Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 69


Recap: Boys Night out.

All the guys run with Sahil and are surprised to see the back of the house pretty nice, and they hear music in the backyard, so they go to see it and are shocked.
Disco lights are on, and music starts playing, Beat pe Booty. Slowly, one by one each of the ladies walk on the ramp, while dancing to the song.

First is Uttara, Sahil is staring with his mouth opened, everyone but Swaragini are done and Sanlak are getting impatient to see their wives, when they see Swaragini come in
sarees, all the guys start teasing them, but they are shocked when Swaragini get to the end and they start removing the drape. Sanlak try to close everyone’s eyes, but they are
unable to and the guys are all mesmerized seeing their wives in short dresses looking gorgeous.

Sahil: Uttara, never once wore something this se*y when she was with me, and now here.

Sanlak: Sahil.

Sah: Sorry, jij.

Shr: Swara, didn’t really wear short length dresses, she occasionally wore it, unlike Ragini.

San: Did we ask about Swara. (Everyone laughs seeing him jealous)

Lak: What, Ragini wears short length dresses. Then how come with me she never wore anything this h*t.

San: Swara looks pretty in anything she wears.

Lak: Bhai, please.

Viren: Jeevika also looks very pretty.

Roh: So does Bhavika.

Tapan: Even my Anki.

Roh, Jai: MY ANKI. Oh ho Tapan, how serious are you about her?

Jai: Guys, wait is this why they gave us a night out, so they could party as well. That too without us.

Lak: No wonder, Ragini freely let me come, other wise knowing that jhansi ki rani.

Roh: Even our wives, they freely let us come. What were they planning?

Bhavi: Swaragini, what was the natak with the saree?

Swa: Arrey, we had to make sure we made an awesome entrance.

Maira: Guys, let’s play Never Have I

Rag: NNOOO. Let’s not play that.

Swa: I want to . Let’s play it. Ragini we know all your secrets then why are you so scared.

Uttara: What’s the game though?

Jeevi: Basically, what happens is that for example say I say, Never have I ever eaten an apple, then if you haven’t then nothing happens, but if you have then you take a sip of your drink along with tell the story behind why you did that. So i would just say i was hungry so i ate the apple. Got it. Oh and you can say something that you have done, but you have to take a sip okay.

Uttara: Yeah, let’s go.

Maira: I call first. So umm, Never have i ever gotten caught cheating on an exam.

No one takes a sip, so they move on.

Ankita: Never Have I ever lied to my husband/boyfriend. (All the boys get excited hearing this and look at their wives happily, but only to be disappointed)

All the girls look at each other and smile.

Swa: Rago, you drink first.

Rag: Why me, first should be Bhavika.

Bhav: Why me, it should be Maira.

Maira: You girls are so childish, fine. She takes a sip, followed by Ragini, Uttara, and Bhavika.

Rag: Swara, Jeevika, Ankita aren’t you going to drink.

Jeev: I never lie to Viren.

Swa: And I have never lied to Sanskaar. (Viren n Sanskaar looks like they have won a million $ lottery)

Rag: Ankita, add ex-boyfriend to that list.

Ankita: husband/boyfriend/ex-boyfriend. Happy.

Rag: Extremely. Now come one girls.

Jeevi: Di, do you want to go first?

Swara: Jeevika why don’t you go first.

Maira: Both of you drink.

They drink while Sanskaar, Shresth and Viren are shocked seeing that.

Maira: ankita aren’t you going to drink.

Ankita: Actually I haven’t lied to Tapan. (Tapan looks happy) Yet.( All that happiness goes away) And I didn’t have a boyfriend before, since I was busy studying trying to become a
doctor. Now okay I want to hear the biggest lie you told your S.O. Starting from Jeevika.

Jeev: My ex-bf and I broke up around 5 or 6 years, we dated for only i think 4 months, he was sweet but he was very old-fashioned, so I lied to him that my parents fixed my rishtaa with someone else to break up with him and that idiot didn’t even fight for me, he’s was like okay, And I never cared enough to go and clear it up with him. Now, Uttara.

Utt: Well, I lied to Sahil many times, but the one i feel bad for most is the one about this one guy, he proposed to me and I said no, but I didn’t tell Sahil, cause I thought if he found out he would go fight with the other guy and I was scared the other guy would beat up Sahil really badly. You know Di, Sahil can’t even properly hit a punching bag, how could he hit an actual person. Now Maira Di.

Sahil looks angry and thinks out loud, Uttara you come in front of me today, see what i do,

Sanlak: You hurt our sister and we’ll kill you,

Sahil: I was just joking jij, chill

Maira: Do I have to.

Everyone: YES.

Maira: Fine, but first Bhavika you go.

Bhavi: Well, it’s not a lie, it’s just I still haven’t told him.

Swamairag: You still haven’t.

Bhavi: I haven’t, but how about you Rago, you told Laksh jij.

Rag: I would tell him, but that idiot never has time for me.

Bhavi: Okay, I said mine, now you Mairo.

Maira: Guys, I swear if Jai finds out, I will murder each and everyone of you. And i lied many times, but the one I remember the most is during 2nd year of college, when Jai
proposed for marriage, I said yes, but then whenever he kept trying to find dates, I would reject them for the weirdest reason, infact last year I lied to him that I couldn’t get a leave for the next 3 months so the wedding would have to be then.

Rag: But I thought you want to get married.

Maira: I do, it’s not like I don’t but guys come on I’m not even 26 yet, I want to be some time to enjoy my bachlorette, before the wedding. It’s not like I never want to get married, but I
want to wait for another 6 months.

Jeev: Why don’t you simply tell Bhai.

Maira: Because it will hurt him. He really wants to get married and I don’t want to break his heart. Okay now Swara. I want Ragini’s to be the last one.

Swa: Well, during my third year of college dad send this rishtaa for me, when i was still dating Shresth. I had to pretend to be nice to him and I didn’t want to tell my family about
Shresth at that time, so I pretended in front of papa, and I lied to Shresth that he was our cousin.

Rag: Wait, You’re talking about Aarav Malik right.

Swa: Yeah.

Maira: Who can forget a handsome, dashing, h*t guy like him.

Bha: Remember we used to always stay around Swara whenever he was there, just to look at his biceps and abs.

Maira: Arrey, did you forget Ragini dumped her boyfriend for him. She really wanted to be RAM. Kyun?

Rag: Obviously. Like Swara got Aarav and I was stuck with that idiot Prasad or something. Till this day I can’t forget that idiot, like what century did he live in. Oily hair, no muscles, pure hindi speaker.

Swa: Bechara him, I remember how fast he ran away because of your prank. But enough about me and now for your lie, what did you lie to jij about?

Rag: I told him I Love him.

Swa: Ragini.

Rag: joking, chill maar, my lie is that I told him I never had any boyfriends.

Maira, Bhavika and Swara start laughing along with Rohan, tapan, Shresth and Jai, while Laksh looks shocked and angry.

Maira: Nice joke, Rago. Now seriously what is your lie?

Rag: Seriously, it’s that only. Actually what happen was that we were talking about exes and he asked me how many exes I have, I couldn’t count so, I just lied and said none. But it’s
not like it mattered, I mean my first kiss was with Laksh, so like it didn’t matter.

Utta: Thank God, Bhabhi, bhai isn’t here or else, you toh only god can save you afterwards.

Rag: Okay now let’s move on. Swara, your turn.

Swara: Never Have I Ever beat up someone that they have to be taken to the hospital.

Ragini and Maira drink, while jeevika, ankita and Uttara look at them shocked.

Maira: Actually, we girls were having a night out and we went to a pub and there these guys tries to irritae us, so we just taught them a small lesson.

Swa: Small.

Bhav: Rago, Mairo those guys had to be in the hospital for two days and then they had to have casts for a month. You two literally broke their bones.

Rag: You know Jeevika, I was really surprised i only broke a few bones, I was really expecting something new. Right Maira.

Mai: Yeah, let’s move on. Ummm, ragini.

Rag: umm, I need to think. Never Have I Ever wanted to stop playing this stupid game to dance. Let’s go why are we just sitting. Today we have got the chance to dance like we
really want to and here we are talking about our stupid husbands.

She gets up and puts music, while all the other join her and they all are enjoying happily.

Lak: Shresth, Rohan, Tapan, Jai, you guys are my friend right. Tell me honestly how many boyfriends has Ragini had?

Rohan: I don’t know, but what do you think Bhavika is hiding.

Tapan: Same here, sorry laksh can’t help you.

Jai: Sorry, I can’t help you laksh. But you Tapu, you can help me figure out why your bestest friend doesn’t want to get married.

Shresth: Laksh, I don’t know.

Lak: Shresth, you are here closest friend and what’s the thing with prasad or whatever.

Shr: Lak, bf thing you need to ask Ragini, but ha I can give you a hint, it’s more than 5 boys. (tapan, Rohan and Jai laugh a little but get stop quickly) And the subhankar thing also I
don’t know. Didn’t you hear, Swara didn’t tell me about the Aarav Milak thing.

Sahil: Shresth, it’s Malik, not Milak.

Shr: Waise Sahil, it doesn’t seem like you don’t know how to properly punch a punching bag. Then why did Uttara.

All the guys start getting in an argument, leaving Sanskaar, Viren and Tapan out.

Sanskaar: Guys, stop. Laksh, Sahil.

Viren: Shresth guys.

Tapan: Rohan, Jai.

Sanskaar: Guys be quiet or else the girls will hear outside.

The girls are dancing outside.

Swara: Girls, do you hear that.

Rag: What Swara.

Swara goes and lowers the volume a little and they hear the boys voices, but they can’t recognize it.

Jeev: It’s coming from inside, let’s go and see.

All the girls go inside and are shocked to see the guys. They all see the argument in front of them.

Ragini, Maira: SHUT UP.

The guys see the girls and stop fighting and they look at each other angrily. Each pair is standing face-to-face, Raglak, Jaira, Rohavika, and Uttarahil are giving each other angry
looks, while Virika, Swasan and Tapankita are look at each other lovingly and holding their partner’s hand. And Shresth is just looking at all the couples.

Precap: Boys vs Girls.

Hey guys, sorry for no couple scene today. But i have one question for you all, who do you guys imagine as the elites, like do you have a specific actor/actress that comes to your mind or did you choose one or do you want me to tell you who I think it should be? And I want all your preferences for the characters. I know it’s been almost 70 episodes and I just thought about that now, but it totally slipped my mind that I never once suggested people for the elites . I just wanted to know.

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