swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 10

Hii guys yesterday I am not able to update because Website is not Allowing to do so . And guys from today till 3 days I will uodate very short episode as I am busy in my dance classes. Plz plz plz guys forgive me .

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Lets start
Shekhar’s room
Shekhar was reading newspaper . Just then swara comes.
shekhar : what happened shona
Swara: baba I got a call from bhopal music acadmey they had asked me play guitar should I go or not .
Sarmishta : u should go shona
Swara : but maa what about ragini’s wedding .
sarmishta (angrily) :because of her u will spoil ur future that’s not right way .
Swara: maaa……
Shekhar : u should go .
Swara : but baba….
Shekhar : this chance will not come again and again . U should go .
Swara (don’t want to go look).: ok

Swara tells this to ragini . Ragini also said yes u should go .swara leaves for bhopal . She won’t to go but she goes .

Lakshya room
Lakshya was staring the photo of ragini in the party in the college. In the picture four of them were there.
Lakshya : why I am not happy of this marriage I should be happy ??

Sanskaar’s room
Sanskaar was sitting sadly . Sujat comes
Sujata : what will u wear tonight ?
Sanskaar: today I will not come in the function I am not feeling well .
Sujata : but…
sanskaar : plz maa…..
Sujata : ok chora get well soon.
Sujata goes .
Sanskaar : I don’t want to come in the function as I can see swara with lucky .
He cries and sees the pic of swara on his phone . He kisses the photo .

At evening
Urvashi : put a long veil(gunghat) ragini so that tumhe kisi ki nazar na lage .
Shekhar in mind : urvashi is caring for ragini how it can be .

They leave for MAHESHWARI mansion
Sujata : do the arrangement fast.
Gadodiyas arrives.
Sujata : why our daughter in law had took a long veil ??
Uravashi : B….b….becoz isse kisi ki nazar na lage.
Sujata : ok
The screen freezes on frightened face of urvashi .

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Precap – lakshya and ragini got engaed . Ragini also get to know about the confusion .

Credit to: sanjana


  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    nice epi……… ohh ragini got to knw, but cant decide it’s good news or bad, i mean she will think that laksh is ready to marry swara not her…. OMG!!!!!!! wt will happen….. hope this laksh soon relise his feelings……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yashasvi ( yashu )

    ummmm actually if u dont mind can u tell me which dance do u practise………………???
    sryyy if u dont want to… sry

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.