Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 7


Recap: Swara’s past.

Next day, Maheshwari family is gathered at Gadodia house. When Swaragini and Sanlak arrive. All of them went shopping so it does not look like they are in the same clothes from last night. Swaragini told their families they were going to Piya’s house, while the boys said they were with Vritin ( his parents are out of country). A pandit ji is there to try to fix the engagement date, and he’s about to say something when Sanskaar interrupts saying he has an important announcement.
DP & Shekar: Go ahead.
Sanskaar: I don’t want to marry Ragini.
Everyone is shocked out, and Shekar and DP are about to yell when Laksh also announces he can’t marry Swara. AP starts crying and DP is about to slap Laksh, when Sanskaar says stop.
Sanskaar: I don’t want to marry Ragini, because I want to marry Swara, and Laksh knows this and he wants to marry Ragini, not Swara.
Hearing this everyone is surprised and and that moment the pandit ji says, that’s good because honestly Ragsan and Swalak did not have matching horoscopes, but Swasan and Raglak have almost all matching qualities. And tomorrow is an auspicious time for the engagement. And he asks the family when they want the wedding, sooner or later. DP and Shekar reply the sooner the better. Pandit ji says he’ll look and inform them as soon as he can.
Ragini and Laksh are smiling brightly and keeping looking at each other and Swasan are smiling looking at Raglak.

Sahil: Ma don’t you think the lovebirds should talk in private?
Sumi: Badmaash have some shame, what are you saying?
Dadi: Why are you shouting at my laddoo, he’s right, Swaragini and Sanlak why don’t guy go upstairs and talk, after all you guys need to know about each other a little before marriage.
Sumi: Swaragini take some snacks and go, you guys may not have eaten before coming here right.
Swaragini say no we eat and go upstairs to the terrace with Sanlak.
Swara: Thank you guys for saving me yesterday, I’m sorry because of me we all had to lie. Rig please, talk to me.

Ragini: Why should I? Instead of happiness, you wanted us to be mourning over you right now, like do you have any idea what mom and dad and dadi and everyone would have gone through if something had happened to you. No, I don’t think so, Swara you know what you are selfish you only thought about yourself, not about us or about anything just your grief and your pain, not about us.
Saying this Ragini leaves crying and Laksh goes behind her.

Sanskaar comes to Swara and gives her his hanky and say let it all out today.
Swara: You understand right, you went through the same pain as me, I love him Sanskaar with all my life, we were going to tell our parents that weekend, and we were even going to get engaged.
Sanskaar: I know, Kavita told me, infact so were we, Kavita wanted Shresth and her wedding rituals at the same time. So, I know, but Ragini is also right at her place, infact i feel we are paining but they your family would have a much bigger grief had they lost you.
He goes to her and she hugs him while crying out all her pain.

In Ragini’s room

Ragini comes crying and looks at their picture over her bed and cries saying, stupid what would i have done without you, you also know without swara there’s no ragini.

Laksh: I know, but have you thought how difficult it was for Swara, losing her first true love, the guy she thought she was going to marry. (He gives Ragini, the tissue box from her dresser, cuz it’s laksh he doesn’t carry a hanky, unlike sanskaar) I understand your place as well though. Do you know Sanskaar tried to harm himself and he had jumped in the lake by the durga mandhir, I found him and I took him to the hospital, He was in a coma for 2 days, after he woke up, I didn’t talk to him for almost a week, that’s how mad i was. But I forgave him because he showed me how much he lost and how his family would not understand, but i also showed him how stupid he was to think it would be alright if he harmed himself and i showed him how much his family loves him, so maybe you need to do the same thing i did and show Swara, she took the wrong step and how much she is loved by everyone. Ragini hugs Laksh for the idea and says thank you, but i’m gonna need your help.
Laksh replies saying always at your service, your majesty and they have a light moment.

Precap: Raglak and Swasan’s engagement.

Hey guys I’m not gonna have any negative characters in my ff for some time. Is that okay or do you guys want negative characters.

Credit to: Kasam

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