur results……..!!! luv u……… luv a lot!!!!! n ya sanju ( hope u’ll nt mind actually i wrote 1st os n hope u like it

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      Ok dear I will surely read it and comment … read my comment in the os only ok …
      Actually I am also a tashan e ishq fan ..

  10. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Thanks all of u …

  11. Awesome dear… ??Bt plz next time swasan(puppy face)??

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