swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 13

He guys I will give you long updates and use short forms such as
Mm maheshwari mansion
Gm gadodiya mansion
Sr room swaragini room
S room sanskaar room
L room lakshya room
College clg

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swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 12

lets start
Lakshya eyes got red becoz of enger . He ran to his rrom
rags – lakshya ……
(To ap) aunty can I go to him .
Ap : yes of coarse he is ur husband .
Ragini nods yes and goes .
Shekhar : will u accept ragini as ur daughter in law.
Dp : yes of coarse
Shekhar : thanks now we should leave. .
Dp nods yes . Gadodiyas leave .

Outside L room
Ragini was continously lnocking the door of lak room .
Rags.- plz open the door lak . Plz plz ……
lakshya opens the door with tears in his eyes .he pulls ragini in and closes the door .
Lak- shouts – bcoz of u and ur sister my whole life got spoiled .
Rags – what ??
lak- yes before taking this decision u haven’t asked me that I love u or not . U know what I hate both of u …. U AND SWARA .
Rags – But lak …..
Lakshya opens the door and pushes ragini out of his room and closes the door.
Ragini start crying and screaming the knocking the door – lakshya lakshaya ……
Listening her voice ap sj (sujata) and parineeta comes .
Ap – what happened ragini ??
Ragini tells the whole thing what happened in the room .
Ap : don’t worry he qill accept u till then u can shift ur things in guest room .
Ragini nods yes and hugs ap .
Parineeta in mind : wow loved the today’s drama .
Just then a idea struck in her mind .

Next morning
Ragini was making tea . Parineeta comes .
Ragini was tthinking about lakshya. In place of sugar she puts salt .
Pn (parineeta ) – what had u done ragini u put salt in place of sugar ?
rags – sorry
Pn :what are u thinking about lakshya that she loves swara.
Rags – no di says he loves me .
Pn – no she said this so that u can’t feel sad . But this all happened bcoz of swara only . If she had not play that di game on that day when we had gone to hotel . This confusion will have been not created and u won’t had to suffer .
Rags – no there is no fault of my di
Saying this she goes .

Everyone comes for breakfast .
Rags was about to serve lak bf but lak interrupted
Lak – l can do my things on my own . U don’t need to interfere in my life .
Listening this ragini goes to kitchen and started crying . PN comes and offer her hanky . She wiped her tears and recalls what PN said .
Rags – I think so u are right bhabhi .
PN smiles – so u had understood what I mean to say .
rags (angrily )- yes now I will talk to di oops not di swara .
PN – v.good go now and talk to her.

Sans was happy that swa had not marry lak but he was upset bcoz of lak behaviour towards rags so he decided to talk to swa .

Raglak and sans leave for clg .

St. Xaviers clg .

After classes got over .
Rags – I want to talk fo you di alone .
Swa – ok we can go to the park nearby .
Rags – ok . Sanskaar lakshya u both leave .
They nod yes and leaves but sans thought something is wrong so he siaid – lucky u go I had a work .
Lak nod yes .

Rags -swara …..
Swa why are u saying me swara .
Rags- because of u lak hate me if u had not played that game on that day this confusion wulk not be created and thus all had not happened n now I will call u swa not di
She goes .
Swara a started crying .sanskaar listens everything.
Sanskaar goes and puts a hand on her shoulder. Swara hugs sanskaar . Sanskaar smiles . Suddenly swara realized what she had done she breaks hug.
Swa – sorry.
Sans – its ok .
Sans gives swa hanky to wipe her tears . She wipe tears .
Sans : I had listen everything and I will help to unite lakshya nad ragini .
Swa : sach main thanks .
The screen freezes on happy face of swasan.

precap – swasan makes plan to unite raglak . Swasan dances on cham cham . Sanskaar proposes swara .

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