swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 2


Hey guys I am writing 2 episodes today as I am free…….. guys thanks for commenting ……
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Episode 1

Episode 2

sarmishta and urvashi are preparing for lunch….

Urvashi: why jijaji gives importance to ragini ? I think she doesn’t loves swara?

Sarmishta : I thinks so…..
Urvashi. :(angrily) don’t think i am saying right .
Sarmishta: yes u are right
And goes off angrily .
Urvashi : (reliefs) I can’t let anyone to find that truth……. for that I had to make sarmishta di to hate ragini more…..

Swaragini’s car
Ragini was driving the car . Swara was sitting beside her.

Sanlak’s car
Lakshya was driving the car and Sanskaar was sitting beside him. Lakshya gets a call and he started talking while driving the car.

Their car is going to hit each other but ragini puts brake. Lakshya comes out of the car. Ragini also angrily comes out of the car and started shouting on lakshya. She can’t see him as his back was facing him .
Ragini: hey you idiot why you are driving while talking on phone??? Hey u idiot face me….. you … you … you….
Lakshya turns and faces ragini .
Lakshya says u chipkali how dare u to talk with me like this?
Ragini : hey u idiot ……..
They started fighting …….
Swara listens them shouting and comes out of the car.
Lakshya was mesmerized to see swara . His eyes got stuck on her.
Lakshya in mind: how beautiful she is !!!
He was disturbed when swara says : please guys don’t fight . Ragini come and sit in the car we are getting late.
Listening swara’s sweet voice Sanskaar also comes out……
Sanskaar smiles seeing swara.
Sanskaar:come on lucky we have to go .
Lakshya : ok
Four of them sit in their cars and leaves.

St.xavier college
Swaragini enters . Ragini was angry because of lakshya while swara was upset because of what happened in house . Just then sanlak enters .
Lakshya sees swara. He goes and blocks her way . Ragini also stops .
Lakshya to swara: hi beauty queen I am lakshya maheshwari who are you?
Ragini : hey idiot we are getting late ?
Lakshya: I know chipkali you are jealous that I am saying swara beauty queen .
Just then sanskaar comes.
Sanskaar : lets go lucky we are getting late .
Ragini : hahahaha ur name is lucky how can u be lucky .
Lakshya says angrily shut up .
Swara smiles seeing sanskaar .
Swara wants to stop raglak fight so she says hii I am swara gadodiya. I am in fifth year . My subject is science.
Lakshya in mind: oh my god she is in fifth year ?
sanskaar says I am also in fifth year of science
Lakshya says I am in fourth year of maths
Ragini says me too same as lakshya.
swara says we are getting late .
They all leave to their classes.
Swasan and raglak are in same class.
Raglak class
Ragini were talking to his friends when a girl comes and announces- tomorrow is a party because our college had completed 25 years.
Lakshya in mind: I can meet swara again.
Screen freezes on happy face of lakshya.
Hey guys do you like episode . …. plz comment
Precap – fun in the party…

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. Abdul hafiz(uma).


    1. Thanks uma

  2. Nice story line.i like it very kuch.i think it is raglak

    1. Thanks a lot . U can be right also and wrong also.

  3. Its nce dear…bt plz gve importance to ragini…n reveal d pair soon…n thnx for update twice…

    1. Thanks fairy . I will try to give her equal importance. Yes I reveal the pair soon . I had my vacation so everyday I update twice.

  4. Awesome
    By reading today’s ep its clear that pairs r swasan and raglak

    1. Thanks shagun . U can be right also and wrong also.

  5. superb.waiting 4r swasan luv story

    1. Thanks mou. Swasan love story will start soon.

  6. ohoo both likes swara!! it’s too much, please give importance to ragini

    1. I am sorry in next episodes I will try to give equal importance to her.

  7. Awesome… Update soon

    1. Thanks ……. I will update soon…..

  8. Please give some importance to ragini… Why everyone only likes swara… Even family also… 🙁 no pblms with swara.. But ragini is being ignored.. 🙁

    1. I know nitu she will also be liked by every one . Even lakshya will start liking her . Don’ t worry. It’s a reason behind it that sarmishta and urvashi hate her it will be revealed soon.

  9. Awesome… don’t create love triangle yar… bcus both like swara in first look… plzz give equal imp to ragini also

    1. Thanks piya …….

  10. I agree wit nitu…btw nice epi

    1. Thanks s priya……..

  11. Please give equal importance to Ragini too

  12. Awesum nd thanks fr as u give swara as main lead i jus love her…nd make it love triangle of swasanlak it wud b intresting..nd pair u make it as swalak or swasan both r nice

  13. Awesome

    1. Thanks crazy girl

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