swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 21


Lets start

Sahil – (in mind ) if I will have breakfast then I will be late for college ….
Sahil – no sir …. I ….
Swara – plz eat the breakfast plz ….
Swara (mumurs) ruk jao na ….. sahil …..
Swara said it little loud so that sanky can listen it n become jealous .
N of course sanky listened it .
Sanskaar (jealous in ears of swara) – just shut up I think he is getting late for college .
Sahil understood why swara want to stop him so he said ok .
Sahil (in mind ) – I think so swara want to make sanskaar jealous so….. ok I should eat bf.

Sahil – ok as u say sir .

At dinning table
Everyone is breakfast . Suddenly swara started coughing .
Sanskaar and sahil both fills water in glass . They both were sitting on both sides on swara . They both forwards the glass to drink water . Swara want to make sanky jealous so he drinked from sahil’s glass . Sanky was burning in anger and jealousy . Rags smiles seeing sanky jealous . Family member r confused .

After finishing breakfast
Drawing room
Dp sees the old designs of sahil . He was impressed .
Dp – wow nice ok I will sign contract with u but u had to make best designs for my office .
Sahil (in mind ) – wow u r best dad u had made the designs n I am praised ……..
(Actually sahil’s father is an architect .)
Sahil – ok and thanks .
Sanky (in mind )- how cunning he is ! Firstly he want to snatch my swara from me n secondly he had not made this design n showing someone else design …….

Dp calls raginj
Dp – go n bring contract paper from study room . It is in red colour file .
Rags – ok
She goes to study room n she is not getting the file .
Dp – go lakshya n see why she is taking time …..
Lak – but …..
Sanskaar – sahil u go n see .
Dp – yes … yes …. u go
Sahil was about to go when lakshya says ok I am going .
Laksh was standing near the door . Ragini got the file n she was about to go when she screams loudly . Lak comes in . She hugs lak in fear .
Listening her screaming dp says go swsra n she why she is screaming .
Swasan comes here . They see rags n lak hug. Swasan smile .
Lak has a big smile on his face .
Swasan comes in . Raglak breaks the hug .
Sahil also comes .
Swara – why r u screaming ?
Ragini – chip….chipkali ….

Lakshya start laughing .
Lak – u r the biggest chipkali n u r afraid of a chipkali . Hahahahaha .
Ragini sees sahil n to make lak jealuous ragini goes n hold her hands .
Ragini – plz sahil us chipkali ko bhagao …. plz ……
Lak got jealous .
Lak comes to hold her hands and make sahil leave her hand .
Swasan rags and sahil smiles .
Swara – my plan is working ….
Lak – tell me where is thet chipkali .
Rags. – (pointing toward wall ) there
Lak – ok .
Lak goes there and murmurs – hey u make my ragini afraid go from here …
Chipkali goes ….. (guys I think this line is a little bit funny ….haha.)

Lak (in mind )- what my ragini ….

Sanakaar – ho gaya ho toh chale .
Lak nod yes .

Sahil signs the paper n goes to college . . Swasan raglak also left for clg.

Precap – swara jealous of kavita . Maheshwaris decide to celebrate rp n sujata ‘s 25th anniversary . After the celebration , swasan raglak n sahil playa a game .

Credit to: sanjana


  1. Prakriti

    Really it was funny..I wonder how Chipkali go …I will learn these lines because i am also afraid of Chipkali

  2. Yashasvi


    |Registered Member

    hey sanjana, so funny yr. wow swaragini r making swalak jealous..oh hoo, n indeed it was a funny line.”” hey u made my ragini afraid go away from here”” hehehe.hahaha

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.