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One thing I forgot to mention in my ff intro that swara is a modern girl and ragini is a traditional girl . Ragini loves to sing bhajans but swara don’t but nowadays because of swara she started liking it. Lakshya is just like swara.

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Lets start

Episode 1

Scene 1
A girl is shown running down stairs. She is searching for someone .
Girl : where are you ?
Just then sarmishta comes
Sarmista: whom do u searching ?
Swara where is she?
Sarmishta: shona who?
(Yes the girl is none other than our swara .)
Swara: maa ra…
Sarmishta :I understood whom do talking about. She is doing aarti.
Swara says ok and goes .
A girl is shown doing aarti. Swara comes to her and hides behind her to scare him .
the girl turned and got scared to see swara as she was shocked.
Swara laughs and says :you got scared hahaha
Girl:shona you .
The swara starting running and the girl start chasing her .
Swara:just stop ragini I am tired now.
(Yes the girl is none other than our ragini .)
They both start laughing ……
Just then shekhar comes.
Come on my princesses go and get ready as this first day of 5th year of swara and first day of 4th year of ragini in college.
Swaragini: yes we will go and get ready .
Shekhar says ok and goes.
Swaragini goes to their room and get ready.
Swara is wearing pink top and blue jeans. Ragini is weraing blue anarkali suit. They were talking just then Urvashi comes.
Urvashi:shona come and eat your breakfast as you are getting late.
Swara says yes .
Swaragini goes to dinning table.

In Dinning table
Urvashi: come and sit and eat your breakfast shona .
Swara says ok and sits on the chair .
Swara: who will serve ragini’s breakfast ?
Sarmishta :she can serve it on her own .
Shekhar is watching all this from stairs .
Shekhar: I will serve my lado breakfast .
Shekhar makes ragini sit and serves breakfast to her.
Swaragini finishes there breakfast and its time to leave .
Sarmishta : first eat curd and sugar as it is your day in college shona .
Sarmishta maks swara eat curd and sugar .
Ragini also brings ahead his mouth for eating it but sarmishta goes.
Sarmishta was about to go when shekhar said wait I will make my laado eat it .
Shekhar makes ragini eat it.
Swara was sad as sarmishta gives more importance to her than ragini .
They leaves.

Scene 2

A boy was shown sleeping on bed. Just then another boy enter and says : wake up lakshya its time to go to college .
(Yes the boy sleeping is none other than lakshya)
lakshya: sanskaar bhai sone dena.
(Yes the another boy is sanskaar)
Just then sanskaar get an idea . He goes to bathroom and brings a bucket full of water. He pour it on lakshya.
Lakshya was shoched so he started screaming tsunami tsunami.
Sanskaar :lucky its not tsunami hahahaha.
Lakshya:Bhai why have you done this??
Sanskaar laughs and says that we are getting late .
Just then uttra aarives.
Uttra: why are you screaming bhai?
Sanskaar : Nothing time pass……
Uttra : ok by the way badi maa is calling you for breakfast.
Sanskaar: ok we are coming .
Uttra goes .
Sanskaar : go and take bath and come down fast.

Sanskaar also goes.

In dinning table
Sanskaar comes
Dp: where is lakshya??
sanskaar : he is coming
sanskaar sits on the chair
after 20 mins lakshya comes
Dp (angrily) : why are u so late lakshya ??
lakshya: l….l…..
Sanskaar : (lies) he was studying
lakshya: ye….ye…yes…
Dp : I know he is saying lie to save you but….
Ap:Ji, plz leave him he will not do it again
Dp : everyday you say this only…….
Dp was about to slap lakshya but sanskaar stops him
Sanskaar:Bade papa I’ll promise from tomorrow he will wake up early.
Dp : ok but if tomorrow he will not wake up early
he will not get breakfast.
Lakshya: o…ok

Everyone finishes their breakfast.

Lakshya and sanskaar take blessings from every one .
Dp: I have many expentations from you sanskaar .(sujata smiles) but from lakshya I don’t have any expentations…..
Sanskaar : thanks bade papa . Lakshya will also do well . I’ll promise.
Dp: ok

swalak leaves.

Parineeta:(in mind) he always praises sanskaar not aadarsh ji . Aadarsh ji is his own son . He doesn’t praises lakshya also. He only praises sanskarr knowing that he is not his son he is sujata chachi’s son……..
the screen freezes on parineeta’s angry face

so guys how was the chapter . I hope guys u enjoyed it .

Precap- swalak meet swaragini

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. Awesome Superb
    Feeling sorry for Ragini
    Waiting for the next one………

    1. Thanks pp. Don’t worry about ragini she will soon be loved by everyone …….. Thanks a lot …. .

  2. Awesome
    Plz make it swasan and raglak

    1. Thanks shagun ……. don’t worry about pairs. …..

  3. Soory guys in precap its not swalak its sanlak

    1. It’s okay, no problem.

  4. Make it swasan raglak plz

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  5. plz make it as ragsan

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  6. Superb

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  7. V.nice but precap main name galat hain.

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  8. awesome…..update soon

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  9. plzz keep swasan

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  10. Nice but who are the pair swasan & raglak or opposite of it.

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  11. Wow…awesome start dear…love ragini..

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  12. swasan and raglak plz……….

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  13. Waiting fr their meet…

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  14. feeling bad for ragini, she is really cute

    1. Don’t worry about her ……soon she will be loved by everyone.

  15. 5year swara,4year ragini college wat is this?r they medical students?

    1. No , actually swara is in last year and ragini is in second last year . Sorry I don’t know much about college so if I written any thing wrong ……. sorry

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  17. yashasvi ( yashu )

    superb!!!!! but plzzz make swasan and raglak

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