Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 70


Hey guys, I just wanted to suggest people for the elites, if you don’t like these then you can give me your suggestions.

Rohan – Mishkat Varma

Bhavika- Aneri Vajani

Maira- Niti Taylor

Jai- Parth Samthaan

Tapan- Akash Ahuja

Ankita- Vaishali Thakkar

Shresth – Shravan Reddy (Sorry guys i know before I suggested someone else for Shresth)

Sahil: Rohan Shah

Recap: Ladies play Never Have I and internationally reveal all their secrets to the Men.

Lak: Ragini, how dare you lie to me, that you didn’t have any boyfriends. And who is Aarav Malik.

Sahil: Why didn’t you tell me someone proposed to you?

Jai: If you didn’t want to get married you could have told me, you didn’t have to lie.

Rohan: What are you hiding?

Swasan, Tapankita and Virika all look at each other while the four couple start fighting.


Swa: What are you guys doing?

Lak: She lied to me. How dare you Ragini.

Rag: Excuse me, I know I lied, but you only said you didn’t want to know about my past.

Lak: When, When did I say that. Did you guys see, she’s lying in front of me right now.

Rag: What the. Laksh Maheshwari, I again asked you if you wanted to know and you clearly refused saying “Ragini, all that matters for me is our future together, your past doesn’t affect us” What aren’t you going to say something now.

Lak: I never thought that you would hide,

Swara: SHUT UP. Listen as much as I enjoy these fights, I think you guys should talk about it privately, and when you are all calmed then come back to the courtyard.

Swasan, Virika n Tapankita leave, while the other four couples look at each other angrily.

Raglak look at each other angrily and leave from there, Laksh looks extremely angry, while Ragini looks angry as well.

Rag: Laksh, stop I need to tell you something.

Lak: What. I mean Ragini that kiss our first kiss, was that a lie too. Was everything about your past a lie?

Rag: Laksh, I came to clarify, but you wouldn’t listen to me. And if you want to know how many boyfriends I have had, than i’ll tell you, but on one condition, you have to listen to me
through the whole conversation. No stopping me, okay.

Lak gives her a non interested look.

Rag: My first bf was in 8th grade, he hurt me a lot and I stopped believing me love and thought only about dating, so I randomly started dating different guys. I would never date
someone for more than 3 weeks, the longest bf i had was three weeks, otherwise i changes bf’s every week.

Lak: What did he do to you?

Rag: I found out he was trying to get close to me for a bet, the bet was to make me fall in love with him and when i confessed he broke my heart. I have never told anyone other than my friends about this. It took a long time for me to see that not all guys are the same, and you know Shresth’s birthday kiss, that was really my first kiss. I never once crossed my line
with any of my bf’s. Trust me when I say this. Laksh, I stopped dating around after I got to college. I tried to find someone but I couldn’t and seeing all the couples around me, I once
again started believing in love.

Lak: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said all that. Sorry. (He hold his ears and makes a cute puppy face)

Rag: Why are you saying Sorry, I should say Sorry. Sorry.

They kiss.

(It seems like someone is secretly watching Raglak and look away when they kiss.)

Swa: OMG, how fast are they.

San: Shut up Swara, why don’t you think they should get some privacy and we should spent some private time together as well. (Yup it’s Swasan)

Swa: Sanskaar, I’m doing this for some private time only, Once they reconcile, Ragini will go back to her room and then we’ll have plenty of time for ourselves.

San: Oh ho, I didn’t know my wife was so desperate to spend some quality time with me.

Swa: Shh, they are saying something.

Rag: Laksh, I want to ask you something.

Lak: Yeah.

Rag: Did you see the envelope I put on your bed.

Lak: Yellow color envelope right.

Rag: Yeah, yellow.

Lak: No, I spilled Water on it mistakenly, so I couldn’t see what was inside.

Rag: (disappointed) Oh okay.

Lak: Why what happen?

Rag: Nothing, let’s go others will be waiting for us.

Swara: Arrey, this Ragini how stupid is she? This is the perfect time to tell Jij about lak junior 2.

San: What was in the Yellow envelope.

Swa: Oh crap, it propably has sonography pictures. I think this time she wanted to make it special.

San: Swara (He starts caressing her face and moves towards her and captures her between the walls)

Swa: Sanskaar.

San: You look beautiful in this dress. Not just beautiful, you look gorgeous.

Swa: And you look dashing in this suit.

San: Huh how much must we love each other look, we are matching. Black and black.

Swa: Sanskaar,can we romance later, first let’s go see if the others patched up or not.


Roh: What are you hiding from me?

Bha: It’s a surprise.

Roh: Bhavika, please tell me nah?

Bha: Rohan, I planned a surprise after such hard work and you want me to ruin it. NO.

Roh: when are you going to surprise me?

Bha: If I tell you then it won’t be a surprise.

Roh: Fine, but don’t make me wait long. They hug and he kisses her forehead.

Swa: Okay two down, two more to go. Sanskaar I don’t think the other two will sort out their differences quickly.

San: Why do you think that?

Swa: Jai, is going to be angry as h**l and so is Maira. And Sahil, is stubborn he won’t listen to Uttara.

San: Let’s go and see first then we can decide okay.

Utta: Sahil, he would have hurt you badly, if you went to fight with him, that’s why I didn’t tell you.

Sah: You thought I was to weak to protect my own girlfriend.

Utt: But I clearly refused him. And he never troubled me or anything after that. I promise.

Sah: Fine and what other “many” lies have you told me.

Utt: Sahil, they don’t matter now. Please, can you just forget those. ‘

Sah: My own wife openly lies to me and she wants me to forget it.

Utt: Sahil, None of my lies have ever hurt you, SO then why are you making a big deal.

Sah: Oh so now, I’m making a big deal, wow, Okay Uttara, when you want to finish this big deal, then come and talk to me.

Swasan come there and see Virika looking at Uttarhil.

Swa: Jeevi, No or Yes.

Jeev: No, Sahil is really angry.

Swa: See Sanskaar, I told nah, you guys have such huge egos.

San: Ego, arrey she lies to him so much, who wouldn’t be angry.

Swa: Arrey, but she’s apologizing nah. Why is he making a big deal of it.

San: Because when you lie your trust is broken and then you keep thinking if everything they say is a lie or not.

Swa: But.

Viren: You two, stop guys first think about getting these people together, then fight as much as you want. Now let’s go and see Jai and Maira.


Jai: Maira, do you not want to get married.

Maira: I do, but can we please wait for some time. Please.

Jai: May I know why you want to wait.

Maira: Jai can we talk about this later. Please.

Jai: No, we need to talk right now.

Tapan: Ankita, these two are going to start fighting any minute now, we need to go and stop them befre they kill each other.

Ankita: Let’s go.

Tapankita go to Jaira and tell them to come to the backyard for a surprise.

Jai: Tapan, can’t you see we are talking right now.

Mai: Tapu, let’s go. I’m coming. (Jai holds her hand stopping her)

Jai: Maira, we still need to talk.

Mai: Later, right now our friends need us.

Everyone reaches the backyard and it’s completely dark. Suddenly two spotlights fall on Rohavika and Raglak. Ragika look at Swaira and they understand. Swara goes to Bhavika
and gives her a box and Maira gives Ragini a box too. And they sign good luck.

Bhavika gives the box to Rohan and Ragini gives the box to Laksh. Rohan’s box contains a folded frame,, he opens the folded frame and sees a “baby’s first scan” along with a sonography and the second frame says “baby’s last scan’’ and the third frame says “Here I am”. He looks at Bhavika and hugs her.

Ragini hands the box to Laksh and he opens to to find a frame with a frame as well, but his has on top one picture of a sono and another empty spot. And in the bottom there’s a quote saying “Dear Daddy-to-be, I’m sending you a message, you may not know me yet, but make room for me in your heart, cause I am on the way” – Love your baby-to-be” He
looks at Ragini and she smiles and nods at him. He gets so happy he picks her up and twirls her around. Everyone gets happy and they go and congratulate the two couples.

Sahil: Wow, di you guys knew that we would come here, that’s why you kept those boxes ready right.

Uttara: Mr. Arrogant, those were gifts from us to di, to give to bhai later, we didn’t know when you guys came here or why?

Rag: In everything we forgot to ask, what are you guys doing here? Why aren’t you guys enjoying your one night of freedom.

Lak: Woh, we came here, for a picture to decide which three guys can’t drink.

Maira: Jai, you got drinks, I told you not to drink a lot.

Jai doesn’t answer her and just ignores her. (everyone notices it)

Viren: Guys, I got a text from the other guys, they all left since we all came here.

Jeevika: Okay, then bye, you guys go and enjoy there and let us enjoy here. And I think Viren, Laksh, Rohan, Sanskaar and Sahil and Jai an Shresth, none of you should drink. Okay

Viren: Arrey, why are you pushing us out, please let us stay here. Look there’s no one here and how can we leave when our wives are dressed so nicely.

Rag: Viren, thanks for the compliment, but now you guys leave. Laksh get out, let’s go. Shresth get out all of you guys.

Jai: We are not getting out, we are staying here only. This is my house we have the right to party here as well.

Maira: Jai, please stop being stubborn and leave.

Jai: Guys, I’ll go get the drinks and then we can enjoy here.

Mai: JAI, Stop and listen to me once.

Sahil: STOP, let’s decide if we stay or go with one game.

Utt: No thanks I’m not interested.

Sahil: Fine then we are staying here only.

Utt: Sorry, okay what were you saying.

Sahil: Let’s have a dance competition. Ladies sent two dancers and We Men will send two of our dancers.

Utt: So like a showdown, Yeah and if girls win we stay here and if we win then we stay here okay.

Swa: Sahil, if we win you guys leave. Okay.

Sah: What say, guys.

Guys: Okay.


Rag: We are sending Swara and Ankita.

Lak: We are sending Shresth and Tapan.

The dance off starts with thug Le, followed by Dance Ke Legend and finally ends at Kala Chasma, with the girls being declared winners.

Utt: Bye, guys. Go and enjoy your party and let us enjoy ours.

The guys start leaving, but a voice hold them back.

Rag: STOP. If you guys want you can stay here. (Everyone looks at Ragini surprised/happy)

Someone turns on the music and all the couples dance to Wajah tum ho, Shresth, Sahil and Uttara are sitting.

Swa: Finally, everything is back on track.

San: Does this mean we get to spend some quality time together tonight.

Swa: Yes, Yes it does.

San: Finally, otherwise I thought I was going to have to murder my salli tonight.

Lak: Bhai, you dare to even touch my wife and I’ll kill you.

Swa: jij, and you dare touch my Sanskaar.

Rag: Laksh, you dare touch my jij.

Lak: One toh I’m protecting you and you’re going against me.

Rag: It was my fault, I was mad at you so I seperated jij and Swara, so of course jij would be mad with me.

San: Wow, I’m so happy, I got an amazing salli like you.

Rag: I’m glad I got such a handsome jij like you. Waise Jij do you really have 6-pack abs?

Swalak: Ahem.

Swa: Ragu, he’s your jiju. Have some shame.

Lak: Ragini, in front of your husband you are talking about another man like that.

San: Yeah i really do.

Rag: Arey, he’s my jiju, why should I be ashamed and what book says i can’t compliment my jij and Laksh you should be happy in front of you i’m saying this and not behind your back.

Lak: you know I don’t like the lighting here, let’s go to the opposite side of the dance floor. He drags her there while she complains and everyone else laughs.

Maira: Jai, are you angry with me.

He doesn’t answer her.

Maira: Jaian Khanna, are you upset with me.

Jai: What does it matter to you, it’s not like you care about my feelings?

Maira: Jai, I do care about your feelings, I love you. (song changes to Tu Hai (MD))

Jai: Oh really, you love me.

Mai: Jai, I’m serious.

Jai: Why, why don’t you want to get married?

Mai: Because I want to enjoy life, I don’t want to get tied down with a child right now.

Jai: So you don’t a family.

Mai: No, I do want a family, but not right now.

Jai: Maira, ever since we started dating, I told you I always wanted a family. You know Jeevika and I lost our family when we were young, you know i have been desperate for our
family and you kept lying.

Mai: Jai, it’s not that.


He yells out loud, stopping everyone. He goes to a table and flips it over.

Mai: Jai, please I’m sorry. Jai please I really am sorry.

Jai: You don’t want to be tied down right now right, then starting right now I free you from this relation, you can live you life as a bachlorettle for your whole life now, he kics something and leaves in anger while Shresth, Rohan, Virika and Ragini go behind him and Tapan, Swara, and Bhavika console Maira, who’s literally sobbing. Swara looks at Sanskaar and he
goes and hugs her, while Laksh goes behind Ragini.

Precap: No clue

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