swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 26


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Lets start

Swara – I LOVE U …
Sanskaar was shocked as well as very …. very … happy .

suddenly she recalls what happened in college . She breaks the hug and turned around.

Swara – yes I love u but now I hate u now ….. leave me …. Sanskaar forver …..

Tears was countinously falling from swara ‘ s eyes but she wiped it .

Sanskaar – LOVE ME HATE ME BUT DON’T LEAVE ME ……. swara …. I can’t live without u …. swara .. I can bear ur hartness towards me but if u leave me I will di….

Before he could complete his sentence
Swara put hands on sanky ‘s mouth .

Swara – never say like th..I..s…

She removes hand from sanskaar ‘s mouth .

Sanky – so atleast listen to me once .

Swara nods in yes .

Sanskaar tells evrything to swara that how kavita done drama to create misunderstandings betweem them .

Swara hugs sanskaar and apologies .

Swara – so….rr..y … sanskaar I am really sorry .
Sanky breaks huga n says .

Sanky – isme tumhari koi galti nahi hai.
And promise me u will nevee talk about divorce .

Swara – ok never ..

Swara – but why she want to create misunderstandings between us ….

Sanky – bcoz I think so she want to snatch me from u …

Swara – what shall we do now ???

Sanskaar – we should get kavita tramsfer in another college . Bade papa ia trusty of The college … he can help us .

Swara – ok go and Talk to him ……

Sanskaar goes and talk to him and dp said yes to help him . Sanky tells swara and boths swasan is happy .

At night
Raglak room

Lakshya was sitting on bed and thinking something .

Lakshya in mind – do I really love ragini
….. is bhai is saying right ….

A flashback is shown

After the game finishes ….

Sanlak was going to their room .

Lakshya was thinking something .
Sanky – what are u thinking ..
Lakhya – why i am jealous to see ragini with sahil ????
Sanky – bcoz u love her …
Lakshya laughs ….
Lakshya – how can I love that chipkali …
I always fight with him …
Sanskaar – FIGHT IS FIRST STEP OF LOVE … and morever u are jealous seeing sahil and ragini together and jealousy also means love ….
Lucky – so what should I do …
Sanky – propose ragini before it’s very late .
Sanky goes . Lakshya is still thinking about sanky ‘s words .
Fb ends .

Lucky in mind – I think so bhai is right … I should propose ragini before it is very late .

His thoughts was interrupted by someone’s sweet voice .

Voice – lakshya….. what are u thinking ….
Lakshya looks up and sees ragini .

Lakshya unknowingly smiles seeing her.

Raginj.- why are u smiling … am I looking beautiful …

Lakshya nods yes . Suddenly she realised what he done .

Lakshya fakely laughs …

Lakshya – how a chipkali can look beautiful …

Ragini (fake cry)- u r very bad … I hate u ..

Lakshya unknowingly feels bad when ragini said that she hate him .

Lakshya in mind – why I am feeling bad that ragini hates me …. i also hate her
I think so bhai is right. …… I love ragini … and I should tell about my feelings as early as possible …

Lakshya to ragini- I want to talk to you about something .

Ragini – yes say. ..

Lakshya stands up and goes to her .
He was about tell him about her feeling when ragini’s phone rang . She picks up the call. It was from her papa shekhar

Ragini – hello
Shekhar in very sad tone – hello ..
Ragini – what happened papa … why are u so sad … is everything all right …

The end .
Next Update on 13 july

Precap – same as of previous episode …

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)

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    hey sanjana really happy that swasan r together and raglak will be soon i think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved the epi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really nice.. curious wt happened with shekar , oops now laksh gonna save ragini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    LUV U SANJANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOADS OF LUV FRM UR YASHU………………
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  4. waiting for raglak scene next part soon

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    Thanks a lot …. all of u ..

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  7. It’s awesome dear… Loved it???????

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  9. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Thanks u all

  10. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

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