Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 77


Recap: Lak’s cute surprise for Ragini. Elites try to set up Shresth with Rithika.

The elite girls run and hug four different trees, seeing them everyone looks at them shockingly. And they themselves look at each other shockingly.

Rag: Swara, What are you hiding?

Swa: Why are you asking me? Bhavika, first you tell?

Bha: I’m pregnant nah Swara, Let Maira go first.

Mai: Why me? Guys, I’m the youngest nah, so I’ll go last.

Bha: I’m the oldest. But I’m pregnant, so Ragini, you go.

Rag: Bhavi, even I’m pregnant. Let Swara go first.

Swa: Why me, no Maira. You’re the youngest nah, you should go first. Go.

Rag: Yeah, Maira.

Bha: Go Maira.

Mai: OMG, look a puppy.

Bha: Where? Where? (She gets happy and moves away from the tree revealing her secret, it’s a heart around the letters RS., She realizes what happened and gets angry, while the
others try to figure out what the heck she wanted to hide.)

Bha: OMG, Don’t move. (Everyone looks at Maira and they’re trying to see what Bhavika’s looking at.)

Mai: Why?

Bha: Because, there’s a spider right by your shoulder.

Mai: WHAT? EEWW GET IT OFF. JAI TAPAN HELP ME. (She’s jumping and screaming while her tree has a J&B sign. She realizes that she was tricked and looks at Bhavi angrily,
while Swaragini are laughing so the other two girls start planning something, while the others are wondering what the heck J&B mean)

Bha: AWW, Swara, it’s hurting me, Ragini help please. Ouch.

SR: What happen? You okay?

They both run to her and start asking questions, while she looks at them with a i’m sorry expression.

Bha: Sorry, I had to do that to see what you were hiding. They look at their trees and see on one tree it’s T <3 M (Ragini was hiding this) and on Swara’s it’s SR forever. Everyone
looks on very confusingly.

Maira: Guys, What were we hiding?

Bha: Nothing I was just hiding Rohan and Sw (she realises what she’s saying) Guys look after such a long time we are here in our park. It’s been so long since we all elites are here
together. So what say we play a game.

Rohan: Hiding Rohan and Sw, sw what. Swara.

Bha: Arrey, let it go. Let’s play truth and dare.

Rag: At this time right here.

Bha: Yeah, (whispers to Rag) Unless you want to explain why you wrote Tapan loves Maira on a tree.

Rag: Guys, she’s right let’s play truth and dare here only.

AM: Umm, if you guys are playing, we’ll leavee. Bye.

Rag, Bha: NOO.

Rag: I mean, aarav please stay nah. It won’t be that fun without you.

Lak: Ragu, if he wants to go, let him go nah. (jealous)

Rag: NO, we all are going to play especially Aarav. NO one is leaving. Let’s play.

San: Wow, how smart salli ji, but where will we get the bottle from?

Rag: There’s one in the car. Ummm Shresth, do you mind getting it. Please.

Shr: sure, i’ll be back.

Rag: Oh crap that idiot. He forgot his keys. Rithika, do you mind?

Rith: No problem.

Rag: Ask him to get the sheets as well okay.

Rithika leaves and the girls hi-fi each other.

After some time, everyone is sitting in a circle with the girls together and the guys together. They start playing and the girls are asked why they were trying to hide the letters on the trees and all the girls look at each other shocked.

Swa: I’ll go first, i guess. Actually I was just hiding Swaragini forever, because Ragini is the one of the most precious things in my life.


Swa: I promise.

Rag: Sanskriti ki Kasam.

Swa: I hate you Ragini.

Mai: Oh ho, three seconds ago you were all like I can’t live without Ragini, now hate. Swara. Truth now.

Swa: SR forever, this was when I hated the guys, but my stupid sister was best friends with stupid Shresth, so I thought to tease them, I wrote SR, which stands for Shresth and

Everyone: What.

Lak: What swara, does anyone do like that?

Bhai: Laksh, don’t blame her, look (she takes her phone out and shows him a pic) how cute ragu and shresth used to look when they were young.

Rag: Bhavika’s tree with that heart around RS means Rohan and Swara.

San: WHAT.

Bha: How mean, Ragini’s treee says Tapan loves Maira.

Tapan looks at Ragini and she looks at him with a sorry expression.

Jai: Haha, wow shresth and rohan. He is making fun of them.

Shr: Arrey, guys we forgot about Maira’s tree. With has J&B.

Roh: And here the only J is you Jai.

Tap: And the only B here is Bhavika. Right Maira.

Mai: NO. I mean no. The J&B is for umm Ben & Jerry's but i mistakenly wrote it wrongly.

Rith: OH god. You guys are so funny. Waise that’s cute how you all wrote the pairs on the trees, even I wanted to do something like this when I was younger, but i never had the
opportunity to.

Bha: It’s okay, look there’s two R’s on the trees pick anyone of them.

Rith: But both are with S and all the S’s are taken.

Swa: Shresth isn’t.

Shritika look at each other and blush and look away.

Shr: Swara, don’t you think you’re speaking too much. (Rithika leaves to get a call)

AM: Guys, not that I don’t enjoy watching this, but can we leave please. I have to drop Aneri and then go home.

Rohlak: Aarav why are you still here? Hurry up and leave. You can’t be late right.

Bhag: Aarav see you tomorrow. All the girls hug Aarav and he leaves with Aneri.

Rith: Where did Aarav go? He was my ride to the hotel. Now.

Rag: Rithika, we aren’t leaving yet.

Rith: Oh okay.

They continue playing.

Ankita: So my question is to all the elites, did you guys never have a crush on someone that wasn’t your gf or bf, within your group and Who?

Tap: Anki, what kind of question is that?

Anki: Let’s start with you Rohan.

Roh: ME, why me?


Roh: Sorry, okay. Well I had a small crush on Swara.

Swasanshr: WHAT

Roh: I thought you were cute, when we first meet. And when you forgave Shresth, I thought you were the nicest person, but then over time I started seeing you as more of a sister
and I slowly started falling in love with my soulmate Bhavika. (he goes and hugs Bhavika)

Bha: Awwm I Love you too. Well honestly, I had the biggest crush on Rohan only, but there was a time when I really like Jai. I thought you three were hot too, but I always loved
Rohan. Swara, you’re turn.

Swa: Well, Honestly, I had a small crush on Tapan and Rohan. But I guys it slowly faded after i started knowing you guys more closely.

San: What about Shresth.

Swa: I don’t ever remembering the crush phase, i just remembering the dating. Shresth you go. (Sanskaar gets happy hearing that)

Shr: Well, I had a crush on both Misthi and Ragini. (Laksh shocked) Infact, I used to annoy Mishti, because she wouldn’t let me spend time with Ragini, but after that hill accident I
started loving Misthi more. Ragini,became my best friend and biggest supporter. Ragu you turn.

Rag: Well, My biggest crush from you four was Jai. I liked Rohan, but then slowly feelings changed to like brotherly feelings, Shresth told me he liked Swara, so I sacrificed for her
and Tapan was in love with

Tapan: Ragini, what are saying?

Rag: Let me finish. Tapan was in love with all girls, no one girl captured him. But yeah so my main crush was Jai. I mean look at him. Maira, don’t i always tell you how lucky you are.
(laksh looks like someone punched him)

Lak: ragini, I’m here only.

Rag: Umm, Jai your turn.

Jai: Aww, ragini As flattering as your crush, i’m sorry to inform you, I always had a crush on Maira and Swara.

San: You two.

Sah: Jiju, he’s number three. (San gives him his I’ll-kill-you look)


Jai: As I was saying, I liked how Swara forgave Shresth and I loved her pranks and her nature and then I found out a lot of the pranks were almost always Maira’s idea. And then
Maira and I had to take a class together and we got closer, and I fell in love with her.

Elites: AWWW.

Maira: Well, I had a crush on all of the guys if we are being honest here. But the two most crushes were Tapan and Jai. Actually I had a crush on Tapan first, but he would always we
flirting with all the other girls and then I had that one math class with jai (ragini and Tapan look at each other shocked) and there he proposed so I said yes and moved on with him.

Jai: I was the rebound.

Mai: No, it’s not that. Tapu go.

Tapan: Well, I had a crush on all the girls, i thought i could spend my life with anyone of them. But Bhavika fell in love with Rohan and Ragini became more like a sister and this was
at the time when both Swaira were single.

San: You two, (looks at sahil about to say something) You also .

Tap: And then Swara started dating Shresth, nah.

Swa: But As far as I remember before Shresth and I, Jaira were dating nah.

Rag: Oh My gosh look at the time, let’s go home. Right tapan.

Sanlak look at each other and the time and signal each other.

Lak: Arrey, Ragini. Let tapan finish. I mean we also want to know about the love life of the elites. Right Sanskaar.

San: Yeah. Of course.

Rith: Wait, you’re the Elites. As in the Elite 8. You went to Sophia, right. It’s like 5 minutes from here.

Swa: Yeah, that’s us.

Rith: you guys are the spoilt, rich arrogant brats. Right .

Elites: Excuse me.

Rith: I don’t think that, it was my friends who thought that.

Shresth: And who was your “friend” Ms. Rithika.

Rith: Sorry. If I hurt your feelings, but actually everyone thought that about you. I mean you guys didn’t allow others to join you guys and all the teachers were scared of you so you
guys did everything freely and you never let anyone book practice rooms nah. (She sees all the elites giving her angry faces and she gets scared and looks at the others, but they have the we-can’t-help-you expression, she makes a cute face and seeing that Shresth starts smiling and laughing, and the others notice him and they join laughing him)

Rith: Why are you all laughing?

Shr: You.

Rith: Me.

Shr: Yeah. You’re so cute.

Everyone looks at him shocked.

Rith: Excuse me.

Shr: I mean like a child.

Rith: Are you calling me a child. How dare you call me a child. Tumi khub a'i bōkā.

Shr: Excuse me, first you’re calling me stupid. Not me, tumi khub a’i boka.

Rith: You’re such an abhadra.

Shr: I’m not rude, you’re the rude one here. And yes Āmi'ō bānlā balatē pārēna

Rith: So what. You’re Mr. Abhadra.

Shr: Listen if i’m Mr. abhadra, then you’re Ms. śiśutōṣa

Rith: How mean?

Swa: Stop fighting. And Shresth no calling her childish and Ritika, shresth is the most anti abhadra person you will ever meet. Tini ēka madhura mānuṣa āpani ki kakhanō pūraṇa

Rith: Tumi'ō

Swa: ha. And who ever told you we are what was it rich, spoilt arrogant brats, please tell them to go and clarify their sources. And our teachers loved us, they didn’t fear us. Okay.

Riti: Sorry, it’s just actually my friend was rejected by the main singer twice, so she has negative views on you all, I never got to watch you guys sing, but I heard your songs. The
lead singer has such an amazing voice. And i heard he was extremely handsome, i only saw him from back, i never the the opportunity to see his face. So who was it? Let me guess,
it had to be Jai right.

Swa: Ritika, guess again.

Rith: Tapan.

Rag: Nope.

Riti: Rohan.

Maira: Sorry.

Riti: But that leaves, Shresth.

Bha: BINGO. Okay you two talk, we all are tired so we are going home. Okay see you guys. Shritika don’t notice them leaving, they are too busy arguing about something. Sanlak
get a message and are happy, but it turns to sadness when they see it says, sorry not today, tomorrow.

San: What yaar, we stalled for no reason. I’m so sleepy and.

Lak: Bhai, had you gone to sleep, then would you have found out that if there had been no Bhavika or Maira, then bhabhi wouldn’t be with you. One of them would have stolen her,
right under your nose.

San: Laksh, till I remember even Shresth had the chance and if Maira hadn’t been there, then maybe even Ragini would have stolen Jai. right under your nose.

Lak: Bhai, how can Ragu talk like that about Jai in front of me , after I planned that awesome dinner for her. Today I’m going to show her what is Laksh Maheshwari.

Rag: Laksh, what are you guys talking about?

Lak: Nothing Jaan. We are coming.

Jai: Swara, you know something, remember the face we made when we saw Ms. Leah, that’s the same face Laksh makes seeing Ragini. (all the elites starts laughing and Jai puts his hands around Swara, and Rohan is about to put his hands from the other side, but Sanskaar seeing that runs and before Rohan can touch her, he carries her bridal style)

San: Swara, you must be tired right, And I’m sure this dress is not helping. Don’t worry, i’ll help you.

All the girls looking at Sanskaar, say Aww.

Bha: Wow, Swara. Now not only am I jealous of Laksh but also Sanskaar. And here him. I don’t even want to talk to you. (to Rohan, he looks at Sanlak angrily and runs and picks
Bhavika up bridal style)

Laksh sees San signalling him and he picks Ragini up as well. Jai is about to pick up Maira, but she pushes him off and starts walking faster, he runs towards her and throws her
over his shoulder, while she yells at him. Ankita looks at Tapan with a smile and he turns around and he jumps on his back. All the guys using different methods carry their SO to the cars and they all leave, leaving only one car for them and that too with the least amount of gas. (The theory behind that is that either Shresth will have to either stay at Ritika’s or She will have to stay at the Elites home)

They all reach the house, except Tapankita and Virika. (Virika have their own apartment and same for Ankita) The guys continue to carry their SO to their rooms.

San is still carrying Swara, but she has fallen asleep so not wanting to disturb her sleep Sanskaar quietly lays her down on the bed and slowly and carefully changes her dress and
removes her makeup. He sees something and decides to hide it and geos to the balcony and puts it there.

Raglak: Laksh carries ragini to her room and he puts her down and is about to kiss her, but she pushes him and runs to the bathroom. Laksh sees the room and hides things on the
bed as well. Ragini comes out wearing her lehenga, but no jewelry except her sindoor and she has removed her makeup as well. Laksh looks at her and she goes and dims the lights. (I hope it’s understood)

Next morning.

Everyone meets up for breakfast and they notice Shresth not there. Ragini volunteers to go and as soon as she opens the door she gets shocked. The others she her expressionless
and go and see Shritika hugging and sleeping peacefully. The Elites look at each other and taking their phones out, they go and take pictures of them and as soon as Shresth stirs, they freeze and in less than one second all get out of the room and leave. They quietly go back and start eating. After they are done cleaning up, they hear movement in Shresth’s room and they all quickly hide. They see Shritika sneakingly looking around to see no one is around they tiptoe to the living room.

Shr: I think they all went somewhere, or they maybe sleeping.

Rith: Yeah. Let’s leave before anyone comes.

Shr: Yeah.

Rith: Thank You. For the late night date. It was sweet, no one has ever done something this special for me.

Shr: You want a secret, I have never done anything like that before either.

Elite: Like what Shresth. (they all come out from their hiding spot, Shritika look like they saw a ghost.

Shr: Woh, nothing. Actually, umm I have never brought a girl home nah.

Rag: Oh really, then what did we hear about what was it Swara.

Swa: Late Night DATE.

Shr: No, Mishti, it’s nothing like that.

Swa: Shut up, Ritika you tell nah. Late Night Date, What happened?

Shr: Mishti, I said nah, it was nothing, I just took her for a long drive, but I forgot to look at the gas and halfway on our way back when we ran out of gas. So we had to walk back home.

Rag: You had phones right.

Shr: Actually we used up all the battery on my phone with GPS and Ritika’s phone was already dead. So we couldn’t call. By the time we got back to the city, there was not many
taxi’s so we came here since this was the closest place and that’s all.

Roh: Shresth, how long was the walk home?

Shr: I don’t know, but we walked for almost 3 hours or more.

Swa: How far did you go?

Shr: Arrey, it wasn’t that far, but Ritika got tired easily..

Rag: Arrey, then you should have carried her back.

Shr: I did carry her back. She walked only for two hours, i carried her back after that.

Swa: I don’t trust you. I mean, look you don’t have muscles then how did you carry her.

Shr gets a little upset and goes to Ritika and picks her up bridal style and all the elites using this opportunity take pictures surprising Shritika, which causes Shresth to drop almost
drop Ritika, but he catches her on time.

Shr: Guys, I’m going to go drop her. See you guys.

Shritika leave, while the others start laughing.

At night, after the function is finished, and everyone returns home, except Sanlak, they had some work. So, SR, asks everyone to join them in the living room, everyone makes excuses and refuse. SR get sad and decide to just hang out with each other. They are watching TV, when suddenly the lights go off. They hear some noises and look at each other confusingly. They decide to go and check, but when they get downstairs they don’t see anything and they hear noise from the terrace, they quickly go upstairs and are greeted by darkness as the enter the terrace. They step into the terrace and feel something soft on their feet. They walk a little and try to look turn on their flashlights, but before they can turn on their flashlights, they are blinded by lighting. They have to close their eyes for a minute and when they open their eyes they hear their family scream surprise while they spray Swaragini with confetti. SR open their eyes and have tears in their seeing the sign Happy Birthday. They look at everyone and go and hug them. SR are trying to look for Sanlak, but they can’t see them. They look at each other.

Rag: Happy Birthday Little Sis.

Swa: Happy Birthday Di.

Mai: Guys listen. SR turn towards Maira and get busy talking to them.

SR suddenly have someone covering their eyes.

Swa: Sanskaar.

Rag: Laksh.

They let them go and they SR turn around and hug them.

Sanlak: Happy Birthday to our dear wives.

Bha: Guys let’s sit. There’s a little surprise for you. They all go and sit and a video start playing with the song phoolon ka taaron ka song in the background. And moments of SR and
Sahil are showing, the song changes to Yaaron and elites moments are shown and the song changes to tum hi ho and swasan and raglak moments are shown and the song changes to lukka chuppi and sumi shresth dadi dada and SR moments are shown first and the moments then change to ragyam and swakriti moments are shown. Swaragini get teary eyed remembering their kids. Ragini and Swara look shocked when they see Swayam running towards them and they think it’s a dream, but he goes to them and wipes their tears and kisses both SR. They are shocked.

They look up and see Sanlak smiling with Sanskriti in Sanskaar’s arms.

Swara runs to them and hugs them.

While everyone claps.

Precap: Moments of Swaragini with their kids.

Sorry for such a long delay, but i'm extremely busy with college right now. I'm stuck in college whole day and it's only just started but all my professors are giving tests and exams one after another, leaving me no spare time. Sorry, guys, but i promise i will try to update as often as i can.

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