swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 11


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Lets start

Sujata : and where is ra…..
(Urvashi understood she was about to say the name of ragini so she interrupted. )
Urvashi : she…. she had gone to bhopal for a guitar competition she will not come in marraige also .
Sujata : oh no so sad
Ap : we had to start engagement talk afterwards .
Engagement starts .
Ragini makes lakshya wear the ring . Lakshya was about to make ragini wear the ring when she felt the feeling of love when he touched her hands.
Lakshya in mind : I am marrying the right girl . No need to take tension . I am marrying the girl whom I love .
(She thought he is talking about swara but his heart was talking about ragini .)
After many days lakshya was relaxed . Sanskaar was seeing engagement from the stairs he goes up in his room . The tears were continously falking down from his eyes .
Sanskaar : swara ….. swara….. swara …..

Parineeta seeing the happiness of lakshya : now my bad days started .

The party got over and everyone moved to their houses .

Ragini was thinking about lakshya . Lakshya calls her .
Lakshya : (rudely ) where is swara ? Why she is not picking up the phone ???
Ragini : why u want to talk to swara?
Lakshya : so I can’t talk go my to be wife
Ragini : wife swara ???
Lakshya : were you sleeping these days ?? My father fixed my marriage with shekhar’s uncle younger daughter swara ….
Ragini understood the confusion so she said : swara is in bathroom .
Lakshya said ok and cuts the call.

Ragini: so lakshya and his family thinks that di is marrying lakshya . firsyly I had to tell you di .

She calls swara. She tells everything to swara . Swara recalls everything from the day they met maheshwaris till today and understood everything .
Swara: don’t worry I will come a day before marriage I know u are very worried but don’t worry I will come as soon as possible . When I will come we will decide who will marry lakshya me or you . Till the n you will tell anything to anyone . Because if lakshya break. This marriage then …. So I will decide who will marry lakshya Bye .
Ragini : thanks di bye .
The screen freezes on worried face of swara and ragini .

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Precap – the day of marriage . The bride comes down and sits in the mandap . The marriage gets over . The bride’s face is revealed .

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. it’s same like another ff

    1. Which ff

  2. Dafsi

    It was a nice epi and yeah as lovely said this is similar to another ff but it is fine hope you bring up another whole lot of new concepts keep going and yeah hope to see Raginibover there 🙂

    1. Thanks but which ff I think so it is swaragini love connection

  3. Dafsi

    It was a nice epi and yeah as lovely said this is similar to another ff but it is fine hope you bring up another whole lot of new concepts keep going and yeah hope to see Ragini over there 🙂

    1. Thanks anu

  4. Oh plz make it raglak…plz plz olz…..
    Dont make swalak…………plz dr……..
    Superb dr…….

    1. Thanks didu

  5. Eba


    1. Thanks eba

  6. Awesome

    1. Thanks

  7. nice i think pair will be revealed next part

    1. Hmmm u are right

  8. Soujanya

    awesome……..and make swasan and raglak

    1. Thanks soujanya

  9. Similar with another ff

  10. Wow suspense…. bt make it raglak sanju…

    1. Let see who is the bride

  11. swasan plz

    1. Let see what will happen

  12. Tanu

    very nice waiting for swara entry n swasan scene

    1. Thnka stanu

    1. Thanks

  13. Dude, ff is good. But y dont u make it a bit long? Anyways epi is good like always

    1. Thanks dia and I will ipdate long episodes from day after tomorrow

  14. Purvi

    Let it be swasan and raglak……pls…..

    1. Let see

  15. Raglak plz and very nice episode

  16. superb.plz make it swasan

  17. Yashasvi ( yashu)

    Superb but plzzz make it raglak

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