Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 72


Recap: Jaira fight.

Bha: Jai, how could you do this to her? You want to know the reason she lied? Fine I’ll tell you let’s go.

She’s about to start telling him, but Swaragan stop her.

Tap: Bhavika, i think Maira should be the one to infrom him.

Swa: Yeah, I think she would want to tell him.

Jai leaves in anger, while the others hug each other and leave.

Swaragini get home and see suitcases.

Rag: Ma, Papa, where are you guys going?

DP: Beta, we aren’t going anywhere? You six kids are going for two weeks to London.

Swa: Us, six. So Sanskaar, Raglak, Sanskriti, Swayu and Me right.

AP: No beta, actually you, Sanskaar, Raglak and Uttarahil. Actually it’s our relatives wedding in London and we can’t go, so we thought to send you guys and we thought to keep the babies with us, so you guys can enjoy.

Rag: But

Suju: No if or buts, now hurry and pack your suitcases, the flight leaves in 5 hours. Sanlak and Uttarahil already packed, only your things are left.

Swaragini go to their rooms and start packing, they get down and sit in Swara’s room.

Swa: I don’t feel like going, do you?

Rag: Of course not, I don’t want to leave Swayam alone, nor that Jai. I swear if I have to I will beat him and make him understand.

Swa: Same, I don’t want to leave Sanskriti.

Sahil: Of course, you two don’t but di, come on you guys need a small break and it will be fun going to London, you can show us around and you can show us all your hangout spots.

Rag: Here, we are sad and this idiot wants to go for a tour.

Sah: Di, look Swayam and Sankriti will be with their dadi and dada, and when the elders will give you time to be with your kids then you’ll be able to miss them. Let their dadi and
dada take care of them for two weeks, because by the time we come back, your house will be done and ma and papa will miss them so.

Swa: Look Ragu, For the time ever, Sahil has said something intelligent.

Rag: Lol, right otherwise he only speaks non-sense.

Lak: Ragini, how dare you say my salla only speaks non-sense.

San: And you Swara, how can you say that about him.

Sah: Thank You Jiju, you guys are the first ones to defend me. Thank You thank you so much.

San: You don’t have to thank us. (He whispers “just don’t tell anyone about our anniversary thing”)

Lak: Sahil, you toh are our favorite person. (He whispers “ please don’t tell that Jhansi ki rani what all I said about her in the party”)

Swaragini look at them suspiciously and look at each other thinking what’s going on.

Rag: Laksh, did you finish packing?

Lak: Yeah Ragini, I finished everything. I put everything properly.

Rag: Accha, okay, then do you mind letting me check it to make sure?

Lak: Of course, of course come.

They leave and Laksh shuts the door.

Sah: I’ll leave, jiju, di come down fast. Okay. we have to catch a flight. He leaves.

San: Do you want to check my suitcase? To make sure I didn’t leave anything.

Swa: No it’s okay, but umm did you make sure to get xyz.

San: yeah, I made sure.

Swa: wow, since when did Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari become such an efficient packer.

San: (He puts his hands around her neck) When Mrs. Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari left me.

Swa gets tears in her eyes, so she looks away, Sanskaar makes her look at him and wipes her tears.

San: Swara, I hate tears. (She starts smiling) See that’s what I love to see, a smile. He gives her a peck, and is about to start kissing her, but the door opens and Laksh comes
running and hides behind Swara. Ragini comes in with clothes and she’s about to throw them at Laksh but stops seeing Swara.

Lak: Swara, save me, look at your sister she’s hitting me with clothes.

Swa: Ragu, what happen? Why are you hitting Jij with clothes.

Rag: Don’t ask me, ask this stupid. Swara he hasn’t packed a single tie, nor a single T-shirt and he completely forgot to pack casual clothes. All the clothes are suits or sherwani. Not
one single short. And he packed almost 5 of his perfumes even though he doesn’t use four of them.

Lak: But what if I use them there?

Rag: You said the same thing last time, but still you didn’t. And fine then why are there no casual clothes.

Lak: We can buy some there nah.

Rag: Oh okay, and then what leave them there, for showcase right.

Swa: Ragini, chill. You can’t get stressed or angry. Did you forget.

Rag: I wouldn’t get stressed if it wasn’t for him.

Lak: You wouldn’t have to be careful, if it wasn’t for me (swasanlak start laughing, Rag glares at them)

Lak: Swara, didn’t bhai make any mistakes?

Swa: Actually, no, he didn’t make anything.

Rag: Seriously, I swear Swara, you really got lucky to get a husband like jij, and here i’m stuck with him.

Lak: Ragini, now you’re crossing your limits.

Swa: Seriously ragini, you should be lucky you got a jij like Lucky. (Swalak hi-fi each other and laugh, while San smiles and Ragini looks at swara with a impossible look)

Swa signs laksh something and he smiles at her and goes to Ragini holding his ears.

Lak: Ragu, Sorry, but you know nah, My whole life is dependent on you, when you’re not with me for even one day, I can’t survive, you know that. I can’t even properly pack without you, so imagine what else I can’t do without you. I need you, don’t ever leave me. I Love you a lot.

Rag: I’m sorry too. But you know nah, if you can’t do something, then call me, I would have helped you. And I love you a lot too. They hug. So do Swasan, seeing him.

Uttahil: Awwwww

Sah: Jij, di if you guys are done with your romance, then can we please hurry up, we have a flight to catch.

Utt: Sahil, how mean. Let them romance a little.

Lak: Sahil, next time you try to spend time with Uttara, then see what I do.

Sah: jij, I was just kidding, come on don’t be too serious.

San: Okay, everyone let’s finish so we can leave, you can continue your bonding session on the flight okay. Let’s go.

After everyone leaves, Sanskaar locks the door while Swara goes to get ready.

When she comes out, Sanskaar is not there, but she sees the doors locked.

Swa: Sanskaar, Sanskaar. He comes from behind and hugs her.

Swa: dear patidev what are you doing? Don’t we have to hurry for our flight.

San: Flight’s at 5:30 PM and it’s still 12:PM we still have time for some quality time.

Swa: Sanskaar, but everyone is waiting for us downstairs.

San: Swara, we were supposed to have some private time yesterday night, but even that got canceled and my dear salli ji, also didn’t let me spend time with you for so many days. Now I’m being selfish. Right now I want to spend time with you.

Swa: But Sanskaar, wouldn’t we have a lot of time in London.

San: Swara, we are going there for a wedding, not for honeymoon.

Swa: But, before she cansay anything Sanskaar kisses her.


Rag is angrily packing Laksh’s bag, while he looks at her sitting on the bed smiling and looking at her.

Rag: Laksh, why are you looking at me with that stupid smile.

Lak: He get up and captures her in his arms and says because you look beautiful even when you’re angry.

Rag: Laksh.

Laksh: Ragini. They kiss.

Precap: London.

Hey guys sorry for the short epi, but I only had time for this much and I may also not be able to write one tomorrow, but I promise I will update as soon as I can. Sorry Guys.

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