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Lets start

The person who is out is….. swara .
She picks up a chit from bowl . It was written – SING A SONG WITH A PATTNER . (As u know guys our swara is a very good singer .)
Ragini – di…. aap kiske saath gaoge ….
Sanskaar – with me..
Swara(to jealous sanky) – no need …… I will sing with sahil . He wants to become a singer .
Sanskaar murmurs – so why he come to college for staring u ?
Swara – sanskaar have u said anything .
Swara – n…..o …. nothing
Swara – ok
Swara – sahil come on lets sing ….

Sahil and swara sits on seprate chair ….
Sahil plays the guitaar and start singing

Main toh tere rang mein
Rang chuka hoon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi sab tera. …

(Sahil sings this seeing swara nad ragini at different times …. to jealous sanlak . Sanlak was looking at him like if sahil will not stop staring their wifes then they will eat him …)

Main toh tere dhang mein
Dhal chuki hoon
Bas teri ban chuki hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi
Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera..
(Swara sung this looking towards sanskaar . Sanskaar was facing the other side .but as soon as sanskaar was going to see swara swara moved her eyes towards sahil .)

Phir dil ke raaston pe
Teri aahat jo hui
Har dhadkan jashan mein hai
Yeh inaayat jo hui

Main toh tujhe milke jee uthi hoon
Teri dhadkan mein chhupi hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahin
Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera..

Hey… ha…

(Sahil sung this …… swara was acting to listen him with lots of love and concentration . As usual our sanky jealous .)

Jis pal tu saath mere
Uss pal mein zindagi hai
Tujhe paake paaya sab kuch
Koi khwahish ab nahi hai

(Swara sung this)

Mmm.. main toh bas tujhse hi bana hoon
Tere bin main bewajah hoon
Mera mujhe kuch bhi nahi
Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera..

(Sahil was about to sing this para but sanskaar stood up and start singing coming towards swara . )

The song ends ….

Swara – why u sung in between ….
Sanskaar – so ….. can’t I sing for u …
Listening his words everyone is suprised except lakshya bcoz according to him sanskaar has proposed swara.

Lakshya -so that’s not a big deal… bhai has sung for his wife and love …. why u all are shocked …
Sanky – nothing they saw me first time singing that’s why .

Lakshya nods .

The game continues. Only sahil and sanskaar are left . Now the person who is out is sahil. Means sanky is the winner .
Sanskaar starts jumpning with happiness .
Sahil picks up the chit and it was written – UR BEST FRND OR WIFE WILL GIVE U TASK .

Swara – ok I will give ….. so ur task will be …
Sanskaar intruppts – jump from the roof .
Lak – yes bhai is right .
Swahilrag – what?????????????
Just then they both realized what they had said .
Sanlak – just kidding yaar ….
Swara – ok …. so ….. sing another song … ur voice is sooooo good .
Sanskaar murmurs – not more than me …..
Swara – again u said something ….. tell me sanskaar ….
Sanakaar – no main toh bas gungunaa raha tha ….
Swara – ok. …… sahil go and sing .
Sahil goes and start singing haan hasee ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

Haan hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jab se hai jaana tumhein
Teri ore chalne lage (x2)

Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gaye
Maante thhe Khuda
Aur haan wahi ban gaye

Haan hansi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan 
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Hum the dhoondhte jisey wo kami ban gaye
Tum mere ishq ki sar-zameen ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan 
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

O.. aa…

The song end and also the game .

Next morning

Swasan was moving towards their class. Swara was thinking the moment when sanskaar sung for her suddenly she remeber something and said-
Swara – sanskaar I can’t solve a question plz help me …
Sanky – ok there is time for classes so come with me to liabrary .
Swara -ok.
They were going to liabrary but suddenly swara stops .
Sanskaar – what happened swara ….
Swara – wo ….

The end
Next update on next saturday of not then definitely on 13th july . Bcoz of formative assessment .

Precap – . Swara misunderstood sanky when she saw him with kavita . Ap asks swaragini to keep the fast of karvachauth . swara confesses his love to sanskaar .

Credit to: sanajna

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