swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 20

Thanks guys for supporting me and yes I will continue . And guys sorry from today I will post alternate days as my school had reopened and I have to write two ff one this one n another one swasan a love story of betrayal . Sry sry sry

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Lets start .

Its night . Maheshwari are having dinner .
Dp – rp , we want a architect for design of our new office .
Swara got an idea .
Swara in mind – sahil can come In mm as an archtect .
Swara – bade papa I had an architect no . If u can I can call him .
Dp – ok why not .
Swara (in ears of ragini )- I have a plan to unite u with lakshya .
Rags (exitedly shouted ) what
Ap – what happened beta everything is ok
Rags – nothing maa .
Ap – r u sure
Rags nods yes .
Swara (again in ears of raggs ) don’t be so excited .
After finishing diner all moved to their respective rooms except ragini as she gone with seara to listen the plan.

Swasan room
Swara – tell me the plan swara di
Sans – have patience rags .
Swara calls sahil and keeps it on speaker.
Swara – hello
Sahil – hello shona
Sansky got jealous in mind – how can he call my swara shona .
Swara can see sanskaar jealous . Rags was confused as why she called sahil rags knows sahil very well .
Swara – I had a plan . U come tomorrow as a architect . I will mail u the address .
Sahil – ok bye .
Swara (to make sans jealous )- itni jaldi . Talk for more time .
Sanskaar (shouted with jealously )- stop it swara it’s night n he had to sleep cut the phone .
Swara had till now cut the phone . Sansky snatches phone from swara ‘ s hand and cuts the call .
Swaragini smiles but hides it .
Swa – (teasing)what happened sanskaar ?
Sans – nothing .
Rags – when sahil had returned she had gone to mumbai for her mother’s treatment .
Swa tells what happened today’ s morning except her plan to jealous sanky .
Sanskaar gets a call from office and goes out to attend it .
Swa – and I have decided to make sanskaar jealous though sahil . How is my idea ?
Rags – superb di and I hope we both get our love .
They both hug each other and swaragini plays ……

Next morning
Dp was reading newspaper n swaragini n pari are preparing for breakfast .
Dp calls swara .
Dp – have u called tge architect ?
Swa – I think so he is on his way .
Dp – ok v.good beta I am impressed with u had called architect at the correct time .
Pari got jealous . The door bell rings servant opens the door .
Sahil comes .
Sahil – who is swara Maheshwari ?
He goes to ragini and says u r so beautiful. Lak got jealous
Dp fumes in anger . Dp was about to say something when swara tells him about her plan in his years . Lak don’t noticed it he was staring sahil with angry eyes .
Dp (acting )- who r u ?
Sahil – hello I am sahil sengupta . I am ur architect . (Pointing to rags . Acting )This beautiful lady I mean swara called me .
Ragini (acting )- I am ragini ….
lak (jealous )- she is ragini lakshya maheshwari .
Everyone is shocked but happy listening his name with ragini from his mouth .
Sahil goes to swa .
Sahil (acting ) – hii cindrella r u swara .
Sans got jealous .
Sanskaar – yes she is swara …… swara sanskaar maheshwari .
Swara understood that sanky is jealous . She smiles .
Sahil – so u have called me .
Swara -yes . For my husband’s company .
Swa introduced every one to sahil .

Dp – first we can take bf n then we talk about our project .

End .

Guys I want a sujestion from u . Do u want sahik to become a lover for swara or ragini or no one . Plz tell me .

Precap – raglak moments . Swara jealous of kavita . Maheshwaris plan to cwlebrate 25 th anniversary of rp n sujata .

Credit to: sanjana


  1. Rizna

    Hey Sanjana it’s my opinion don’t make Sahil to become Ragini or Swara lover and Kavita also not to make for Sanskar,just make only jealous because I’m feedup with misunderstanding become if they become lover they will create misunderstanding so pls.I just said my opinion don’t mind it haa.

  2. Samaira

    Nice . Till i was silent reader in your ff. I want sahil n laksh loves rag. Becz raglak have less sence. I hope yu understand.

  3. pari

    no yaar dnt make hm lvr of swaragini….just let him unite swasan….dnt make him negetive…in shw he is villian…..no need to make him as a lvr…plz

  4. Prakriti

    Please dont make Sahil lover… I dont want any misunderstanding between Swasan and Raglak…

  5. little princess

    Dont make him anyone’s lover..plz..
    If u r making him ragz lover then everyone will blame swara for bringing him into their life n there will be too much misunderstandings n if we r making him swara’s lover.. Then it will create misunderstandings b/w swasan..and swara’s plan of making sanskar jealous will backfire…moreover i am fed up of this sahil and swasanhil love triangle in our serial..its too much…so atleast here u plz dont make him negative…make him a angel who unite raglak n make the love b/w swasan strong…today’s episode was nice especially sanlak jealous n swara’s plan to make sanskar jealous n sahil’s entry

  6. Henny

    Hey I’m a silent reader but I just love your ff. I want it to be long as its too short I know it’s time consuming but plzz consider it as a request. N I want sahil as RAGINI’s lover.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.