Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 68


Recap: Party.

Swasan, Raglak and Uttarahil get back home around 12 AM. They are trying their best to go without making any sound. But someone turns on the lights.

Shomi: Why did you guys return so late?

Rag: Ma, woh actually nah, Bhavika wanted us to stay for some more time. So we couldn’t refuse.

Shomi: Excuses, but now no masti and direct go to sleep. I’m waking you all wake extra early tomorrow.

Kids: Maa. (She leaves smiling, while they all look tensed)

Uttarahil go to their room, while Sanskaar is about to enter Swara’s run, but is stopped.

Rag: Jij, where are you going?

San: Our room.

Rag: Jij, that’s your room right now. (pointing towards her room)

Swasanlak: But why?

Rag: Arrey, did you guys forget? Today only we switched rooms.

Lak: But Ragini.

Rag: Swara, I’m feeling extra tired and sleepy. I’m going to sleep.

Swa: Rago, wait first take your medicine at least.

Lak: Are you okay, why do you need medicine.

Rag: (Idiot, from so long, I’m taking medicine and you haven’t noticed) Ha woh, actually, I need to tell you that, Laksh we are

Shomi: Swaragini tum dono abhi taak nahi gaye. (you two still haven’t slept)

Rag: Maaa. Two mintues, you could have waited for two mintues.

Shomi: I give you guys 2 mintues, if you’re not inside then, be ready to wake up at 5.

Swa: Sorry, meri maa, we are going okay. Goodnight. SR hug her and go.

Next morning, Laksh leave extra early for office since he has an important meeting. After breakfast, Ragini doesn’t feel well, and she runs to the restroom, when she comes back,
she is about to faint, but Sahil gets to her in time. DP, RP, Shekar, Uttara (she has college), Sahil, Adarsh, Pari and Sanskaar were about to leave, but they stay to make Ragini is

The doctor comes and checks up Ragini and informs her to be careful since it’s the first trimester, and a small slip can also harm her. Everyone outside is getting worried. Doctor
comes out.

Doctor: Swara, what happen I thought I asked you to take care of her health. Thank god both mother and baby are fine. But bring her to the clinic tomorrow so I can get an
ultrasound and check her up properly.

AP: Mother, baby.

Suju: Ultrasound.

Shomi: Swara, is Ragini

Swa: Yeah, ma. That’s what she wanted to tell Laksh jij yesterday, but you didn’t let us.

Dadi: Arrey, why are we outside then, let’s do inside.

They go inside and everyone congratulates her.

Ragini: Ha, but make sure no one tells Laksh. I want to tell him. (Everyone agrees to Ragini )

San: Okay, but are you still giving him permission for the boys night.

Rag: Of course, but just because you boys go, doesn’t mean we will just keep sitting here, we are having a girl night too. If that’s okay with pa and ma. (she looks at them nervously)

DP: of course, Ragini you can do whatever you want. Just stay happy.

Rag: Thank You Papa.

All the people that were going leave for their work, but Ragini ji gets special treatment from everyone, she is not even allowed to stand up from the sofa, all she can do it watch TV
and play with the kids. In the evening, when Laksh returns he sees everyone pampering Ragini.

Pari: Ragini, look we got your favorite Rasgulla. Here eat it.

Lak: Bhabhi, Ragini, Swara

AP: Beta, we got this prasad from mandhir, and (she ties a thread) this thread will keep all evil eyes away from you.

Lak: Papa, Bhai, Chachi.

Shomi: Ragu, what do you want to eat? Tell me and ma will make it for you.

Lak: Dadi. (No one is hearing him, all their focus is on Ragini)

Rag: Ma, I want to eat Bhel, but then I also want Pani puri, but I also want hakka noodles.

Lak: Swayam. Yaar, kya kismat hai laksh not even your son is listening to you.

Suju: Don’t worry we’ll make all for you, you just rest. Okay.


Everyone looks at him and Ragini pleads them not to say anything.

Rag: What happened Laksh, Why did you scream so loudly?

Lak: I’ve been calling you out for so long, but no one is listening to me. Everyone is busy pampering you. Are you okay, did something.

Utt: Bhai something did happen.

Lak: what happen, Ragini is your health okay? Are you fine.

Rag: Yeah, Laksh I’m fine. It’s just I want to tell you that

Just then Sanhilak get a call. It’s from the boys asking them to hurry up and get ready for their night out.

Lak: ragini, tell me later okay. And take care. He kisses her forehead and goes upstairs to her room, while Ragini looks angrily at Sanhil.

Sahil: Di, don’t give us angry looks, we didn’t ask them to call at that moment.

Rag: Two minutes, It’s always two minutes too late. Ma, I’m going to go get ready too.Sanskaar Jij, and Sahil you can’t tell any of the other guys we are having our separate party, if
they find out I swear i won’t leave you two.

Sanhil: Jhansi ki Ragini, we promise not to tell anyone.

Ragini: Maa.

Everyone looks at Sanhil with fake anger, while they smile looking at their kids having fun.

Swa: Ragini let’s go and get ready we need to reach on time as well nah.

All the kids go to get ready to leave, while the elders have dinner. Swaragini get ready in simple anarkali. They get ready and exit the room and crash with Sanlak. Seeing them,
Swaragini are shocked. The go downstairs and see Sahil dressed exactly like them in a suit. It seems like party cum wedding scene more.

Rag: Laksh, isn’t that the new suit you got for that mittal wedding.

Lak: Ha, Actually Shresth texted us the theme today is formal, so we had to dress up a little.

Swa: When did you get this suit, I never saw this before.

Rag: Swara, these two brother bought their suits together for mittals wedding.

The guys leave saying bye to everyone. And the girls are also about to leave.

Swa: Pari bhabhi, are you sure you can’t come?

Pari: Sorry, Swara, I need to finish all my projects, before we leave, or else I promise I would have come. But you guys enjoy.

Swattragini leave hugging everyone and the girls meet at Maira’s house.

Maira: Swaragini, Uttara finally you guys are here. We were waiting for so long.

Bhavika: But girls, why did you wear traditional, i thought the theme modern.

Swara: Stupid’s, don’t you think our husband’s would have gotten suspicious if we dressed modernly.

Bhavika: True.

Swara: Anyways, we’ll change and come back and then we can leave okay.

All the boys reach a farmhouse and go inside and see, the place filled with a few other guys and a few female dancers.

San: Guys, I thought this was a men-only party.

Jai: It seems someone else called them, we can’t kick them out, so I guess we can tolerate it.

Lak: Bhai, you really are a joru ka ghulam, seriously you are getting such a good chance to enjoy without bhabhi.

San: Sorry, Laksh but I can only enjoy with your bhabhi.

All the men oohoo him.

San: And Laksh, if you do even one thing wrong, I will tell Ragini and then only you suffer the consequences.

Lak: Seriously bhai. We are here to have fun and you’re not even letting us right guys.

Vir, Roh, Sah, Tap: Sorry Laksh, Sanskaar is right.

Jai, Shresth: I agree with you Laksh.

Vir: Salle ji, what will happen if I tell your dear sister about her brother’s antics.

Jai: This is why you’re being so nice, because I’m here or else you would also be full on enjoying.

Roh: Guys, Stop we are here to enjoy not fight. So let’s just forget everything and enjoy.

All the guys start taking a drink, and Sahil is about to but he’s stopped by Sanskaar.

San: Sahil, stop, woh actually your di asked me to make sure you don’t even touch a drink.

Sah: What jij, it’s okay she won’t know.

San: sahil, Sorry, I can’t let you.

Sah: Fine, then at least you take it from my side.

San: No, I can’t. I’m going to be the driver and if you also don’t drink we can make sure everyone gets home safely.

Lak: Waise this is an amazing place, but whose place is it?

Viren: It’s mine. It’s been sitting empty for years, so I thought why not use it.

Jai: Waise, you know the farmhouse across here?

Vire: No, we rarely come here, and when we did it was only for vacation so we never got to close with neighbors.

Jai: Oh okay. (He looks at them with an evil plan)

Ankita: Girls, hurry up, or else we’ll be late.

Swa: One minute.

Uttara comes out in burgundy Embellished Lace Skater Dress, Swara comes dressed in a Blondie Nites Two-Piece Floral Print Party Dress, while Ragini comes dressed in a Navy
Blue Breslin Laser Cut Fit & Flare Dress.

Maira: Wow, you three look amazing.

Jeevika: Seriously girls, you don’t even look married. Like if you take out your sindoor and hide you mangalsutra, you three would look like bachelorettes.

Rag: Aww, Thank You, thank you. I will take that as a compliment.

Swa: I thought we were getting late, so then what are we doing here still, let’s go. And no ragu,the wedges are for me, you are wearing sandals. No discussion.

Rag: Swara.

Swa: Let’s go or else our whole night will get spoiled here only.

They reach a farmhouse and go inside.

Swa: OMG, this is so pretty, whose house is it?

Jeevika: Mine.

Rag: Wow, it’s pretty.

JeeV: thank you thank you. I wanted to make sure it was all clean, but ma n papa are getting the main entrance and west side of the house renovated, so make sure you guys don’t
go there and stay in the back of the house only because the lights also don’t work there.

Bhav: Okay.

All the girls start enjoying dancing and eating and playing games and lots of photo sessions.

Jai: STOP. (All the guys were about to drink, but they stop hearing him)

Rohan: What happened? Why did you stop us?

Jai: guys, we need to decide which three of us can’t drink at all, since they may have to drive us back home.

Rohan: Not me, I’m drinking after such a long time, I got freedom. I’m not stopping.

Lak: Ha, same here. Sorry bhai. But sometimes.

Jai: I know not all of us want to do this, so I came up with a game to decide. See there’s a house across us, and according to rumors, that house is haunted.

Tapan: Sa**y, why are you telling us this?

Jai: Tapu, have some patience. Look, we all will go there, and the first people that can find this painting, and take a picture with the time showing, will be the winner and the last
three, will have to stop drinking. What do you say?

All the boys agree and they all go and stand at the main entrance. They all nervously look at the door and each other, the most eager to win are Laksh, Tapan, Shresth and Rohan, while Viren, Sanskaar and Sahil look the most disinterested. And Jai just looks at the house with a evil smile. They try to kick the door, but it doesn’t open, they try to break it but they can’t, they all start thinking of different methods, in this time Jai sneakily goes and unlocks the door using a key.

Jai: Guys, look this door opened itself.

Roh: What rubbish.

Jai: I’m serious. Look he touches it and the door opens. All the boys are shocked, they are a little afraid, but they think of it as a coincidence and go inside and they all try to find the
painting, while Jai hurry ups a and goes somewhere quickly. All the others are trying to find the painting, but they are unable to, after searching it for long they don’t find it and decide
to just go back, but they hear a scream and see Sahil running towards them.

San: Sahil, What happened? Why are you breathless?

Sahil: Jij, they are here.

Lak: Who?

Sahil: Follow me, you’ll understand.

The guys start following Sahil and reach to the back of the house, where it’s all nice and clean and they hear some music from the backyard and they see disco lights.

Precap: Happy moments.

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