Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 75

Precap: The girls have “disappeared”

Jai: Uncle Micheal’s. They get there and see people surrounding a car. Japan run to the crowd and see Maira unconsciousness. The girls hear the noise and they come outside and seeing their husbands they run to them.

Jai: Maira, wake up please. Maira. Someone call an ambulance. Hurry up.

Guy: Hi, umm I am a doctor, do you mind if i take a look before calling an ambulance.

Jai: Can’t you see she’s unconscious, what’s more to look.

Tap: Sorry, sir. Do you mind, he’s a little emotional right now.

Dr.: It seems she’s just fainted due to stress, there’s no need to take her to the hospital, if you just let her rest for some time she’ll be fine.

Jai: Are you sure, you’re even a doctor, I am can’t you see she was hit by this car. (He goes to the driver and pulls his collar) I am going to sue you if anything happens to my fiancee.
Do you understand.

Swara sprinkles water on Maira’s face, which causes her to gain consciousness. She hears the fiancee statement and gets happy. (he doesn’t know she’s awake)

Maira: Jai.

Jai looks at her and looks like he got his life back, he leaves the driver and goes to Maira and hugs her. Their friends, thank the doctor and apologize to the driver and everyone
clears the area, while Jaira are still hugging.

Rag is about to cough, but tapan stops her and drags her from there and everyone follows them.

Rag: Tapu, why did you stop me?

Tap: Ragu, they are having a romantic moment after such a long time and you want to disturb them. Come on.

Rag: Uhh fine. But now can we please get some ice cream?

Sanhilak: ICE CREAM.

Roh: Uncle Micheal’s is our favorite ice cream parlor.

Swa: They make the best

Elites: coffee ice cream.

Swa: Hahaha, how funny. I’m going inside if you want to come come, if not then bye.

Shr: Swa, did you guys have to bring Jen?

Tap: You girls drove Jen. Ragini you didn’t drive right. Is my Jen fine?

Shr: Tapan, calm down, I’ll go and properly park the car, (tapan gives an angry look) I mean Jen. I’ll be back.

They other’s go inside and see an old man working there. (Shresth & Jaira aren’t there)

Elites: Uncle Michael.

UM: Well, Hello Elites. It’s been around two years since i’ve seen your faces.

He comes out hugs all of them. Swara takes out three gift wrapped boxes and gives it to him.

UM: Swara what is this for?

Swa: Uncle we missed three of your birthday’s so these are belated wishes from all of us elites.

UM: aww, thank you everyone. Come on, now i’ll get your ice creams ready.

Without the elites saying anything, he starts making the ice cream and gives them extra scoops.

Rag: Uncle, not that i’m complaining but why the extra scoops.

UM:I also missed three of all of your birthday’s so a belated present from me.

Elites: Aww, thank you uncle.

UM: By the way, I see four new faces, and Jai and Maira are missing.

Swa: Oh uncle, meet Sahil, my brother and Uttara his wife. And this is Laksh, Ragini’s husband. And This is Sanskaar, my husband, And Laksh and Uttara’s brother.

UM: So you happily moved on, for that you get an extra scoop.

Rag: No fair uncle. If swara gets an extra scoop, we all should get one.

After the other four get their ice cream, Jaira come in and get their ice cream, while everyone teases them. Jaira leave and after some time, Shresth comes inside.

Shr: Guys, did you see Jaira left. Lol. Uncle Michael is shocked and they can see on his face, so they shortly tell him about him being into a coma and leave out the revenge details.

After they get ice cream, take the car, but since everyone can not fit in there and Tapan won’t let anyone else drive his Jen, the guys all just decide to walk. They all still get home at
the same time. They are about to go inside, but they stop hearing Maira speaking.

Maira: I hated the word marriage. Not because of you or anything, it’s just I have always had bad examples around me. Jai trust me I really want to spend a happy life with you but the thought of marriage terrifies me.

Jai: Exactly, what about marriage.

Maira: My dad loved my mom so much, that after she died, he hated everyone, he became heartless. You know after she died he sent me off to school, not once after that did he
ever come to meet me. Even though I had seen her being murdered in front of me, I had a bigger grief, but dad couldn’t overcome his grief. After that, my chachu was caught
cheating on my chachi with her sister, my chachi was pregnant at that time, chachu didn’t even care that they were going to start a family together and he cheated on her. Then there’s my bua’s ex-husband. He not only cheated her, he cheated the entire family. He hurt her so badly, she’s in a mental asylum right now. I rarely meet my mom’s family, but seeing them I had a small hope that marriage is good, if you find the right person. But even that got shattered after shresth “died” and you saw how broken Swara was. I remembered dad and swara. They were the two most full of life people, but after they lost their SO’s they died, they were just a living corpse. But then Swara moved on with Sanskaar and she’s soo happy, and then our friends are also happy, so that gave me a bigger hope that we would always be able to work it out.

Jai: we have known each other for so long, but you have never once told me about your family. I mean you never introduced me to your parents. Maira, I didn’t even know your mom was killed in front of you. We have dated for almost 7 years and yet you never told me anything. Fine you may not want to tell me as your boyfriend, but you couldn’t have told me as a friend.

Maira: Jai, I didn’t want to hide anything from you, trust me. But I know how much you love family. You have the best family. Yeah your parents are not with you today, but your parents loved you and Jeevika, they left you with the best memories. And your grandparents and chachu and all also love you guys and never once let you miss your parents. But that was not my case. I didn’t have anyone to comfort me. One whole year I waited for my dad, but he never came instead he sent a driver to drop me to the airport where i was picked up and dropped here. I didn’t know anything.

Jai: You could have told us.

Maira: I did, I told swragika. I told them on the second year anniversary of mom’s death. And I told Tapan when he saw me crying on mom’s fourth anniv.

Jai: Wait, so Tapan knew, but you knew told me. Why? Is it because you didn’t trust me.

Maira: I haven’t told Shresht, Rohan and you. I mean how i could i tell you. Jai, you had the best childhood. You have one of the best families. You and I we has a similar childhood, but the most opposite family lives. I couldn’t just come up and tell you all this. I’m sorry, I really am sorry for hiding all this from you, but I promise. I don’t want to make you feel like you don’t matter to me. I love you a lot Jai. these past few days have been a torture for me. In this time I realized, the fear for marriage in my mind is not right and if I’m with you I know you would never hurt me. So, even if you want to get married tomorrow I’m ready. Whenever and Wherever you say, I promise this time I won’t back off.

Jai smiles and hugs her and they kiss. (The others can’t see, they can only hear, so without any warning they all jump out saying surprise and are laughing seeing them kiss, Jaira pull away and smile looking at the others and go hug them)

Tapan: You know what, I don’t understand is why did you guys at 3:30 Am go to Uncle Michael’s.

Swa: Oh, Bhavika was craving ice cream and that to Uncle Micheal’s and you know Uncle Michael always keeps his parlor open 24/7, so we got lucky or else Rohan you would have
been dead.

Roh: What dead? Do you girls know how worried I was?

Jai: You, we were all worried.

Roh: Tapu, look at him.

Tap: I remember someone saying, “if you are so worried for her, then why don’t you call, I couldn’t care less”

Jai: Guys, I never said that. Shresth bro back me up please.

Shr: Sorry, I don’t lie.

Maira: Seriously. You know what I’m not talking to you. I’m going to sleep goodnight.

She angrily leaves from there and Jai follows her.

Bhav: Guys let’s go and sleep.

Swa: Guys, it’s almost 5 am. Don’t you have the wedding.

Roh: The wedding is later, it’s just pre-rituals and that’s in the evening.

Rag: Same, here, but now I’m sleepy. Goodnight. Swasan, Raglak and Rohvika go upstairs and see Jai standing at Maira’s door and Bhavika pities him so she let’s him use the
connecting door and lets him into Maira’s room.

Raglak go to sleep as soon as they enter the room.

Swasan, Sanskaar tries to sleep but he can’t because of Swara, who keeps twisting and turning.

San: Swara, what happened?

Swa: sanskaar, look it’s 10:30 in India as well, can we please call mom. I want to see Sanskriti.

San: Why are you asking me, even I want to see my princess.

They skype India and they talk to everyone there, Swara complains on how they wouldn’t pick up the phone the whole day with the adults telling them no one was home to pick up
because they had gone to a wedding. After some time Ragini hearing Swayam gets up and comes to Swara’s room and cries seeing Swayam.

Rag: Swayam, hi my baby. You know mom misses you soo much.

Sya: Mumma. I miis mumma. (Ragini cries a little hearing that) Laksh also wakes up.

Lak: No fair, swayam, you only miss mumma, but not papa.

Sya: Syam, miis pap. Syam miis mumma n pap.

Lak: Mumma and Papa miss Swayam a lot too.

Swayam goes away to play, while the elders talk and after a while they hang up.

Swa: Ragini, why does it feel like i haven’t seen Sanskriti forever.

Rag: Same right. And it’s only been one day.

Sw: I don’t get why they send us so early.

San: let’s do one thing. Let’s go back and come back for the wedding right Laksh (sarcastic)

Lak: Yeah, Bhai that’s a good idea. (sarcastic)

Rag: Laksh, this is one of your best idea’s. I like it.

Swa: ME too, i like it.

San: Swara, it’s just two weeks. Even I’m missing Swayam and Sanskriti, but just two weeks.

Laksh: after that we won’t ever leave them anywhere alone.

SR: Promise.

SL: Kasam

SR hug SL and after saying goodnight oops good morning they all go to sleep.

Precap: Function.

Hey guys i know this is short, but i just wanted to upload something, and I could only type this much in the time I have. Ihope you like it.

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