swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 15


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Episode 14

Swa was about to cry when she crys .
She recalls what sans said to her .

Swara – tell me the idea .
Sans – marry me .
Swa – what
sans-yes if u marry me u can make ur sister realize that u still love her and we can make more effective plans to unite raglak
Swa- after uniting them .
sans – we can live together forever or we can …..
Swa – that we will think after wards …..
and cuts the call .
Sans – I will make me realize my love.

fb ends

Swa – yes .
Dp – u both get marry .
rags an pn got angry . Lak hugs sans. Congo bhai .

Sans – I want to marry asap and want no celebration .
Dp – ok tomorrow will be ur engagement and then marrriage.

pn was angray .

Sarmishta was angry . Shekhar comes .
Sar – how can u fix my shona marriage in the house where that rag is there .
Shek – don’t say anything about my lado .
Sar – can’t u remember what she had done .

Fb is shown
Sar – laado I am going out take care of my shona as she is ill .
Rags – ok
Sar goes .

Rags make coffee for swa . Suddenly landline rings and she goes to pick up the call . After coming she gives coffee to swa . After drinking coffee swa faints and shekhar and rags take her hospital .

Doc says that someone had mixed poison in coffee but swa is all right .
Mishti : who made the coffee
Urvashi : I think so ragini .
Mishti blames ragini faor mixing poison in coffee . Ragini says no . But mishti doesn’t trust her. Afterwards nurse come and tells them ki swa ko hosh aa gaya hai now the can meet her .
Swa was resting in . Every one goes in . Mishti tells everything to swa . Swa and shek supports rags .
Mishti : she will not live in her house .
Swa: if rag will not live then I also leave the house .
Sar – ok she can live but will keep distance from u .
Everyone goes exept rags .
Rags – I had not done this di .
Swa – don’t worry I will prove u innocent .

Fb ends

Precap – sar says swa not to marry sans . Swa thinks about sans .

Guys I am will soon write a ff on a particular pair .
Suggest me a pair on which should I write . Plz vote .

1. Swasan
2. Raglak .
3. Swalak .
4. Ragsan .

Plz comment and vote

Credit to: sanjana

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  3. Raglak are the best

  4. i prefer d heavenly couple swasan…swasan is best

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  8. Only swasan swasan

  9. Alishatani

    Swasan..I just love them

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