Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 74

Recap: Reaching London.

Everyone wakes up early morning to get ready for the pre-ritual but they get a call informing them, it’s been cancelled due to some personal reason. So they decide to go and tour London.

Swa: Sanskaar, here these are some clothes for you, go and change downstairs with Sahil, please. Uttara is coming to get ready here.

San: Swara, i’ll go to the bathroom.

Swa: Sanskaar, go or else i’m not coming.

San: Really, then i won’t go either and we two can spend the whole day together. (Pulls her closer and look at her lips)

Swa: I meant, I’ll keep you out the whole day and at night, I’ll go and sleep in Ragu’s room.

Utta: Bhai, continue romance later, please let us get ready.

San: Fine, I’m going.

He leaves.

Lak: Ragini, I’m ready. I’m going to go and wait downstairs, come fast. (She’s in the closet)

Rag: Okay, Laksh wait can you go downstairs and take water bottles for us please.

Lak: Okay, but come fast.

Rag: Yeah Yeah.

Laksh gets ready in a soft-pink short sleeve shirt and mint-blue bermuda shorts, and comes with water bottles and sees no one there yet, and is going upstairs when he sees Swattragini coming down. And just then Sanhil also get ready and come. They all are mesmerized seeing their wives. Swara is wearing a knee length light turquoise sleeveless dress with matching sandals and she has her mangalsutra and sindoor along with her S&S necklace and a matching color apple watch along with a black crossbody. Everyone looks at Sanskaar and sees him wearing light turquoise shorts and a white shirt. They all start teasing Swasan, who in turn start teasing the other two for also wearing matching color themes. Ragini is wearing a soft pink mid-thigh pencil skirt with a ocean blue loose blouse. She right hand has a stack of matching bracelets, and left hand a matching watch. She’s also wearing sandals with a white and blue kate spade bag. Sahil is wearing a yellow and lavender combination, while Uttara is wearing lavender dress.

Uttara: Bhai, have you seen bhabhi’s closet.

Sahil: Which bhabhi.

Uttara: Both. Oh my gosh. I could get lost in there forever and never want to come out.

Lak: I saw Ragini’s, but bhai i can only say Thank god, they don’t have as many clothes as they have here back in india or we would need to get a bigger closet space. Actually not
space but a whole entire room for all their things.

Swa: Actually jij, our closet is designed as a room.

San: Wait, I didn’t see Swara’s closet though.

Rag: Seriosuly, jij trust me you don’t want to. (She’s smirking)

San: Now, toh I really want to. What’s the secret there Ragini.

Swa: Yeah, Ragini, tell nah.

Rag: Nothing. Let’s go or we won’t have time for anything.

Swa: NO, No Ragu. Did you show jij your that section in the closet. You know the one where you have put all the pict

Rag: Swara, we are getting late let’s go.

Lak: One sec, what are saying Swara.

Swa: Jij, actually you know.

Rag: Who ever wants to come let’s go or else I’m leaving you all.

Swa: Ragu, wait we are coming.

They head off to another direction, while the other four look confused but they follow them. And at first it’s dark, but as soon as the lights are turned on, everyone is shocked. It’s a
garage and there are more than 10 cars there and each one better than the first. All the car are high brand cars such as Audi, BMW, Rolls Royce, and many other including a ferrari.

Lak: Wow, these are beautiful.

Rag: Thank You. They are ours.

Sah: Di, you guys had such awesome cars, but you never told us.

Swa: Sahil, these are the elites cars. And what would we do telling you.

Sah: I would have come here nah, just to take trips in your cars.

Rag: Sorry, Sahil we wouldn’t have allowed to drive any of these cars.

Sah: if not these then which ones would you let me drive.


Rag: Guys, stop joking and let’s go. I’m hungry and i really want some

Swa: Regency cafe, I know I know. Let’s go.

San: Wait, are we all taking separate cars.

Rag: Of course not jij. We are taking that SUV.

Sah: Di, don’t insult BMW by saying that. Even it has some respect.

Swa: Sahil, shut your mouth now or no more nice cars for you.

Sah: Sorry, di, let’s go now meri maa.

Swa: Let me go get the keys. (She goes to a table and pulls out keys and gives the keys to Sanskaar.) Sanskaar, this is one of our first cars, please drive it carefully. Look the
accelerator is really smooth so be careful. And look please mind your speed. I have a lot of memories with this car, we all do please.

San: Okay Swara. I promise I will drive it really carefully.

Rag: Wait, Swara, if you don’t want to drive then I will. Here give it.

Swa: Ragini, no. You already hurt Jen once, I can’t let it happen another time. And you know Tapan will kill us if we even hurt his Jen.

Lak: Who’s Jen.

Rag: this car, and swara it was not even my fault.

San: Guys, i’m driving, so better hurry up and sit or else I’ll leave you all go.

Everyone stops their argument and sit in the car, with Laksh in the front and Swattaragini and Sahil in the back. They leave while Swara keeps telling Sanskaar to be careful and gets
scared every time he brakes. And Laksh keeps annoying Ragini regarding her secret in the closet. And she keeps ignoring him. While Uttrahil fight over something. Finally they
arrive at the cafe. And Swaragini run in there like their life depends on it. When the men enter they see the three ladies have already gotten a table and the food has come and they
are already eating. After breakfast, SR become the guides and they give them a tour of their city London. They take them to their school and college and they stop for Lunch at the Cinnamon club and after Lunch they go to a park and just walk around and have fun. By dinner time, everyone is exhausted, so they decide to order from the indian place again and they get the food and have dinner and get refreshed quickly and since the next day function is in the evening, they decide to watch a movie. Half-way through the movie Shail carries a sleeping Uttara and says goodnight. Laksh looks at Swasan who are busying in watching the movie. Actually it’s Swara who’s interested in watching the movie, while Sanskaar is busy looking at her. He then sees Ragini also watching the movie, but she’s not too interested. So he picks her up and asks her not to make a sound and as quietly as possible he carries her to the room.


Rag: Laksh, what are you doing?

Lak: Ragini, you know we haven’t spend a lot of time together.

Rag: Laksh, we spend the whole day together, how much more time do you want.

Lak: Ragini, (he comes closer to her) You know, we are going to get busy because of this wedding, so why not spend as much as time we can together.

Rag: Laksh, why would we get busy.

Lak: Ragini. Fine goodnight. He goes and turns his back and pretends to sleep.

Ragini goes to him and turns him around and starts kissing his face, while Laksh is trying hard not to give in, finally she kisses his lips and he turns her over, so that he’s on top.

Lak: Now, why are here?

Rag: Because, even i want to spend some time with my husband.

There the movie ends, Swara looks and sees there’s no one but her and Sanskaar an she looks at Sanskaar and sees him looking at her and understands his motive, so she quickly
gets up and starts cleaning up. And every time Sanskaar comes close to her, she runs away. This goes on for quite some time. Finally Swara runs and hides somewhere, she comes
out and notices him not there and starts looking for him, when he comes behind her picks her up and carries her to the room.

Sometime after midnight, everyone wakes up hearing something breaking and hearing screams. Sanlak wake and see their wives missing and so they quickly go downstairs and are

Swara has hockey sticks in their hands, Jai and Maira are on the floor having an intense eyelock. There’s this guy holding on Ragini, (almost like saving her from falling),

Laksh goes to Ragini and pulls her and makes her stand behind him.

Lak: Ragini, what are you doing here? And you who are you?

Guy: Hi, I’m (Himansh Kohli)

Rag: Aarav Malik.

AM: Right. You’re Ragini, Ragini Gadodia right.

Rag: Yeah, Hi. Ragini Gadodia. (She extends her hand to him and he’s about to hold it but Laksh pulls it back)

Lak: Actually, it’s Ragini Laksh Maheshwari now. And I’m Laksh Maheshwari her husband.

AM: oh, hi sorry, I didn’t know. Congrats Ragini and Laksh.

Jaira are still staring at each other, when Swara alerts them and they quickly compose themselves.

Maira: Swaragini, What are you doing here? I mean you guys didn’t even tell me you were coming here.

Swa: Actually Maira, we came last night only. But what are you and Jai doing here?

Maira: Actually I came here with Aarav to check, I got a message regarding the alarm.

SR: with AARAV.

Jai: You came with Aarav.

Maira: Woh actually Aarav is my

Aarav: Fiancee, I mean to-be fiancee.

Just then the remaining four members of elite enter and the 7 all say What together and look at Aarav and Maira and Jai. Jai gets angry, but he doesn’t say anything.

Jai: Wow, congrats Mr.Aarav and Maira. Hopefully you two have a good married life together. And hopefully this time Maira, you won’t make excuses to postpone the wedding.

Bhavika: Aarav Malik, right.

AM: Hi, Bhavika right. You were the one who hated me most last time.

Bhav: WHAT. I never hated you, infact i loved you. I wanted Swara to say yes to you and if not Swara, I would have said yes to you.

Roh: Excuse me.

Bhav: Rohan, that was a long time ago.

Aarav: Speaking of Swara, (he goes to her and hugs her, sanskaar gets jealous and Swara moves back seeing that) It’s been a long time. It’s nice to see you once again. And Congrats on your wedding, Mom and dad told me. And Congrats on your child. Where’s your husband?

San: Hi, I’m sanskaar, Swara’s husband.

Aarav: Nice to meet you. You know I was going to say yes to Swara, but I said no at the last minute and right now looking at her, i think i may have made a huge mistake. He then

San: (fake laughs) haha. That’s really funny.

Rag: Guys, Shut up. First tell me why are you all here?

Shr: Ragu, what are you all doing here?

Bha: Guys i’m tired right now can we please sit down and eat and talk please.

Swaira: You guys sit, we’ll get some snacks. They leave and Rohan and Tapan follow them to help them.

Everyone’s seated by the time the food comes and they all start talking.

Swa: We have a wedding to attend, Dad and Papa know them and they couldn’t come, so we came.

Rag: Waise, bhi we just came yesterday.

Bhav: Same, Rohan’s cousin is getting married. We were supposed to come yesterday, but someone booked the wrong flight.

Roh: Arrey, I said nah i’m sorr. It was one mistake. One.

Shr: guys stop fighting. I’m also here for a wedding, it’s one of my business associates son.

Jai: Same. My business associate’s son wedding.

Tapan: Well, It’s my cousin’s wedding too.

Maira: I’m here for a wedding too. Remember the Rethiya wedding.

Tapan: Wait, Meenakshi Rethiya right?

Aarav: How do you know Meenu di.

Tapan: She’s my cousin.

Aarav: You’re lying right. I mean I know the Rethiya for years, but I have never ever seen you at any of the family events.

Tap: Because, I don’t go to these events, but I had to because of my parents. Meenakshi is my dad’s cousin’s daughter.

AM: Wait are you Mittal Uncle’s son.

Tap: Yup Tapan Mittal.

AM: oh okay I guess then Maira will have some company with you.

Maira: Guys, are you all staying here.

Shr: Maira, where else can we stay.

Maira: No, actually dad won’t allow me to stay here alone, so if you all are here, I can.

Rag: Mairu, since when did you start taking your dad’s permission.

Mai: I know right.

Bhavika: guys, can we please go to sleep, I’m extremely sleepy.

Am: I guess that’s my signal to leave. Goodnight. See you tomorrow Maira. He hugs her and leaves.

Rohan: Bhavi, why are you going upstairs, Room is downstairs.

Bhav: Rohan, I haven’t slept on my bed in almost 3 years, there’s now way, i’m sleeping here.

Roh: But you’re pregnant, you can’t climb stairs.

Rag: Roh, I climbed stairs daily during Swayam.

Bha: See. Okay let’s go upstairs.

Roh: No.

Bha: Fine, you sleep down, I’m going to my room. San looks a little confused. Bhavika angrily climbs the stairs and Rohan gives up and follows her. Swasan and raglak go upstairs
too and Bhavika is about to enter the first room.

San: Bhavika, isn’t that Ragini’s room.

Bha: Sanskaar jij, i’m not in the mood for jokes, this is my room. (pointing to the room next to Swara) that’s Ragini’s room.

San: What. (He looks at Raglak, who have a sorry expression, and Swara has a i told you so expression)

Maira: Jij, this is swara’s, then Bhavika, that one is ragini and the last one there is my room.

San: Wait, but your rooms were downstairs and if you girls stay here, then where do Shresth and Jai stay.

Rohan: Sanskaar, we guys had our rooms downstairs and these ladies called second floor.

San: Seriously.

Rohan: Yeah.

Bha: Jij, I think ragini pranked you. But all discussion tomorrow, goodnight.

They all say goodnight and Raglak run to the room, Sanskaar goes inside and opens the connecting door before Laksh can lock it takes a pillow and starts beating him.

San: Laksh, you know how scared I was.

Lak: Sorry, bhai but ragini made me promise.

San: Ragini.

Rag: Sorry, jij. I just wanted to have fun.

Swa: Sanskaar, let them be nah. Let’s go and try to get some sleep it’s already 1AM.

They all say goodnight and go to sleep.

While sleeping Sanskaar turns over and doesn’t feel Swara so he gets up and sees around and quietly goes around the house trying to find her, but he can’t. And he sees the time is
3:30AM and tries calling her phone but he can’t. So he knocks on Laksh’s door and asks him about Swara, but they notice ragini is not there either, slowly all the men come out and
Sah and Roh say the same thing about their wives. Jai and Tapan quickly go to Maira’s room and see she’s not there either.

San: Guys, where did they go?

Lak: Bhai, ragini isn’t picking up my phone either.

Sah&Roh: Same, neither are Bhavika and Uttara.

Shresth: Did anyone try Maira’s phone.

Tapan: Jai, di you try maira’s phone.

Jai: Why should I, if you guys are worried call her, why are you asking me.

Tapan: Jai, i’m really trying to be civil here.

Jai: don’t you have a phone, then call her nah.

Tapan: Shresht and I lost our phones from the airport. The new ones come tomorrow.

Jai: Fine. (He calls her and she picks up)

Maira: Hello (extremely happy) Hi, Jai. You called? (he puts it on speaker)

Tap: Mairu where are you? Where are Swara and them. Do you know how worried we are.

Mai: Tapan actually we came here to Uncl. AAHHHHH. The phone ends and they all get worried hearing her scream.

Jai: Maira, Maira what happened are you there? (He tries calling, but the phone doesn’t go through) Tapan do something, Sahil, you have that little watch thing right, use that. Fast.

Sah: Uttara, took it off before going to sleep. Let me try the phone finder. It’s not working.

Tap: Maira was saying Unc, something right.

San: Yeah, I think she was going to say Uncle something.

Jai: Uncle Micheal’s. They may be there. Let’s go. We don’t have to take the car, it’s literally five minutes from here.

They leave.

Recap: thinking.

Hey guys, like i said my college is starting again and I may not have time to upload regularly but i will try my best to upload as soon as possible.

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