swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 22

Hiii guyz I heve a good news for u . I will write a ff on swalak from this tuesday if possible . And the name of ff will be –
Swalak – childhood meeting lead to love .
In previous epi I got less comments but in episode 20 I got 30 comments why u r not liking my ff .

Lets start
St . Xavier’s college
Swasan was about to enter their class when swara suddenly stopped .
Sanky – what happened swara .
Swara – actually I forgot my phone in the car I am going to bring it u go in the class .
Sanky – ok come fast .
Swara smiles and goes .
Sanskaar go inside the class . He saw kavita tensed . He goes to her and said
Sanky – why r u tensed ?
Kavita – nothing I can’t solve this problem plz help me … I had listen u r the topper .
Swara comes . He sees swara and to make her jealous he said .
Sanky – I will help u …
He sits close to her . Swara is burning in anger and jealousy .
Swara comes to him .
Swara – no need of helping him ……
Just then she realized what she said .
Sanky understood that she is jealous.
Swara – I mean …. I will help u …..
Sanky u go n sit on ur bench … I will help her .
Sanky nods yes and goes .
Kavita in mind – I will snatch sanskaar from u swara don’t worry…..

At night
Everyone is sitting on sofa .
Dp – rp what is the date today ?
Rp – 26th june
Suddenly sujata recalls something .
Sujata shouts – 26th june ……
Ap – what happened sujata
Sujata – tomorrow is our marriage anniversary .
Ap – yes … u r right .
Swara – so we should celebrate it .
Sujata – yes … we will u only aay ji .
Rp gives her an unintrested look .
Rp – ok .
Swasanraglak – yes……
Rp – but not big function only invite gadodiyaas and sahil. That’s all .
Sujata – ok .
Sanlak together – what the need to invite sahil ?
Swaragini understood their jealousy .
Dp – why not he is making designs for our new college
Sanlak nod yes .

Raglak room .
Lakshya was thinking about sahil .
Just then ragini comes .
Ragini – what r u think lak ?
Lak – about sahil …. I think so saw him somewhere …. I thi k so …. in college ….
Ragini fear – no how can u see him in college …. he is an architect .. .
Lak – I think so u r right ..
Saying this he sleeps .
Ragini in mind – I think so I should inform sahil …. make distance from him in college .
Ragini goes to terrace and calls him .
Rags – hello sahil .
Sahil – waht happened ragini?
Rags – plz make distance from lak in clg.
Sahil – ok but suddenly what happened
Ragini told sahil what happened just now .
Sahil says ok and cuts the call .

Next evening
The hall is beautifully decorated and it was writre – HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY .
Gadodiyaas and sahil arrives .
Swara goes and hugs her family one by one . Ragini goes and higs shekhar and when she was about to hug sarmishta she stteped back .
Swara sees this felt bad .
Swara to lighten the mood – maa …. baba ….. masi …… plz sit.
Ragini hugs swara – di I am fed up of maa’s hartness towards me . Plz do something .
Swara – don’t worry ragu everything will be fine .
Rags – now I will prove me innocent .
Swa – I ‘ll help u .

The end .

Next update on wednesday .

Precap – after the function swasan raglak and sahil plays a game . Ragini dances with sahil . Lak proposes ragini

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    ohhhhhhhh soo sweet!!!!!!!!! sanlak getting jealous…………..hehehe………….sanjana plzz dnt worry about comments dear it happens sometime, even with me it happens, but remember i am always there fr u to support n read ur ff dear

    1. Thanks yaashu love u can I call u yaashuuu sorry if u felt bad …. now atleast I can write for some one who really like my ff . Plz atleast u always comment love u … by the way u right which ff tell me I will definitely read it love u n I write another ff also iifu want to read I can give link to it’s episode 1 . Once again thanks ….

  2. Hi dear i am a silent reader so i dont comment so much. Buy this part i am flying. Precap <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  3. Awesome
    Plz write for us at least
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  4. Your ff is amazing
    I like the way that the girls are making the boys jealous

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  8. its very nice…..i am a silent reader of this ff…..awesome part and eagerly waiting for ur swalak ff

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