swaragini – love me hate me but don’t leave me episode 10

Hii guys yesterday I am not able to update because Website is not Allowing to do so . And guys from today till 3 days I will uodate very short episode as I am busy in my dance classes. Plz plz plz guys forgive me .

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Lets start
Shekhar’s room
Shekhar was reading newspaper . Just then swara comes.
shekhar : what happened shona
Swara: baba I got a call from bhopal music acadmey they had asked me play guitar should I go or not .
Sarmishta : u should go shona
Swara : but maa what about ragini’s wedding .
sarmishta (angrily) :because of her u will spoil ur future that’s not right way .
Swara: maaa……
Shekhar : u should go .
Swara : but baba….
Shekhar : this chance will not come again and again . U should go .
Swara (don’t want to go look).: ok

Swara tells this to ragini . Ragini also said yes u should go .swara leaves for bhopal . She won’t to go but she goes .

Lakshya room
Lakshya was staring the photo of ragini in the party in the college. In the picture four of them were there.
Lakshya : why I am not happy of this marriage I should be happy ??

Sanskaar’s room
Sanskaar was sitting sadly . Sujat comes
Sujata : what will u wear tonight ?
Sanskaar: today I will not come in the function I am not feeling well .
Sujata : but…
sanskaar : plz maa…..
Sujata : ok chora get well soon.
Sujata goes .
Sanskaar : I don’t want to come in the function as I can see swara with lucky .
He cries and sees the pic of swara on his phone . He kisses the photo .

At evening
Urvashi : put a long veil(gunghat) ragini so that tumhe kisi ki nazar na lage .
Shekhar in mind : urvashi is caring for ragini how it can be .

They leave for MAHESHWARI mansion
Sujata : do the arrangement fast.
Gadodiyas arrives.
Sujata : why our daughter in law had took a long veil ??
Uravashi : B….b….becoz isse kisi ki nazar na lage.
Sujata : ok
The screen freezes on frightened face of urvashi .

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Precap – lakshya and ragini got engaed . Ragini also get to know about the confusion .

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  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    nice epi……… ohh ragini got to knw, but cant decide it’s good news or bad, i mean she will think that laksh is ready to marry swara not her…. OMG!!!!!!! wt will happen….. hope this laksh soon relise his feelings……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks yashu . U will get to know about it soon.

  2. yashasvi ( yashu )

    ummmm actually if u dont mind can u tell me which dance do u practise………………???
    sryyy if u dont want to… sry

    1. Cham cham

  3. awesome…..

    1. Thanks soujanya

  4. Aami

    sanjana nyz episode….. oh god how this confusion get ovr wytng for more

    1. Thanks aami

  5. plz swasan ko sath main lao.

  6. Megha123

    Oh God! Plz let the confusion cleared so soon so that ragini would nt break

    1. Yes it will be cleared tomorrow

  7. Thanks mou pavani and anjali

  8. Awesome

  9. Thanks. S And shagun

  10. Superb episode

  11. Dafsi

    It was indeed a short yet cute update

  12. Short and sweet

  13. Awesome.

  14. Thanks amu dafsi DIDU chhahat

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