swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 18


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Lets start

Morning .
Swaragini was cooking in the kitchen . Swara was continpusly talki g but rahini was not giving any answers . Swara feels sad . Ragini was about to when swara holds her hand .
Swa – I will help u ragini .
Rags – what help ?
Swa – l help u to unite with lak .
Rags hugs swa . Swaragini plays…..
Rags – really di . ….. plz help now I can’t bear his hate for me . Plz help me .
Swa .- yes and I will also prove u innocent .
Rags breaks hug .
Rag – what innocent
Swa – yes u forgot what happened 2 months ago ….
Rags – I know di …. but how will u do that …. leave all that on me ….

Raglak room
Lakshya was getting ready to go to college . Ragini comes .
Lak – I want to talk to you ragini ……(ragini smiles ) about divorce .
Ragini (shocked ) – divorce …..
Lak – I want to get free from this relationship …. we will go to lawyer today only .
Rags cries and goes from there . She collides with swa …
Swa – what happened ragini ?
Rags – lak wants divorce from me ……
Swa – what
Rags – yes
Swa hugs ragini and says – don’t worry I know he loves u and one day he will himself say this to you I’ ll promise .
Rags – he want to go to lawyer today only .
Swa – don’t worry every lawyer gives the couple some months time to give their relationship one more chance …..
Rags – I hope ……
And cries ..

Lawyers office
Raglak comes .
Lawyer – yes ….
Lak – hello we r ragini n lak mahwshwari and we want divorce ….
Lawyer can see sadness in lakshya eyes .
Lawyer – ok first u have to stay six months together .
Lak – but ….
Law -its the law ….
Lak – ok …..
Ragini smiles .
The screen freezes on smiling face of ragini .

Precap – new entry in my ff sahil ( anuj sachdev )

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. Deeksha

    Nice but short

  2. waiting for raglak love story

  3. nice but too short love raglak part

  4. Purvi

    Awesome……. Continue soon…..

  5. It’s too small plz write bigger part.

  6. Dafsi

    Its nice but very short please make it lengthy

  7. Megha123

    Awsm bt give see imp to ragini also .rags should also be bold like swara .she should prove her innocence. If all the things r done by swara only then what’s the use of swaragini. If you don’t want to do this then plzz ignore it and sorry if I hurt uu.

  8. Tanu

    no swasan as usual … anuj ki entry? swasan ki life me kya twist hoga

  9. Awesome

  10. Always ragini is geting neglected yar..she should be bold..always every one hates her.what wrong does she do? Plz Make sahil fall for ragini and laksh feel jelous..and make it lengthy..realy love your ff and waiting for next part..plz jaldy post karna..plz

  11. Very nice

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