Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 76


Recap: Jaira patch up.

Next morning, sorry afternoon. Ragini wakes up and sees Laksh is not there and then she checks the time and is surprised seeing it’s almost 12pm. She quickly gets up and gets ready. She thinks to go and check if Swara is ready or not and notices the door is unlocked, so she knocks and goes inside when no one answers. She notices Swasan not there either, and she’s about to leave, but she mistakenly drops something.

Swasan: Who’s there? (Both say at the same time from the bathroom)

Rag: Swara, Jij. You two in the bathroom at the same time. Hauh.

Swa: Ragini, it’s nothing like that. Woh, I was actually giving Sanskaar his towel but he pulled me inside.

San: Liar, I didn’t pull you, came yourself.

Swa: Sanskaar, stop making stories.

Rag: Swara, jij you too continue your romance. I’ll see you downstairs.

She goes out.

Maira: Jai, Stop.

Jai: Maira, be quiet someone might hear us.

Ragini giggles and knocks on Rohavika’s door.

Rohan: Can you give us 2 minutes, we’ll be down there.

Rag: You guys also. Continue. Continue.

Rag: Ragini, all the husband’s are here for their wives, but your Laksh. He’s not even here. Chall let’s go downstairs. But what will you do downstairs. She goes to her room and sits
there watching TV.

After an hour she hears someone’s door open and so she quickly goes out and sees Jaira coming out.

Ragini: Hi, guys.

Jai: Hi, Ragu.

Rag: You too woke up early.

Mai: What are you trying to say?

Rag: Na, na nothing. Maira.

Just then Rohavika come out as well.

Roh: Hi, Guys, what’s up?

Jai: Wow, you’re smiling. I thought you would be crying after last night.

Bha: Hahaha Jai. I thought the same thing about you.

Rag: Guys, let’s go. Now I’m hungry and this Laksh he’s not even here.

She goes and knocks on Swasan’s room, who come out.

Swa: Di. How are you? I love you di.

Rag: Chill, Swara, no need to butter me. I won’t tell anyone. (whispers to swasan)

San: You are the best salli.

Rag: You’re most welcome Jij, but now I’m extremely hungry. You know Swara, Bhavika, Maira, you are lucky, your S.O.(significant other) Loves you so much, and here Laksh, he’s not here. I tried calling but he left his phone right here. Let him come I won’t even talk to him.

Everyone laughs and start walking down and meet up with Tapan, Shresth, and Uttarahil, they get down and all are surprised to see the back door open, so they decide to go check it out and coming outside they see a dining table filled with food. It smells delicious, they all go see the food and Ragini gets extremely happy, since it’s ALL her favorite food, there’s nothing on the table that’s not Ragini’s favorite. Ragini has tears in her eyes and looks at her friends, but they all have a no-clue expression. Just then Laksh comes out wearing an apron and chef’s hat with another dish. Everyone looks at him shockingly and he puts Ragini’s favorite macarons (french dessert) on the table. He notices her crying and goes to her and wipes her tears.

Lak: What happen Jaan? Why are you crying? I did all this to make you smile, but here you’re crying.

Rag: Idiot, these are happy tears. And you did all this for me?

Lak: No, I did this for them , of course I did this all for my jaan.

Rag: I love you Laksh. (She happily hugs him)

He breaks the hug and makes her sit and starts serving her and hand feeds her. While the others look at the scene shockingly.

Rag: So, this is why you weren’t in the room. You were busy setting this up. Laksh this dabeli tastes amazing, where did you order it from?

Lak (fake anger) Ragini, I made each and every single dish here. I didn’t order anything from outside.

Everyone gets more shocked and the wives look at their husbands with a little jealously.

Rag: What, you made all this?

Lak: Of course, You’re my wife/life. And right now it’s a critical time and you have to be careful about what you eat. You can’t just eat anything from outside. So I woke up extra early
and made all this for you. I thought since you’re missing Swayam, maybe this will help cheer you up just a little.

Rag: Laksh, I’m really happy. Thank You so much. And stupid me, I was getting jealous, that Rohan, jai and Jij were spending time with their S.O and my husband left me and went

Laksh looks at the guys and everyone looks at each other.

Bha: Ragini, you know you’re so lucky.

Lak: Actually, I’m Lucky.

Bha: Haha, funny joke jij. I meant Ragini you are so fortunate your husband did so much for you. And here my husband, he didn’t even think about how hungry I am, or about how hungry the baby is.

Mai: Bhavi, you’re exactly right. Ragini, you’re extremely fortunate to get a hubby like Laksh. I mean, you’ve known Jij only for two years and he’s doing so much for you, and here we’ve known them for more than half of our lives and they still don’t understand us. I mean imagine if right now he loves so much, in the future.

Jai: You want me to be like Laksh. Okay let’s go.

Mai: Where?

Jai: Marriage registrar. We can get married and after that we can get pregnant and at that time, I’ll take care of you exactly like Laksh does.

Mai: JAI. What are you saying in front of everyone.

Mai is blushing and everyone else is laughing looking at her.

Swa: No, but Maira is right. I mean, you guys never did anything this special for us.

Bha: Swara, you have also known Jij for only a short time, i mean you did leave jij for like a year, so you two are pretty new. OOps sorry.

Swa:It’s okay. Chill. It’s a fact. And i was not talking about Sanskaar, everyone has a different way of showing their feelings. Even Sanskaar has his ways.

Everyone awwws.

Jai: Look Maira, Bhavika be like Swara she’s not even a little upset.

Mai: That’s because she’s a little guilty still about leaving jij. If you don’t want me to be upset then you know what I’ll also leave and then come back okay.

Bha: Same, Let’s go Maira. They start leaving but their S.O hold their hands. And they both say sorry.

Bha: Okay, now can we eat please.

Roh: Okay let’s go. Rohan and Jai start going to the table.

Bha: Wait. Where are you two going?

Jai: To eat. (with an obvio expression)

Mai: No, that Jij made it especially for Ragu. If you want to eat make food yourself, and now don’t disturb them. Let’s go.

Everyone but Raglak leave.

The girls go to the kitchen and they are shocked.

Uttara: OMG. Hearing her, the guys come inside. They look at the kitchen and then the girls.

Sah: Uttara, what was the need for that big OMG?

San: Swara, are you okay? You girls are staring at the kitchen like there’s a bhoot there.

Jai: Rohan, Don’t you wish everyday, these two would always be like this.

Tapan: Like what.

Johan: SPEECHLESS. All the guys but Sanskaar start laughing, while the girls come out of the initial shock look at them angrily.

Bha: rohan, you know each passing second I’m getting more and more annoyed with you.

Roh: Sorry. Sorry. Bhavu. I didn’t mean that. But why are you so shocked.

Maira: rohan, we are shocked because the kitchen is so clean. I mean look not a single thing out of place.

Uttar: Look there’s something on the stove as well.

Just then Raglak come in.

Lak: Oh, I forgot to tell you guys. I went shopping since there was nothing in the kitchen, and everything is stocked and I also made lunch for everyone. I thought since I’m already
making it for my Ragini, why not make it for my sister and salli’s. (the girls look so happy, while the guys look at laksh angrily)

Uttara: Aww, bhai, you are the best. I love you so much. (She hugs him)

Bha: Laksh jij, you are seriously the awesomest person in this world. I love you. (She’s about to hug him, but Rohan comes in between)

Roh: Sorry, I hope you don’t mind.

Mai: Ragini, Now I’m seriously jealous of you. Not only did you get a handsome husband, but you also got the sweetest, kindest husband. Ragini, if you don’t mind can i at least hug him.

Jai: NO Thanks. You can hug me thinking me to be Laksh.

Mai: Chi, why would I ever think of someone like you to be someone like Laksh jij.

Swa: Laksh jij,

San: Swara, you too. (Everyone laughs)

Swa: Oh ho, sanskaar chill. Devar ji. Always take care of my devrani like this and same for you di, always take care of my jij. (She hugs both of them together) Happy Sanskaar.

Sah: Well, since Laksh jij, made lunch, I guess we guys can at least serve it.

Uttara: NO thanks, we have our own hands. We don’t need anything from you guys. Right di.

Mai: Absolutely right. Let’s go.

Jai:Maira. Please.

Shr: Girls, you go sit, we’ll bring the food.

The girls leave, so it’s only the guys. As soon as the girls leave, Jai, Rohan, Sanhil start hitting Laksh. First to stop is Sahil, after Laksh gives him an angry look.

Jai: Laksh, if you were going to make such a plan to impress Ragini, you should have at least told us.

Roh: Yaar, first that Aarav now you Laksh. My wife is less impressed with m e and more with other guys.

Sah: Sorry, Bhaiya, but if you were planning something special, you should have told us nah.

San: Lucky, aaj because of you, our wives are angry with us.

Shr: But Mishti is not angry at you at all.

San: (a little jealous) Shona, Outside she’s showing she’s okay, but inside she’s feeling like jhansi ki Ra. (He sees towards the door and spots the ladies listening to them.) Rani, my Shona is so sweet, she’s not at all angry with me. Infact she’s my Rani, you know nah, my queen. I love my Shona so much. Laksh this was a good plan, yaar you must have did this to hide something from Ragini right.

Lak: Nope, i have nothing to hide from her. But I did have a hidden motive. Actually in the morning, she was crying missing Swayam, so I thought if I do this then at least she’ll be a little happy for a few moments.

There the girls are all teasing Ragini and she’s shying.

Shr: Wow, Lucky you really are the ideal. But now guys let’s go or you four will be spending the rest of your london trip with Tapan and me.

Jai: Why four?

Tap: There’s no way Ragini is kicking Laksh out now, so.

Everyone quickly leave, Sanskaar is in the kitchen and gets scared seeing Swara.

San: Shona. I love you. You know today, you look extra special. Not just special, you look so gorgeous ki aaj chand bi sharma jaye. (Even the moon will get shy looking at you)

Swa: Sanskriti ki papa, Don’t you think you’re a little too much.

San: (puts his hands around her waist and pulls her closer) Meri princess ki mommy, I don’t think, I know I’m a little too much to handle.

Swa: SKP, leave or someone will come. San leaves her.

Swa: (whispers) Chod diya (He left) He smirks looking at her. He then goes to the fridge and takes out a bowl and gives it to Swara. She opens it and sees Tiramisu. She happily
looks at him and putting the bowl down hugs him.

Swa: When did you do this?

San: Stupid Lucky, I made this morning, before Laksh. Thankfully he didn’t throw this away.

Swa: Sanskaar, I’m honestly not mad at you. I wasn’t. I really meant it what I said. Everyone has a different way of showing their love. Jij cooks, Rohan jokes, Jai annoys and you.
You. You

San: I, I what Swara. She tries to go, but he pulls her back and turns her. She’s looking down shyly, so he pulls her chin up and kisses her. After sometime they break apart and he’s
about to leave, but she stops him and holding his chin she pulls him down to her and kisses him, surprising him. He picks her up and carries her to a counter and puts her there while still kissing.

Someone: Ahem Ahem. Swasan don’t hear it the first three times and after the fourth time, they feel someone calling them and immediately open their eyes. They look at each other scared. Swara immediately hugs him and tries hard to bury inside his chest.

Rag: Swara, jij it’s okay. You two can continue your make out session. We just came to get water. ANd we promise, we didn’t see anything. Right Laksh.

Lak: Yeah Swara, Sanskaar we didn’t see anything.

Swasan are so embarrassed they don’t even look at Raglak, they just keep their faces hidden.

Rag: Laksh, did you make this tiramisu.

Lak: No, actually, I was going to throw it away, but then I thought to let it be. But i should throw it away right.

Swasan: NO.

San: Lucky I made that

Rag: Jij, you know Swara LOVESS tiramisu. Infact instead of cake she cut tiramisu for her 18th birthday. But you too continue, we are going. BUt ha be ready by 6, we have to go.

Raglak leave and Swasan go to the dining table and start eating. Maira, Bhavika and Uttara are still a little upset with their S.O.

Jai: maira, can you pass me the pepper.

Mai: Tapu, here, give this to whoever wants it.

Rohan: Bhavika, can you give me some more spaghetti.

Bha: Shresth, here you wanted some spaghetti.

Sah: Shresth bhai, you’re lucky you’re not married.

Utt: Shresth, one advice, when you get married make sure you keep your wife happy, treat her like a queen. Don’t ever let her get upset. Fulfill PROMISES you make to each other.

Mai: She’s right, Shresth never upset your wife.

Bha: Unlike some people here. That’s all they know to do.

Swa: Waise, they all are right. After you get married, treat your wife like a queen. Otherwise we four will come and beat you up to teach you a lesson. And first will be Ragini only.
(Everyone smiles hearing Swara, especially Sanskaar (it’s like a firework show in his heart right now) Shresth is a little sad/upset hearing Swara say that, but he doesn’t know how to react.)

Evening 5:45PM.

All the Ladies are dressed and waiting downstairs for the men to come. After almost 10 minutes they come dressed in suits. The men are like always mesmerized seeing their wives. Swara (wavy hair, with just her mangalsutra, and watch no other jewelry) is wearing a navy blue sleeveless gown complimenting Sanskaar in his navy blue suit. Ragini (curly hair, with light jewelry) is in a peach and emerald green lehenga matching with Laksh’s Emerald Green suit. Maira is wearing a teal blue gown matching with Tapan and Jai’s suit. Tapan is a darker shade compared to Jaira. Rohavika have a black combination. While Uttarahil have a white combination. And Shresth has a light navy blue suit. They are leaving when Aarav comes just then. He goes and hugs all the girls and the guys are jealous seeing him there and they angrily greet him.

Rag: Hi, aarav. How are you?

Bha: Aarav, you are looking extremely handsome. Look we are looking so great, I mean Red and Black make an awesome combination nah.

Roh: I thought Black and Black look good together.

Mai: (seeing Jai she starts acting) Actually, Aarav I forgot to ask them to send my Red gown or I was going to wear that only, you know so we could match.

AM: Awww, that’s so sweet. Before marriage we would have been the perfect matching couple right.

Jai: Guys, I’m getting late. I’m leaving. He leaves angrily taking the black Audi R8, in full speed.

Aarav takes Tapan and Maira, while SR and them take Jen, after Tapan gives them 1000000 warnings. Shresth takes his Ferrari and Rohavika take the BMW 328i.

SR reach the venue and go inside and greet the bride and groom. There seems to be more than at least 1,000 people there. They are instructed to their table. The thing starts after
sometime the bride’s sister comes on stage and says the spotlight will fall on 20 people in the hall and those people will have to come to the stage and dance together. First a girl will
be chosen and then her dance partner will be chosen. SO please remember your number. First light falls on Swara and see looks at Ragini scared. Soon the light falls and
Ragsanlak are also chosen but not as each other’s partner, but rather someone else’s. SRSl laugh looking at each other. They all go on the stage and are surprised to see some of
the people. There are a few unknown people, but the other people are revealed to be the other Elites, Virika, Aarav, Ankita and some girl (Kashmira Irani) who is paired with
Sanskaar and another girl (Abigail Jain) paired with Aarav. There it’s revealed that Rohan and Swara are paired, Ragini is paired with Shresth, while Laksh is paired with Ankita,
Tapan is paired with Maira, and last, Jai and Bhavika.

San: Swara look at her, she’s so pretty. I’m happy she’s my partner. I’ll see you later bye. Shona. He pulls her cheeks and goes to dance with the girl. (Swara looks at him angrily and
starts dancing with Rohan)

The song starts and plays Koi Ladka Hai. The elites all look at each other and remembering their childhood dance, start laughing. They all signal each other & the four with Laksh
and Ankita form a small circle, Swara tries to call Sanskaar but he’s too busy talking to his partner. After sometime they elites switch partners. They switch partners again after
sometime, they are about to switch partners one last time since now everyone will be with their S.O, expect Swasan, since San is too busy talking to his new “friend”. As they are
switching the song changes to Over and Over Again by Nathan Skyes. (If you guys like slow romantic songs, this is an amazing song). Sanskaar looks over and notices the partner
swap and he notices Shreshth and Swara dancing, he thinks nothing about it. And goes back to talking, when He feels someone elbowing him, he looks and sees Ragini. But she
pretends not to notice him.

Rag: Laksh, can I tell you a secret?

Lak: What?

Rag: You know this is Shresth and Swara’s song.

Lak: What?

Rag: Laksh, you know this is the song that was playing when Swara & Shresth had their first kiss. And this was the song he proposed to Swara. And this was also the song that was
playing when they realised they love each other. And it was at his concert and this song was playing when he asked Swara to be his girlfriend.

Lak: So what you’re saying is that this song holds a lot of sentiments for Swara.

Rag: Yeah, swara probably wanted to dance with jij, but he’s too busy with someone else.

Sanskaar, gets jealous hearing that and looks and sees Shresht and Swara dancing while looking into each other’s eyes. He gets more jealous and asks his partner if she minds
dancing with Shresth while pointing and him and she says no problem, so they dance towards Swara & Shresth.

I won’t leave you, Always be true. One plus one two for life.

Sanskaar comes and pulls Swara away and notices she has tears in her eyes, and see’s it’s the same with Shresth.

San: Shresth, meet Rithika. Rithika meet Shresth and my wife Swara. If you don’t mind. Excuse us.

He takes Swara a little far away from other’s and wipes her tears.

San: are you okay? (he’s scared the song may have awaken feelings)

Swa: I’m happy actually.

San: What?

———– Flashback ————

As the song starts playing, Shresth looks at her and notices her looking at him.

Shr: I really love you Swara.

Swa: I really love you too Shresth.

Shr: I wish that was true.

Swa: It is. I really do love you as a friend. Shresth, you also know, before we started dating we were friends. We are always friends first.

Shr: Thanks.

Swa: What for.

Shr: Today, when you talked about me moving on. I finally understood. That no matter what, you are never going to leave Sanskaar right.

Swa: Never, I can never leave him.

Shr: Otherwise, I had a small hope in my heart.

Swa: Shresth.

Shr: But hearing you talk about me moving on, I realised that the hope’s not going anywhere, so I let it go. And I thought talking to you once. Thanks.

Swa: Does this mean, I can finally set you up with someone.

Shr: Not so soon, just because I’m ready to move on doesn’t mean, you can quickly get rid of me.

Swa: But Shresth, you also need someone.

Shr: I know, but you also know that love doesn’t knock on your door.

Shrwa (at the same time) Love Happens.

——— Fb ends. —————–

San: What happened? Did you two

Swa: Sanskaar, What did you talk about with Rithika. Is she single?

San: What? Why?

Swa: I want to set her up with someone.

San: Who? (He’s scared thinking it’s him)

Swa: Arrey, Obviously Shresth, who else. I mean what other bachelor do I know.

San: Oh okay. Yeah, she’s single. Actually she just finished her internship at a law firm here and she got a job in SKG Inc as their business advocate. It’s in Mumbai.

Swa: Oh that’s nice. Wait SKG Inc. You’re not joking right.

San: No, I’m serious. She’s moving to Mumbai, so I was just telling her about it. Doesn’t SKG Inc sound familiar.

Swa: (serisouly Sanskaar) Oh Okay. Sanskaar let’s go, she takes him near the elites.

Swa: Guys, listen. Ragini, I found a dulhan for your best friend.

Rag: What, seriously. Who.

Swa: Look, she points towards Shritika.

All the guys comment she’s beautiful (basically how the girls react around Aarav, the girls get angry but they control) Soon the function ends and the elites stay late, to start their

Rithika: Meenu, okay bye. I need to leave. See you. Or else I won’t get a ride back to the hotel.

San: Hi, Ritika. Do you need a ride, Swara and I can drop you off.

Rith: Seriously. That would be great. Thanks.

Swa: Let’s go.

They come out and signal Raglak, who tell Sahil and Uttara to take Jen and Swasan and Rithika leave.

Raglak seeing Shresth, come and start doing natak.

Rag: how dare you call me moti. I’m not moti, it’s your eyes that can’t see beauty.

Lak: Ragini, if i won’t call moti, moti, will I call you Alia Bhatt.

Rag: Laksh.

Lak: I know that’s my name, you don’t need to yell it.

Shr: Guys, stop fighting.

Rag: Shresth, can you please take me get some Battenburg cake. My baby is really craving it and this Laksh won’t even take me. Please.

Shr: Of course. Ragu, You don’t have to ask.

Lak: Let’s go.

Rag: Where are you coming?

Lak: I never tried battenburg cake, so

Rag: No, (she sees Jai, and stops his car.) Jai, take Laksh with you. Shresth and I will go and get some Battenburg cake. (she winks at them, unnoticed by Shresth) and they all
Shrag reach the shop and they are ordering, when rithika and all enter.

Rag: OMG, Swara. What are you guys doing here? And that too with Rithika.

Rith: actually, Uttarahil said they have never had Battenberg cake, and you can’t not have BB cake and that too from this bakery. So I thought before dropping me, they should try it
and even I felt like eating it. You know I love sweets. I have one of the biggest sweet tooths. Even mom gets tired making sweets for me. She always says Rithi what will happen after
you get married and I always respond to her saying wherever I go, I’ll take her with me.

They all are shocked hearing her talk so much, but they notice Shresth is just smiling listening to her bak-bak and SR hi-fi each other.

Slowly the whole group gathers along with Aarav and the girl, who’s introduced to be Aneri, the bride’s sister. After getting the cake they all decide to go and hang-out at a park, since
there’s almost 20 of them and they won’t fit in that small bakery. They all are walking to the park and as soon as they reach to one area, the elite girls look at something shocked and
run to four different trees and back hug it like they are trying to hide something. (Everyone looks on curiously/surprise/shocked)

Precap: Moments, secrets revealed.

Hey guys, I made this one extra extra long, since I haven’t posted in two days and this is my way of saying Sorry. I hope you like It. And to all my commenters, Thank you soo much. I read all the comments, but I don’t have the time to comment. But trust me I read all the comments.

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