swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 25

Guys u all are thinking that I jave given the next update so early bcoz I am ver happy today as my tomorrow’s paper is posponed on 12th and I am free now so I am giving you a short update …

I can’t believe that this is my 25th episode …. thanks for supporting me …

Love u all ………

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Lets start

swara – wo …. I forget to my book in the car only I am going to bring it .

Sanskaar – ok jaldi aanaaa …… I am waiting for u in library.

Swra goes .

Sanky – oh no ye ladki bhi naaa kuch na kuch bhool hi jaati ….. but whatever he is soooo cutee…..

Sanky goes in . kavita was also sitting . Sanskaar sees him .

Sanky in mind – I think so he is having difficulty in solving some problem I will go and help her .
Sanky goes in .

Sanky – may I help u kavita ….

Kavita – yes plz help me …. I am having difficulty in solving thia problem …

Sanky – no worries I will help u …

Till then swara comes . Kavita sees swara but sanskaar not as he was facing his back to swara . Swara’s eyes was searching for sanky .(swara is standing on the door .)

Kavita starts acting as if something as gone into her eyes .

Kavita – aaahaaaaa sanskaaar …..

Sanskaar – what happened ….

Kavita- something had got into my eyes …..

Swara’s eyes is still searching for sanky .

Sanskaar – don’t worry kavita I will help u ……

He started blowing air into her eyes .
Swara found sanskaar but she was shocked . She thought that sanskaar is kissing kavita . Tears roll down from her eyes . (Anyone whom had seen them from behind will think this only .)

Sanskaar – ho gaya ……

Kavita – now I am feeling better .
Kavita smiles evily looking swara .
Seeing kavita smiling evily looking at back sanskaar looks back. He saw swara crying . He understood that swara had misunderstood him and kavita had done this all this for spoiling his reputation in front of swara .

Swara runs from there . Sanskaar follows him .

Kavita – sanskaar is only mine …

Sanskaar(shouting ) – swara ……. swara ….. swara ..

But swara doesn’t stop . At last sanskaar hold his hand and stops him .

Sanskaar – listen to me swara ….

Swara – what should I listen that u are making her feel better by ….. ki…..

Before swara could complete her sentence he feels a slap on her face .

Swara – sanskaaaaaar. ………. u slapped me .

Yes guys sanskaar had slapped her ……..

Sanskaar – sorry swara ….. how could think all this ……… how could u think …… that ……. that ….. I ….

Swara ( in a loud tone )- juat shut up …… mr . Sanskaaar maheshwari …..

Just then she remembers something …
She lows her tone

Swara in a low tone – I don’t have any write to say this to u ….. we just married for bringing raglak together..(again in a loud tone) …. but now I want a divorce from u mr …. sanskaar …. maheshwari and then u can happily live with that kavita ….

Sanky – liaten to me once swara …. plz ……

Swara – no …. I am going …

Swara goes .

Sanskaar shouts ver loudly – swara ….

Everyone comes and surround him including raglak .
Sanakaar tells everthing to raglak except the thing that they married just to unite raglak…..

Here swara reaches home . She was about to go to her room when ap stops her .

Ap – beta there is karvachauth tomorrow and u and ragini both have to keep fast .

Swara recalls what happened in college and about to say no when raglak and sanky comes .

Ragini – yes maa … we will keep fast .

Swara nods yes and goes to her room.
Sanskaar foolows her .

Swasan comes to ther room .
Sanskaar locks the door .

Sanky – plz listen to me once swara.

Swara – no need …. to listen …. I need …
Before she could complete her sentence sanskaar holds her mouth tightly .
Sanky – don’t listen to me but tell me why are u so jealous qnd angry see me and kavita together .

Sanskaar left his hand from swara ‘s mouth .
Swara – no ….. I am not jealous ….
Sanskaar – tell me …… fast ……. I said …..

Swara closes her eyes hugs sanky and says the three magical words .

Swara – I…………. LOVE …………. U ……

The end .

I know guys I was about to write short update but I wrote a big one as I am so lost in writing today that time ka pata hi nahi chala……… do how was it … plz comment .

And want to know ur fav couple …..

Choose one

Next update on saturday .
Precap – some goons try to molest ragini . Lakshya saves her. He confesses his love for ragini .

Credit to: sanjana


  1. Yashasvi


    |Registered Member

    awwwwwwwwww shoo shweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except that kavya… swra at least swara confessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really awesome baby………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r just fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! matlab u even wrote as ur exam is on ur head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV U BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n my fav couple is RAGLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fairy

    Nyc episode but want more raglak scenes sanjana dear….precap seeems to b veryyyyy interestng,watng for it eagerly….n i m a crazyyyyy fan of ragini\tejaswi so lyk bth d pairs raglak as well as ragsan πŸ™‚ :):)

  3. sanjana(sanju)

    Thanks love u all ….

    I have asked this as I have two story lines …

    So I fit one for raglak and one for ragsan .
    As I am already writing ffs on swasan and swalak … so next the chance of raglak and ragsan ….

    After completing this ff I am going to write ff on raglak ….

    And this ff will end in …. 7 to 8 episodes …

  4. Shree

    Congrats for completing 25 episodes of ur ff.. Its going too good.. Swasan will be the bestest couple ever.. Include their intense love track..

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