Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 73


Recap: Swasanlakraguttrahil leave for London.

They reach London around 10 PM. Everyone but Swaragini are sleepy, Swaragini are extremely excited to be back to London after almost 3 years. They quickly get into a cab and give the driver and address. It takes them less than an hour to reach to a house cum mansion.

Utta: Wow, Bhabhi where did you bring us?

Rag: Uttara, Sahil, Laksh and Jij welcome to the E Palace.

Lak: E Palace.

Swa: Elites Palace. Actually before college, we elites had this house made, so we wouldn’t have to buy different apartments or places till later.

San: Wait, all 8 of you?

Lak: So, you guys used to stay with the boys during college.

SR: Yeah.

Sanlak are a little surprised.

Swa: Let’s go inside and rest, I’m very tired. And then we have to wake up in a few hours for that wedding.

Lak: Bhabhi, the wedding is not tomorrow, it’s just one of the pre-rituals.

Rag: Whatever, I’m tired and so is my baby, so let’s go inside.

They enter the house and the newcomers are shocked, it’s like a complete modern house. There’s a huge flat screen TV, but and amazing entertainment center, there’s a whole wall
full of elite eight pictures along with handprints, the kitchen is huge.

Lak: Wow, this is amazing.

Rag: Thank You, Thank you.

Lak: I’m thanking Swara, since she must have been the one to design it.

Swa: thank You jij, you are absolutely correct. But i had help from everyone, i couldn’t have done it alone.

San: Wait, you designed this?

Swa: Why are you soo shocked? Did you forget i’m an architect.

San: No I know, but it’s amazing.

Sah: Di, give us a tour nah, please.

Rag: Sahil, what’s to give a tour okay look there’s four rooms on the first floor and five rooms on the second floor. There’s a kitchen, each room has a restroom, there’s a extra
restroom on each floor and there’s a dining room, along with a family room and we have a small room for Bhagwan ji.

Sah: Di, I meant aren’t there any bachelor pads or anything, you know Tapan bhai.

Swa: Oh Game room, it’s on the second floor. And sahil if you guys want some privacy you can go to the room in the terrace.

Rag: No way swara, that’s our room did you forget we four decided nah, no men in that room.

Swa: Oh sorry, i guess you guys can take the guest room though.

San: Wait, where is your rooms?

Rag: Jij, now that you ask, okay look first floor was Maira, Rohan, Bhavika and Tapan, second floor was Shresth, Swara, Jai and Me.

Swa: Ragini, why(she’s about to say something but Ragini doesn’t let her)

Rag: why am I telling him, he needs to know nah. That’s why.

San: Wait, so Shresth and Swara shared.

Rag: No jij, they didn’t share their rooms, they were just connected, So they could talk to each other.

Lak: Wait, if bhabhi’s were connected to Shresth, then were your’s connected to Jai.

Rag: Of course Laksh.

They get to the second floor and they show Sahil their room and then they go to hallway.

Rag: Jij, here is Swara’s room. Okay Enjoy. Bye. (She goes to the door opposite of Swara)


He enters the room and sees the entire room is peach and grey theme, he sees the bed is a little high with a peach net canopy and sees a small staircase to get on the bed and then
sees one of the walls looks like something out of a magazine, the way there’s photo’s hanging from a rope attached to the wall. He gets jealous seeing several pictures of Shresth
and Swara, he then sees the connecting door is exactly the way it is back at gadodia house. He gets more jealous and grumbles something and goes to the washroom, leaving
Swara confused.


Ragini’s room is a teal and soft pink theme. She has a TV in her room, attached with a Ps3 and Xbox and the TV is surrounded by pictures. Ragini’s door is colored soft-pink while
the rest of the room is teal. She has a princess net around her bed and her closet is filled with clothes, there’s not enough room to walk in. Laksh goes and sees half off her clothes
are mid-thigh length dresses or skirts or sleeveless tops. He also sees in many of the pictures Ragini is wearing a se*y outfit. He’s about to ask her something but he notices she’s
not there, but in the restroom.

When she comes out. He immediately starts questioning her?

Lak: Ragu, (he hugs her from back) My Jaan, you know you are the prettiest lady in the universe.

Rag: Laksh, itna maska kyun? (Why are you being sooo sweet)

Lak: Jaan, how come with me you never wore these amazing dresses?

Rag: Laksh, you wanted me to spend money just to come to London to get my clothes.

Lak: Ragu, I’m serious.

Rag: Arrey, this are my favorite clothes, I couldn’t risk spoiling them by taking them to India.

Lak: Seriously. (He turns her around is about to kiss her)

Rag: (She escapes from his arm cage) Sorry, Patidev, Baby’s hungry. Saying this she runs away and Laksh goes behind her, asking her to be careful.


As soon as Sanskaar comes out, Swara comes back in the room but two water bottles.

Swa: Sanskaar, Water?

San: No, thanks. (a little rude), Waise did you call bade papa and papa and tell them we got here.

Swa: San did you see the time it’s 11: 16 PM.

San: So.

Swa: (she goes to him and turns him towards her and puts her hands around his neck and points to the a clock) My dear jealous hubby, look the clock over there, it clearly that it’s
11:16 PM here in London and in India it’s 3:16 AM. (She has two cute digital watches with LOndon and India written on them)

San: Oh I didn’t see that. (He’s tries to remove her hands, but she doesn’t let him) I’m not jealous.

Swa: Oh really.

San: Yes, I’m not jealous.

Swa: Okay. Come downstairs, everyone else is waiting for us for dinner.

San: I’m not hungry.

Swa: Sanskaar, please. Let’s go.

She literally drags him to the dining table.

Everyone is already there waiting for Sanskaar. They go to the table and see the food has been served and they start jumping on the food especially Sanlak.

San: OMG, I have never had such an amazing paneer tikka. It’s amazing.

Lak: Right bhai and this palak paneer is also yum.

Sah: But di, how did you make so much food in this little time.

SR: DUM-DUM you will always stay a dummy.

Rag: Sahil, didn’t we just get here 30 minutes ago. Then how can we make it in such less time.

Swa: Sahil, we ordered it from the restaurant five minutes from here. Actually we called as soon as we landed, and the food got here five minutes ago so we just served it.

Sahil: No wonder, I kept thinking how can the worst cooks, make such amazing tasty yum food today.

San: that’s not true, Swara always makes good food.

Uttrahil: Oh ho. Laksh bhai you want to say something.

Lak: Bhai is right, Bhabhi does make the best food.

Uttar: Stupid bhai, we meant about bhabhi’s cooking.

Lak: Oh yeah, rag makes okay food.

Swasan n Uttarahil looking at Ragini’s furious face say Laksh toh is dead.

After eating and cleaning up they all go to their separate rooms.

Sanskaar has work so he leaves the room for a while, when he comes back he sees the room decorated with candles and dim lights, he then notices many of Swasan’s pictures
hanging in place of Shresth and Swara’s and looks for Swara and sees her standing in the balcony, with her back turned and her hair flowing with the wind. He goes to the balcony and hugs her and starts kissing her back and neck and she molds into him, he turns around and notices her shying, so he picks her up bridal style and kisses her while carrying her to the bed. Even when he lays her down he doesn’t break the kiss and candles all blow out due to the wind from the open balcony.

Ragini angrily goes to her room and looks at her closet and goes inside shutting the door. When Laksh enters he doesn’t see her there and is about to open the main door when the
lights turn dim and Ragini comes out in a se*y outfit, she has on a black Strappy Back Crop Top and an extremely short navy blue skirt with 4 in wedges and she looks like the most beautiful woman in the universe. Laksh just stares at her with his mouth open and not blinking.

Lak: Wow, ragu, you look h*t, he goes to hold her, but she moves back.

Rag: Sorry, actually, I think i look okay only.

Lak: Okay, no ways, you are the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in this whole world and I’m am the world’s luckiest guy that I can you’re mine. The world’s most gorgeous
woman is my wife. How did I get so lucky,.

Rag: Laksh, don’t you think you’re being toooo sweet.

Lak: i”m not being sweet i’m being honest. Ragini, I may joke with you a lot, i joke a lot about you, but trust me when I say this, I am really thankful to god that I can say you belong
with me, and that you’re mine and i’m yours. I Love You, I love you now and I will love you forever.

Rag: Laksh (she has tears in her eyes) I love you too hamesha and forever.

Precap: Surprise

Hey guys, I know this was a little short, but I only have time to type this much. My colleges has again started and today I completely mine first day of another semester. I will try my best to write longer, but no promises. Sorry guys.

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