Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 8


Recap: Swasan and Raglak’s engagement is fixed.

Sumi: Swaragini, Sahil. Wake up fast.
Sahil: Mom it’s 9:00 am on a Sunday, not even dad wakes up till 9:30 then why are you waking me up?
Dadi: Laddoo, today is Swaragini’s engagement, or did you forget.
Sahil: Oh ho, ma dadi, phir Swaragini ko jagao na, meri neend kyun kharab kar raahe ho. (Then wake up Swaragini, why are you spoiling my sleep)
Sumi: Because I heard someone say they are going to make the engagement and wedding preparations themselves, incase you forgot.
Sahil: Ma, please 5 minutes.
Sumi: Sahil you are already awake, so get ready and start making preparations.
Sahil: Mom, I can never win against you ever. okay i’ll be there in a few minutes.
Sumi: Good boy, don’t go back to sleep though. Swaragini, you girls wake up.
Ragini: Mom please stop yelling, we are awake since two hours.
Sumi: Then you both should have come downstairs, nah.
Swara: Sorry mom, let’s go start the work.

Ragini is still not talking to Swara and Sahil notices that and so he purposely tries to get together and so he jokes on them and Sumi and Dadi and Shekar are smiling seeing their nok-jhok. Shekar asks them to hurry up or they’ll never get anything done.

In the evening
Maheshwari family and Veer, Vritin, Piya, Advesh, Abhay and all the guests start coming. Dadi and Dada ji and Shekar and Sumi are greeting everyone as they come in. Sumi asks Sahil to call Swaragini downstairs, so he goes upstairs and Ragini comes downstairs wearing a beautiful maroon and cream lehenga, with a diamond kamarband and matching jewelry and her hair is curled and she even has a pretty mangtika. Laksh just keeps on looking at her and she also notices laksh wearing a maroon coloured sherwani, and keeps looking at him. She goes and stands near him. As soon as Swara is about to descend the stairs, the lights go off and there’s a spotlight on her, she’s wearing a cream and turquoise lehenga with matching jewelry and diamond kamarband and her hair is also curled and left down. The spotlight is on Swara and we hear Ragini in the background, and we see a projector playing a video. It’s a combination of Swaragini’s birthday parties so far. And some of their childhood videos.
Ragini in the video: So, everyone today is Swargini’s engagement and this is a recollection of all our recorded memories, and this is especially for my sister Swara, who i am incomplete without. The video switches to Sumi and Shekar who say they are really going to miss their daughters and their house is going to very quiet without them there, to be Sahil says how mean, i’m still left or did you guys forget about me.
Everyone laughs at this and the video continues, with Dadi and dada ji saying how much Swaragini changed their lives and how much they will be missed. Then Sahil comes on and he starts by saying thank god, you two are leaving, i’m not gonna miss you guys at all. You guys annoyed me so much every time you came here, i’m finally glad i get to have everyone’s attention. And Swara di, forget about your room, that’s going to be my game room and Ragini di im still thinking about what to do with your room, but i’ll think of something by the time you leave. Everyone laughs with tears and Swara is really crying, so Sanskaar has to give her his hanky, and Laksh has to go find tissues for Ragini, cuz she’s crying as well. The video then continues with Ragini, and her saying she’s incomplete without her sister and if anything were ever to happen to Swara, how would Ragini survive, and Swara hearing this goes to Ragini and hugs her and Sahil and Sumi and Shekar and Dadi have a family huge, while smiling and memories of their childhood play with the song kya kehna and everyone smiles looking at that.
Dadi: Ok, guys enough crying, lado, shona you’ll spoil your make-up stop crying.
Sahil: Dadi, even with make-up they look like chudail it’s okay.
Swaragini: SAHIL.
Sumi: Stop all three of you. Let’s start the engagement, then you can kill Sahil ok.
Sahil: MA.
Swaragini: Hump, ok i guess we’ll wait.
The rituals began and RagLak go first and they make each other wear the ring and smile looking at each other, and when no one is looking Laksh kisses Ragini on the cheek and says your looking very beautiful today. Ragini blushes at this and looks around hoping no one saw that, when Swasan lean inside and say they not only saw that, they even took a picture.
Laksh; Really, bhai send me that pic, i’ll frame it and put it in our room.
Ragini: Yeah jiju, send me a pic as well, i’ll frame it and put it here are well.
Laksh: Ragini, wouldn’t you feel shy if your parents saw that? ( He’s a little shocked at her boldness)
Ragini: Why should I be shy, you’re my to be husband and you forget we already shared our first kiss, so we are practically already married in some cultures.
Laksh is shell shocked and says wow, i’m marrying jhansi ki rani. And the 4 have a sweet moment.
Swara: Thanks for the video Rig.
Ragini: Thank Laksh, he gave me the idea and he is the one who did all the editing and background music.
Swara: Thanks Laksh.
Laksh: No, Thank Ragini, it was her idea i just helped.
Sanskaar: Guys shh mom’s coming here.
Sujata: Ok, now it’s Sanskaar turn, let’s go Swara.
Sanskaar and Swara smile and complete the rituals and Swara, says thank you very much sanskaar, because of you my ragini is happy, to which Sanskaar, replies so is my Laksh.
The episode ends with a family photo being taken of the Maheshwari and Gadodia family.

Precap: Swaragini and SanLak go on a date and the wedding date is fixed.

Credit to: Kasam

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