Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 71


Recap: Fight between Jaira & Uttarahil.

Jai: You don’t want to be tied down right. Then from this moment right now, I free you from this relation. You can now freely enjoy your life as a bachlorette.

He kicks a table and leaves in anger.

Maira falls on the floor, like a lifeless body nor is she crying or anything, her face is expressionless, Tapan, Bhavika and Swara immediately
start consoling her, while they sign Rohan, Shresth and Ragini to go and look after Jai.

Swara: Maira, calm down it’ll be fine. He’ll calm down after some time.

Tapan: Mayi, don’t do this, if you want cry as much as you want, but don’t be quite. Please. (hugging her)

Bhav: Maira, please say something, don’t just be quiet.

Jai goes upstairs to with Raglak, Shresth and Rohan following him, he keeps hitting things on the way.

Rag: Jai, calm down. Please.

Shr: Jai, you need to think through all your decisions before doing it.

Roh: Go downstairs and apologize to her and sort out all your differences. Go.

Jai gets angry and takes his guitar and goes back to the backyard and looks at Maira, with teary eyes and notices her looking blankly, he ignores her and starts singing Tujhe Bhula

Maira hears him sing and looks at him and gets up to go towards him and hears him singing Tujhe Bhula Diya. She has tears in her eyes and without looking back she runs
from there. Tapan runs behind her and so do all the other people but Jai he keeps singing. Before they others can say anything Maira sits in a car and zooms off.

Tapan: Guys, I’m going after her. You put some sense in that idiot.

Ankita: I’ll come with you. (They get in a car and follow Maira.)

The others go back inside and see Jai still singing. Swara gets angry and goes and unplugs the guitar.

Jai: What the he*l Swara.

Swa: Exactly, Jai, What the he*l? What’s wrong with you? Maira just left and you are here singing a song.

Rag: Jai, I know she made a mistake but come on you need to understand.

Jai: Understand what? She is the one who lied to me, she is the one who broke my trust and you want me to understand. You all are blaming me, but no one is pointing at her.

Bha: Jai, you can be angry with her, but you broke up with her. Jai you two have been dating for so long, you ended your relationship for one small mistake. Jai, she’s forgiven you so
many times and yet you can’t see behind her one lie.

Rohan: Jai listen call her and apologize to her.

Jai: Why should I apologize, you know what right now, I don’t care if she lives or dies okay.

Rag gets angry and slaps him, Jai right now you are saying this, but in the future you’ll regret it if something does happen to her.

Shr: Jai, look we understand it was her mistake she shouldn’t have lied, but dude you have to understand, this is Maira. Jai, you know Maira lies only when she has no other options

Jai: Look, if she had parents who didn’t care for her, or if she has family issues then I would understand, but she has the perfect family, then why is she so scared.

Swa: No, sh (Just then Tapan calls)

Swa: Guys, we need to go to Maira’s house fast let’s go. They all start to leave, but notice Jai not moving.

Jeev: Bhai, aren’t you coming?

Jai ignores her and leaves.

Maira is driving the car extremely fast and has non-stop tears, she keeps remembering moments with Jai and loses focus for one second and when hears a horn and sees she’s in the wrong lane she makes a sharp turn and crashes her car with a tree. Tapan sees that and stops his car and hurrys to Maira, she’s getting out of the car, when he comes to her and pulls her out.

Tap: Maira, are you stupid? If you don’t care about your life, doesn’t mean we don’t. I have no clue what I would do without you. Maira, listen.

Mai: Tapu, why can’t her understand why I don’t want a family, why I don’t want to get married. Why can’t he understand. Why can’t he (she faints)

Tap: Maira, open your eyes. He sees the house and sees the nameplate and takes carries her into that house.

Tapan: ankita, can you please call swaragini or someone and tell them to come here fast.

Ankita: Yeah, I’ll let them know.

She calls Swara and informs her about the accident.

Uttarahil leave, while the others are sitting in Maira’s room. The girls and Tapan are not at all shocked to see her room filled with pictures of only the elite, but Rohan and Shresth
definitely are. Maira wakes up and the first thing she says is Jai. Swara cried hearing that and leaves while Sanskaar goes to console her.

San: Why are you crying?

Swa: Sanskaar, you don’t know Maira’s life, she has a complicated life. Still, she is such an optimistic. And Jai that idiot can’t see it. He’s made so many mistakes and that girl
forgave him so many times, but he can’t forgive her once. You know she hates the word marriage and family, she doesn’t believe in all that, but still she got engaged with Jai.
Sanskaar hugs her and kisses her forehead. Just then Raglak come out.

Rag: Woh, Maira wants water, so I was getting her some.

Swa: Wait, I’ll come with you. I’ll make something to eat for her.

Swaragini & Sanlak follow the girls to the kitchen.

Rag is trying to get something, but she can’t reach, so she’s about to reach but Laksh stops her and gets it for her. Ragini gets the water and some other things and go back, leaving Swasan.

Swara loses her focus for some time and mistakenly puts her finger on the stove and burns her finger.

Swa: Ouch.

San: Swara (he takes her to the sink and turns on ice cold water and puts her finger under it.) where’s your concentration. If you can’t do this then leave it.

Swa: (she starts crying and hugs him)

They leave and go back to the room and see Virika and Ankita gone.

Swa: Maira, look I made your favorite food. Maggi. Here let’s eat it. She passes it to everyone.

Maira: Swara, I don’t feel like eating anything. And if you guys don’t mind, can I please get some alone time. I’ll be fine.

They all go outside.

Rag: You guys go, we girls will stay here.

Tapan: No, I’m staying here.

Swa: Fine, but only us four are staying here, you guys go. Sanlak can you please inform mom and dad.

Rohan: No, Shresth and I will stay with Tapan as well.

Bha: Fine, let them stay. But sorry Sanlak.

San: No problem, you guys take care of Maira.

Lak: Ragini make sure to take care of yourself. Shresth look at her please.

San: Rohan look after your best friend.

Sanlak leave.

The elites go inside and see Maira crying hugging a teddy bear while sitting on the floor. Tapan runs to her and hugs her and the others go and hug her as well and they cry with her.

Next morning…………

All the elites are having breakfast, when Jai walks in, everyone looks at him thinking he has changed but are shocked to see a girl with him.

Jai: Hi guys, what’s up? It’s nice that I found all of you at the same place. I have some good news for you. Meet my gf Soha.

Everyone is shocked and Maira looks broken.

Maira: Jai, how can you.. do this to me? To us?

Jai: I didn’t do it, you yourself did this?

Just then, a servant comes to her gives her the phone and it’s on speaker.

Mai: Hello.

Man: MAIRA. (extremely angry)

Mai: Dad, what happen?

Dad: How dare you crash the car? That was one of my favorite cars.

Mar: Dad, it was a mistake. I didn’t mean too.

Dad: I don’t care, I’ve had enough. Now I’m done listening to you.Your things are packed, you are going to the Rethiya wedding tomorrow, it’s in London. I’m making you meet
someone there.

Mai: But Dad.

Dad: No buts. I don’t care anymore now we are going to do what I want. Your flight leaves in 2 hours, I send a driver to pick you up, he should be there soon.

Mai: Dad, I’m not coming.

Dad: Decide, if you don’t come I’m freezing all your savings along with your credit cards.

Mai: I don’t care, you can do whatever you want with my money.

Dad: Fine, I guess I’ll also have to freeze Aayush’s spendings as well right.

Mai: Dad, you don’t have to do that. I’m coming. Bye.

They hang up the phone and a maid brings two suitcases and the driver comes and takes it. The maid asks Maira to go.

Mai: Bye. She hugs everyone, she stops in front of Jai.

Jai: What you want to hug me, in front of my girlfriend.

Mai: I just came to say, I love you, I hope one day you can understand why i don’t want to get married.

Saying this she leaves, while Jai looks on with teary eyes. As soon as Maira leaves, Tapan goes to Jai and holds his collar and is about to punch him, but is stopped by the others.

Rag: Hey, you Moha or Soha, get out from here and never show us your face to us ever again. Leave.

Jai: Ragini, stay within your limits.

Tapan: How dare you? Do you have any idea how much Maira cried. She only stopped crying when she saw your face.

Jai: Do you think I care about your Maira?

Tapan: JAI. He punches him. Jai is about to punch him, but he’s stopped by Bhavika who slaps him.

Bha: Jai, how could you do this to her? You want to know the reason why she lied? Fine I’ll tell you let’s go.

Precap: Maira’s past and surprise for the elites.

Guys i know the episode must have been a little more than expecations, but I have a major headache, and i typed this being barely awake, just so that i won’t miss updating once. So I hope you guys understand. 🙂

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